Alien Encounter in Austin, Texas on 2018-01-13 00:00:00 – I was flowing in the air. one on each side of me.

Bed sleeping.
i ask to be awake

then woke back up in my bed

about 2-3 weeks two different objects was in the sky moving in a circle with very big lights. after this object it disappear to.

one hand 2 very big white lights and a very big red in the middle of these lights.
the other object had very big white lights. then disappear.

they are back to visit me again.
after my son beat the shi- out of two of them i hope they would not return.

i cannot have any kids no parts.

these aliens were from 6′ 5″- 6′ 8″. very long fingers.
they woke me up to see them and then i was asleep again.

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