UFO Sighting in Enumclaw, Washington on 2018-02-19 06:15:00 – Very bright piercing light

Bright light seemingly following a flight path over the tree line heading west into enumclaw. when compared to the plane in front of it the light was significantly brighter. i began to wonder if that pilot knew he had another plane behind him when i noticed that it almost seemed to move as an illusion. no evidence of any plane parts were visible through a very bright light that could easily be described as starlike, nothing like the plane before it. when i turned the road after a considerable amount of travel east i watched the light pull away towards the pilots flight path and sort of spill out what look to be wings and a tail light.

it was a very bright light in a way that could be described as psychedelic. piercing.

UFO Sighting in Ocean View, Hawaii on 2017-10-09 11:24:00 – I was watering plants in my garden and decided to take a picture of the sky clouds without looking at them or camera lens.

I did actually see this object until a couple days after taking the pic. i was watering some plants in the garden at the bottom of manua loa located on the big island of hawaii when i decided randomly to take a picture of the sky with my cell phone without looking at the sky or the screen on my phone. personally, i believe this is why i caught the object in the picture, but that’s just my opinion. i take many photos of the sky, mostly of clouds that i find interesting, that being said, i don’t really look at them in detail for days or sometimes weeks for that matter.

i viewed this particular set of photos the following day due to the strange anomalies in the clouds, at least what i believe we’re anomalies. i thought it was coincidental that i was researching time travel just days before, while contemplating the notion of using the sun as a wormhole to travel to different dimensions. i noticed that the beam (flare) comimg from the sun appears to be in the 19.47 vicinity and then noticed the object towards the end of it, along with a very interesting “dragon head” shaped cloud facing it. after zooming in on the object, i came to the conclusion that it wasn’t something on the lens of my camera nor was it any type of bird, at least that i have ever noticed while living on the island. the clouds were stranger than usual days before and after this day the photo was taking.

UFO Sighting in Miranda, New South Wales on 2014-07-29 17:25:00 – Looked up to see boomerang shaped object travelling across the sky

I am re submitting this form as after filling it out was told there was an error. was taking my grandson down the drive to meet his mother, was 5.30pm sun going down i looked up and saw this object travelling across the sky ( i am always looking up!) i said to my grandson “what do you think that is?” he was unsure, i thought it significant so took a photo and a short video with my iphone 5. my feelings where at the time that i was meant to look up and see it. it was flying across my vision and then moved out of my vision. when i show people they are unsure what they are looking at, and then dismiss it, no further thought. so i will try and send to you again. i have my own theories regarding this siting. i have other photos i have taken, not knowing what they are, imaybe high flying aircraft i don’t know.

UFO Sighting in Don’t know. Was on a plan, Arizona on 2018-02-16 11:31:00 – Flying phoenix to calif, noticed 2 very bright lights on ground from 34,000 feet. took pix, found light in sky on pix.

I was flying from phoenix to northern calif on feb 16, 2018. i noticed on the ground two extremely bright lights. they were white and each cast an arc of light in front of it that was about 120-140 degrees. they were moving on the ground, seemingly randomly, like driving around. the movement seemed slow, but considering how high we were i think they must have been covering a lot of ground. i thought they might be construction or agricultural machinery, but i have never seen anything so bright. i took a few pictures with my phone. the pix show the edge of the plane wing, the lights on the ground, the lighted areas, and the edge of a cloud that is flat on top. when i looked at the pix i found a spot of white light in three of the five images above the flat line of the cloud. i didn’t see this light when i took the shots. the picture files show times of 11:30-11:31 am, and i believe that is pst. we were cruising at that time, so as i exited i asked a crew member what our altitude had been and she said about 34,000′. sorry for the vagueness in location. i just don’t know where we were in the flight. by the photo times i assume we had crossed into calif. i didn’t feel anything but intense curiosity as to what produces a light that appears so bright from 6 miles in the air. i didn’t see the light in the sky until i saw the pictures. one of the pix shows that one of the ground lights is actually three lights in a cluster.

UFO Radio Interview: “NAC Radar-Visual UFO Incident – 1970s: Peter Maher”

Published: 23 July 2017
Episode #4
(UFORadio International)
Source: OmniTalk Radio (YouTube channel)
Quote from the video text:
“In our Special Investigative episode we present your former NAC pilot – Peter Maher who joined me over the telephone all the way from New Zealand.
Peter will describe important Radar-Visual UFO Incident from 1970s while he was flying NAC Fokker 27 Airplane from Tauranga to Auckland. Case involves visual sighting, radar detection from ground and on-board radars. Most dramatic element is a near-miss incident which is raising air Safety concerns.
On top of that, incident has very similar characteristics with Pan Adria incident from 1976 which I am researching for the last 21 years. That incident happened above former Yugoslavia.”
The radio show is hosted by UFO researcher Giuliano Marinkovic.
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ON DECEMBER 17, 2017, a newspaper printed a story titled“Real U.F.O.’s? Pentagon Unit Tried to Know.” No, the headline wasn’t surrounded by text about post-baby bods and B-listers’ secret sorrows. Because it was on the front page of The New York Times.

The article describes a federally funded program that investigated reports of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs, the take-me-seriously acronym that includes UFOs). And within the story, the Times embedded videos of two such UAPs.

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So Unfair! How the Brain Responds to Injustice

In this cruel world, it’s impossible to navigate from cradle to grave without experiencing the bitter fruits of injustice. But bitter fruits, it turns out, are better shared. According to findings from a study published Monday in the journal JNeurosci, punishing the wrongdoer seems to be more rewarding than helping out the victim.

The participants, 53 males (a bit skewed, I’d say), all played a two-player game designed to analyze how people perceive and respond to a thief. Each player — t

Sinabung’s Massive Explosion Seen from Space

Today, Indonesia’s Sinabung had its biggest blast in its nearly 5 years of eruptions. I reported on the initial reports of the blast and now we have some pretty stunning images from space on the eruption. It really captures the power of the blast and how the ash spread mainly to the north over Sumatra (rather than the west as predicted). Sinabung appears to have settled down since the explosion, but with this change of character, volcanologists will be looking for signs if this change will b

An Ocean Is Hidden Inside Earth, And We’ll Take You There To See It (VIDEO)

An Ocean Is Hidden Inside Earth, And We’ll Take You There To See It (VIDEO)

Earth’s interior is way more complicated than you probably thought — turns out it has molten metal and hidden oceans, and parts of it are hotter than the surface of the sun.

Check out the video above and/or read the transcript below. And leave your thoughts in the comments. Talk nerdy to me!

JACQUELINE HOWARD: Hey everyone. Jacqueline Howard here. Ever wonder what it’s like inside our planet?

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10 Ways Space Changes the Body

Scott and Mark Kelly are identical twin brothers. Though that alone does not make them unique, what does is the fact that they are also both astronauts. In order to take advantage of the Kellys’ unique situation, NASA scientists decided to conduct a detailed study on the twins, aimed at unraveling how nature versus nurture plays out in space.

As part of NASA’s Twins Study, researchers collected biological samples from each of the Kellys before sending Scott to the International Space Stat