289. Free Show: UFO Congress Roundtable

Recorded live broadcast roundtable at the International UFO Congress in Phoenix, Arizona. Nick Pope, Stanton Friedman, Kathleen Marden, Travis Walton, Stephen Bassett, Jennifer Stein, Jason McClellan, Jim Lough, Dr. Bob Gross, Dean Alioto, Yvonne Smith, Heidi Gadd, Kevin Gasman http://ufocongress.com This is a bonus full show, you can help support us for listening to all full shows for as little as $2 per month


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UFO Sighting in Enumclaw, Washington on 2018-02-14 00:00:00 – Enumclaw/greenwater washington ufo 2nd sighting

This is a quick entry to be done with more info as soon as possible. check back for video. this is our second sighting of object very similar to this in a less than a year. object hovered in same spot both times.

most recent sighting:

around 7:30pm feb 14, 2018 walked outside to see a very bright light. being a stargazer and extremely familiar with aerospace vehicles, i knew this was not anything the general public knows about. confirmed this as it did not move for over 40 mins. ended with it dimming to almost nothing or all off back to extreme brightness. was mostly yellow the whole time except for when it became active. after being stationary for so long it began to blink off for 10-20 seconds and reappearing elsewhere in same area of sky. it did this about 3-5 times before it disappeared. took on red color during its maneuvers.

at the end of the day its either human technology “we” dont know about or extraterrestrial. either way awesome sight. so fortunate this is my second witnessing of this in same spot with 2 other people. also have a third sighting of 1 red 1 white orb flying whimsically just over trees. followed for 3 miles before shot off at high speed. same general are as above sighting.

first sighting:

first time witnessed red orb over 3 hours before released smaller white orbs moving in figure 8 type motion for 30 seconds before instantly vanishing. red orb finally slowy drifted east till lost sight over mountains. gave chase through the pass and witnessed two brand new white vans racing by at 80mph plus at 1am going to middle of nowhere. was a beautiful display.

note: will have video uploaded tomorrow.

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UFO Sighting in Fort Myers, Florida on 2017-01-15 01:30:00 – Hovering then use beam to draw one t shape on top of another t-shirt

In my car behind wawa gas station having a late night snack when i noticed interior of car was lit up from red glow from a teardrop shaped object

looked up to see orange red light looked like it could have been on top of me airport airport

approach light was thinking wonder when they put that up. suddenly object was just above tree line and then shot straight up in the air 500 feet or so. stopped hovered no

movement at all,then flew to left off center then flew back to centerline then to the right in effect leaving a t-shaped redline the

stayed lit not emitting from craft. then ascended another 3 to 500 feet repeating first process in effect drawing a t on top of a t shaped light left hanging and sky not continuing to emit from craft weird! craft moved very quickly and smoothly and in it’s motion

its motion then craft and lines drawn in sky blanked a couple of times and then all lights went out. then with pretty good moon and i could see a shining graphite object ascended very quickly to the southeast in the direction of fort lauderdale or miami from fort myers as the crow flies it stayed until i open my car door i guess it must have noticed me getting out of my car to get a video then it blacked out and departed the the the shape it drew look like two large aircraft hangar doors closed waiting to be open could have been a portal to a wormhole or other dimension just a thought

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UFO Sighting in Santa Cruz, California on 2018-02-12 00:00:00 – Doing a video about air gun than saw ufo after recording

Grandson was recording a video about a air soft gun in the backyard of our house posted on youtube then after recording and editing i noticed something in the background. it seemed it was moving to fast for a aircraft. and it had changed directions when it first came in for appearance. in the youtube video that i posted i noticed between time frames 3:18 till 3:22 is when i saw the object after reviewing my recording.

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UFO Sighting in Pinellas Park , Florida on 2018-02-14 21:13:00 – Bright light moving at a steady pace with slight directional changes from north to south

Was driving to pick up daughter from work. sitting at a traffic light, wife noticed it first. i initially ignored it and thought it to be aircraft lights. then looked and noticed it was not. best i can describe, it looked sort of like a balloon with fire flickering inside it, stronger toward the center and not quite reaching the perimeter of the object. it moved slowly from north to south, ascending slightly, and appeared to waver slightly while moving. if it were party balloon sized, it would have been perhaps eight stories up. however, another daughter saw the same object just as bright from 4 miles to our ssw. trees in her area would indicate that the object was higher and therefore larger than i had perceived. i ruled out aircraft lights because the we were not seeing the front of a craft due to its direction of movement. not a reflective surface as the change of angle during movement did not change light intensity. the outer perimeter surrounding the lit portion of the object was not quite clear. somewhat blurred to my eye. i can usually find a logical explanation for an odd sight, but this had me stumped, especially after hearing my daughters account of the object from her vantage point far away. anyway, i lost sight of it when the traffic light turned green and i had to make my left and continue on my way. thoughts?

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Black Triangle Sighting in Hillsboro, New Hampshire on 2018-02-14 22:22:00 – My wife and i both witnessed a ufo.

The ufo appeared to be inches to the left of orion’s belt. it was maneuvering in an i relevant manner as it was not keeping a steady pattern. originally i saw multicolored lights that seemed to blink randomly as it moved. i thought my eyes were playing a trick on me and i quickly got my wife and she confirmed that it was indeed moving in a random pattern. by that time it had backed off enough to not show the colored lights but maintained its star-like brightness.

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A NASA satellite spotted this strangely prominent pattern of long, sinuous clouds over the Pacific

The conspiracy-minded will shout “chemtrails.” Of course that’s nonsense. But just what is creating these clouds?

I have to admit that I was a little taken aback when I saw these long, sinuous cloud shapes snaking across the northeast Pacific Ocean.

The image, captured by NASA’s Terra satellite on Feb. 12, 2018, covers a huge amount of territory — as is evident if you look to the extreme right, where a good portion of the west coast of North America is visible.

Before I get into what’

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What’s the Deal With Pulsating Auroras?

Auroras, known to many as the northern lights, are a beautiful and mysterious phenomenon. To the casual observer the streaks of colored light across the sky can seem miraculous and inexplicable.

And one kind in particular, called a pulsating aurora, has indeed been mysterious to scientists, who have never been able to directly prove their hypothesis about how it’s formed. Now, armed with better technology, researchers from Japan say they’ve finally caught the aurora in the act.
Sky Light

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Chemicals in Non-Stick Pans May Contribute to Weight Gain

More than 38 percent of American adults and 17 percent of American children are obese. And while there are numerous ways to shed pounds, it’s often difficult for many people to keep them off. It turns out some common items regularly used by people across the world could be the culprit.

A study released Tuesday in PLOS Medicine suggests that perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) could be contributing to weight gain and lead to obesity. Since the 1950s, these environmental chemicals have been u

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Cryptocurrency Mining Is Hampering the Search for E.T.

Mining for cryptocurrencies isn’t just gobbling up capacity on electrical grids around the world, it might also be slowing the search for extraterrestrial life.

Mining cryptos like Bitcoin require miners to solve wickedly complex mathematical puzzles to validate each transaction. For their efforts, miners receive a small payment for each puzzle they solve, but the process requires a crapload of computing power. To reap profits, miners rely on graphics processing units (GPUs) that are high

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