Sinabung in Indonesia Produces Largest Explosion Yet

Sinabung has been erupting for almost 5 years now, mostly producing moderate explosions that generate pyroclastic flows. These flows roar down the slopes of the volcano — sometimes catching people in their paths. On February 19, 2018, the volcano decided to change its tune and unleashed a massive explosion that potentially reached at least 23,000 and possibly to up 55,000 feet (~16.5 kilometers), making it the largest eruption since the volcano became active again in 2013.

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UFO Sighting in Searcy, Arkansas on 2012-02-29 00:00:00 – Saw an object that looked like a radio tower, then realized it wasn’t

So this event took place in what i would approximate as march, 2012. the reason it has taken me so long to report it was because the thought never occurred to me until now, but i can still clearly picture the event as if it happened yesterday.

at the time, i was living in a rural area near the town i specified in the report. we decided to go into town and buy dinner from a restaurant rather than cook something at home. i was with one other person, who was driving the vehicle, as we went into town as we so often did. it was late evening and the sun was going down. our order at the restaurant took an abnormally long time to prepare, so by the time we were heading back home it was dark out and we could see the stars above us.

we were driving back home to the rural area where we lived when the event took place. we were driving on the highway specified in the report, and up until the event our view of the sky to the southwest was obstructed by tall trees. then as we took a turn and the area to our left opened up, we could see what looked at first to be like a very tall radio or cell tower.

we both remarked to each other that we didn’t remember there being a tower out there, and that’s just the thing, there wasn’t and still is not a tower out there. upon realizing this, we both began to observe the object(s) more closely.

the main thing that drew our attention was a large, unwavering and immobile orange light that, from our perspective, looked to be about the size of a circular tablet of aspirin. behind it were three smaller white lights which seemed to be hovering in formation. the fact that the lights weren’t moving or flashing indicated to us that we weren’t simply seeing airplanes in the sky, and that was why we thought it was just a very tall aerial tower at first.

we observed the lights for at least five minutes as we drove on the highway, but because someone was rudely tailgating us we were not able to pull off to the shoulder and take pictures or a video. this is the one part that i can’t exactly remember; whether or not we were able to see the stars in-between the formation of lights, so i’m not sure if they were four separate objects, or if they were lights on one single craft.

if it was one craft, it would have to have been absolutely massive. the formation of the four lights made the shape of an almost triangular rhombus. we both knew that we were seeing something strange, and although i can’t speak for the other witness, i felt a sense of dread and anxiety, as if i wasn’t supposed to be looking. when we got home we talked about the odd experience for a short while before going to bed, and essentially forgot about the experience.

i spoke with the other witness before making this report to verify what we had seen, and it seemed like he hadn’t really thought about the experience again until i reminded him of it just tonight. i’ve thought about it a few times over the years but never felt compelled to report the sighting until now.

we lost sight of the lights when we turned off of the highway on our way back home. due to the amount of trees in the area it would have been impossible to observe the lights from where we lived.

UFO Article & Video Interview: “THE PHOENIX LIGHTS: Fife Symington Interview”

31 March 2017
(, Tempe, Arizona)
John Fife Symington, who himself saw the enormous UFO, talks about the 13 March 1997 Phoenix, Arizona, UFO incident.
He reveals that his Governor’s administration called the Pentagon about the UFO incident. He is of the opinion that the Pentagon knew there had been sightings – but they were not willing to talk about it.
Symington, who served in the U.S. Air Force, says that an issue like this mass UFO sighting go up the chain of command all the way to the Pentagon.
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John Fife Symington (Republican), former Governor of Arizona
( photo)

Freeze-frame from the only video of the enormous UFO which 
was sighted over Phoenix, Arizona, on 13 March 1997
(Source: Alexander Gottfridsson (YouTube channel))   

UFO Sighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 2007-08-15 21:05:00 – Flew overhead no sound or strange lights glowed

I was homeless at the time living in the corner of a parking lot with permission in a hooch and it was hot so i was outside looking at the stars and the 3 objects flew overhead same size & color (cream colored) didn’t make a sound took me a second to realize what i saw. these were not any type of aircraft i know of. i am a vet so i know what planes and helicopters look like.I wasn’t scared more amazed than anything.Never thought i would see any, even been to roswell. if anything they are probably drones considering how they fly, high speed sharp manoeuvres.They just flew overhead out of sight.

UFO Sighting in Borburata, Carabobo on 2018-01-12 02:15:00 – Avistamiento de naves y base extraterrestre localizada

El día 12 de enero del 2018 estando de guardia en la base naval militar agustin armario a las 2:15 am se nos reflejo en el radar 5 objetos sobre las montañas que bordean el pueblo de borburata, uno de ellos era gigantesco del tamaño de dos boeing 747 y lo acompañaban otros cuatro objetos de menor tamaño, sin haber recorrido alguna otra trayectoria, no venian de ningun sitio, aparecieron ahi,nos intentamos comunicar por radio pero no daban respuesta alguna, esto encendió las alarmas y rapidamente pedimos asistencia aérea, pensabamos que era una filtración militar aérea extranjera por el tamaño de uno de los objetos,en la base habian 3 helicoperos mi 17 panare, así que partimos en ellos por orden del almirante, al llegar a la coordenada 10.409447, -67.949851 nos encontramos con algo que jamas pense que iba a ver en mi vida, era un objeto con forma y tamaño de un submarino de guerra plateado brillante como el mercurio, que lo bordeaba una luz blanca azul, tenia unas luces amarillas en formas de lineas a mitad de la nave que no se podia apreciar si eran una especie de ventanas, junto a esta nave lo acompañaban 3 naves en forma de platillos del mismo color o material que emitian una luz que los bordeaba de color verde y habia una esfera de luz roja junto con ellos que cambiaba de forma y de color, era redonda y cambiaba a romboide y laz luces cambiaban destellando colores rojo verde y azul y blanco, parecia una especie de plasma, luego comenzaron a descender cuando se estaban acercando 2 sukoi a nuestras coordenadas 10.409447, -67.949851 estaban aterrizando y cuando pensamos que habian aterrizado simplemente se apagaron, desaparecieron. mantuvimos el perimetro rodeado mientras sobrevolavamos los helicopteros y luego nos devolvimos una parte del equipo mientras la otra se quedo sobrevolando estabamos preparando al equipo de infiltracion terrestre y reconocimiento para descender a la zona, a las 3:30 am desplegamos el operativo y descendimos a 1 km del area del avistamiento, comenzamos la operación bordeando la zona hasta llegar a un área perimetral de 300 mts cuando comenzamos a desacelerar el paso, ya a 100mts del área del avistamiento empezamos a ver luces verdes y azules en la zona, de los helicopteros no se podian apreciar bien porque era una zona cubierta por arboles grandes, las luces las vimos en la tierra, nos fuimos acercando poco a poco hasta que las luces se fueron desbaneciendo y se apagaron, , teniamos equipo infrarojo y de vision nocturna y vimos lo que creimos que eran unas personas por la forma que tenian así que le dimos la orden de alto, en el momento que gritamos la orden estos caminaron rapido y descendieron o bajaron por algun camino pensabamos, cuando llegamos ya al aréa nos pudimos conseguir con especie de cueva o crater en el suelo las linternas no alcanzaban a ver el fondo , ya que el hueco en vez de ser recto hacia abajo era en declive, así que como todos no teniamos equipo para descender bajamos solo 20 oficiales fuertemente armados , caminamos 25 minutos en linea recta sin ningun desvio hasta que empezamos a ver luz, era luz blanca ya se estaba iluminando la cueva caminamos 5 minutos mas hasta que la luz se intensifico y nos topamos con una especie de pared que parecian ondas como el agua pero de color blanco y emitian una fuerte luz como si se tratara de electricidad, no sabiamos que hacer no paso ni 1 minuto cuando comenzó a temblar y decidimos salir corriendo, temblo 3 veces mientras nos devolviamos, pedazos de tierra nos caian en los cascos, pensabamos que nos ibamos a quedar enterrados porque desde el primer momento en que temblo comenzo a caernos tierra encima, justo cuando salimos no pasaron unos segundos cuando se desplomó la cueva, bordeamos toda la zona mientras seguian llegando soldados hasta que se hizo de dia pero no encontramos mas nada en la zona, todo estaba en esa cueva subterranea, los cables de 3 torres electricas cercanas habian explotado, estaban en el suelo, ninguno de nosotros podia creer lo que habia visto, no era la primera vez que se habian visto avistamientos en el radar, esa zona ya la teniamos estudiada por multimes avistamientos en los ultimos 5 años, pero aparecian y desaparecian del radar en cuestion de 1 segundo siempre eran objetos pequeños, saliamos a misiones de reconocimiento pero nunca veíamos nada, pensabamos que el radar tenia fallas o se estaba averiando así que llamabamos a los tecnicos y siempre decian que estaba en pleno funcionamiento, el almirante por ordenes superiores nos ordeno no revelar los hechos acontecidos ya que era un secreto de estado pero ya me di de baja y estoy fuera del país, no pienso volver hasta que cambie el gobierno y decidí no dejar este hecho atrás y revelarlo al público.

Rather than growing like it should in winter, sea ice off Alaska has been shrinking dramatically

Meanwhile, ice losses elsewhere allowed a Russian tanker to make the first ever independent winter crossing of the Arctic

The Bering Sea off Alaska’s west coast has just experienced a shocking loss of ice over a 10-day period — in winter.

See the graph below for the details. To my eye it looks like sea ice extent declined from about 420,000 square kilometers on Feb. 6 to about 260,000 square kilometers on the 16th.

That’s a drop of 38 percent (and an area of lost ice a little smal

The Roswell Crash: Nothing to do with Extraterrestrials

If you have not yet read Nick Redfern’s two books on the Roswell UFO incident, you should.

Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story

The Roswell UFO Conspiracy: Exposing A Shocking And Sinister Secret

Nick believes the Roswell incident had nothing to do with aliens. He writes: “All of the data I have uncovered points in the direction of top secret, controversial experiments involving high-altitude balloons and human guinea-pigs.” I agree. This was actually the position I took in my novel, released way back in 2001, The FaçadeIt was one of the sub-plots of the storyline.

Granted, the case Nick marshals is not perfect. But no explanation of Roswell is without problems. However, one can build a strong circumstantial case where human experimentation and human technology make far better sense of the verifiable data points than aliens do.

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That NY Times / Department of Defense UFO Video Story … Unraveling?

You have to wonder after reading this essay at “What is Up with those Pentagon UFO Videos?”

The article basically traces the history of the videos that accompanied the now famous NT Times article about a secret government program investigating UFOs (the AATIP: Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program). Part of that history involves Tom DeLonge’s “To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science” enterprise (pun intended). The article also notes in passing something students of UFO history already know well: that the military-industrial complex had more than a passing interest in using the UFO phenomenon to manipulate public thought. Perhaps they still do.

If you’re interested at ll in the UFO Disclosure dream (or fantasy), the article is really worth your time. Here’s part of the summary conclusion:

After all the unclassifications and release-denials, this information shouldn’t surprise you. We’ve pretty clearly established that whatever these videos show, they don’t seem important enough for the Pentagon to get in a tizzy over. And while the fact that one of them has shown up online before doesn’t prove that they didn’t originate with the military, it does call that chain of custody into question. Without official confirmation or available documentation (and more documentation than WIRED saw), you can’t be sure what you’re viewing is unadulterated footage, and you can’t be sure who recorded it first. . . .

It’s true, a Navy pilot named David Fravor did give an account to the Times of his 2004 experience with a UFO, and an unnamed source provided a report in September 2017 of the same events to To The Stars Academy. But squint just a little to see that there’s no definitive link between these accounts and that video. The witnesses give a description of an alleged strange event, and the video shows an encounter with a strange object. But without a time and location stamp of some sort, viewers can’t know whether the witnesses are actually describing what’s in the video. And, beyond that, there’s no definitive link between this video and AATIP.

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