Alien Encounter in Athens, Alabama on November 30th 1992 – It was an alien being not ufo I saw it in 1992 Christmas eve as a child

Ok first off your form seems to be geared towards ufo sightings that’s fine 🙂 my name is Bonnie my experience is about an alien being rather than ufo it was Christmas eve 1997 I was five years old I had woken up in my bed I was thirsty so I got out of bed to go fetch my Mom to get me something to drink when I was a kid my parents would put all my gifts for Christmas in the living room Christmas eve night and I wasn’t allowed to come out till morning. But since I was thirsty I thought they wouldn’t be mad so I got up and left my bed I walked through the hall way and standing in front of the front door was a five foot tall brown alien with the almond eyes pudgy belly thin arms and no distinguishable gender the being was looking around the living room as if looking for something. me at that age didn’t know what aliens were so I though it was one of Santa’s elves beside it was my brand new Barbie tricycle I thought the ”elf” had brought it for me so I told it thank you and when it turned to look at me I waved and Said hello it kept looking at me I felt no fear though because I thought it was friendly then I don’t remember anything else it’s all blacked out and I woke up in my bed like nothing had happened I told my mother and even told her about what was in the living room so shed know it wasn’t a dream she had no idea though it was an alien I had seen since I was calling it an elf so she asked me to draw the elf and I did the best a five year old child could but it was an alien it scared her but she tried to tell me it was a dream for many years I never again thought about it or talked about it till I saw a picture of my Barbie trike and then brought it up with my Mom she helped me remember the bit about the drawing I made we went to look but the picture no longer exists but the account exists in both me and my mom’s memories. She told me about you all at mufon so I decided to share this story with you also according to my Mom that’s not the only otherworldly experience that’s happened to our family but I can tell you the other encounters with my grandma and Mom if you want to hear about those too. But my encounter was the closest in the family. And I’ve never experienced anything similar since. I know I don’t have photo or video evidence to prove this I just want you to take my word for it and I’ll offer my Mom as a valible witness to help validate my story if you need anything more thank you for reading this it feels good to share this after all this time. If you want me to draw a picture of the alien from my memory I will just let me know.

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