UFO Sighting in Nags Head, North Carolina on 2011-03-01 02:45:00 – At the beach one night had fireball go over head. after incident had visitations.

My husband and i were at the beach one night, admiring the stars. having a romantic night. then we started to notice unexplainable movements amongst lights & stars moving in ways we had never seen before. it was so bizarre to us. then we heard jets. it looked like stars chasing stars, but sounded like jets. we decided to just go home, it was late. all the sudden walking to our truck, discussing what we had just witnessed, my husband grabbed me and threw me down in the sand. within that second i looked up and a fireball went literally right over top of our heads. since this event, i have developed strong psychic empath abilities. my husband and i share a telepathic communication. i personally have been visited through what seems to be dreams, but they leave me wondering if it was real. also, this is very embarrassing to write but on two occasions i have seen them on top of me, sexually. once was when i was just waking up, it was a dark grayish dwarf sized mist. other time was in a dream but i felt a pressure ( in my area) when i woke up. we were in this room that looked like it was made of sheet metal a little larger than the size if drywall, put together by these weird large screws. these screws made a pattern of sorts on the walls. very weird & hard to explain. ever since the night at the beach took place, it has changed my life. it has changed my marriage ( for the better
) emotionally. we still find it fascinating some nights during certain moon phases to look towards the east where the ocean is and watch the lights. doesn’t happen all the time, but we still wonder and look to the stars.

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UFO Sighting in Port Orchard, Washington on 2018-02-11 21:05:00 – Glowing orange two overlapping orb or ball like fire balls in flight path horizontal above tree line lower than all airplanes but no sound and speed too slow for plane. three witnesses

i went outside to our guest house to talk to my daughter and asked her to come outside to speak with me. as we were speaking we both within moments noticed this apparition that appeared to be two or type shapes of fire overlapping on each other that appeared to be approximately 500 to 600 feet away at about 835° angle above the tree line off to the distance approaching from almost to do north which continued to last close to 45 seconds to 55 seconds so long that we were able to call out her friend from her cabin to come out and witness this occurrence as well which maybe we shouldn’t because she got really freaked out and me and my daughter proceeded to have a conversation about why that’s not an airplane and how old it was because it was completely dead so i went outside and you could almost always hear some type lights off in the distance as soon as we noticed that and then we’re discussing it we could start to hear planes approaching from all the way to the north again which is our left and another plane that’s coming all the way from a right which were flying about three times as high as this double fireball thing and i was thinking how weird it was that the planes didn’t notice it but then i realize that it was way lower altitude than what they were and they can’t see underneath them selves it was just super weird and my daughter and i had the conversation that that was for sure something that was not what we know of

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UFO Sighting in Georgia on 2017-09-12 05:30:00 – At first thought it was a star but then saw its beam of light change direction blew my fucking mind really watched from 530 am till 845am

Was in culloden ga 530 am taking the ole lady to watch the deer come feed when i noticed what i thought was a star the beam of light change direction of course i had the ole lady check for jus to make sure the eyes weren’t playing tricks on me we watched it at i’d say 150 yards away come down to earth not land but connect or hook up to something an watched it pull something in the shape of an l which by the way the whatever the fuck it was was having a difficult time at first lots of yanking an snatching now before the sun started to appear u could make out what it had picked up but after the sun was up it’s like it vanished an all u could see was a silver grey metallic looking object going off into the sky as if u had let a balloon go while watching there was another object that flew by an i’d mayb every 50-100 yards five lights would flash on the bottom i’ve done some studying on my own an i mean it’s hard to explain this to anyone cause everyone like wtf were u on bro but it’s real an i may had took to much of a likening to it by watching every ite for atleast 4 months an it absolutely blew my mind i kno of three places in south ga where i go an watch them come out of the ground an i’m talking all different kinds of objects i’ve been as close as 10 feet i like to get up close so i kno what i’m looking at itl blow ur mind i mean jus think of recoding a video an when u press stop the video is automatically deleted now how the fuck whatever thoses things are know what my phone is doing idk but yes i would love to sho someone what i see not jus every now an then i’m talking about every fucking day keep it real cause they are real

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UFO Article (Blog): “Wytheville UFO’s 25 Years Later”

17 April 2012
(John Carlin’s Virginia (johncarlinsvirginia.blogspot.com))
Quote from the article:
“It’s been a long time since I thought about the UFO sightings in Wytheville. They happened over a six month period starting back in 1987. At the time I had been the news anchor at WSLS for just a few months, but I also enjoyed reporting from the field.
So when the call came in to the newsroom that people were seeing something in the sky over Wytheville — and that some of the witnesses were credible lawmen — off I went.”

(indiegogo.com/strangecountry image)

Satellite photo of Wytheville, Virginia (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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UFO Article (Blog): “FOIA Tips”

By Jack Brewer, 8 February 2018
(The UFO Trail (ufotrail.blogspot.com), U.S.A.)
Quote from the article:
“In this post we’ll take a look at some resources and tips for submitting Freedom of Information Act requests. You may send requests to virtually any type of government body or agency, and submissions are typically accepted via websites, email, fax or standard mail.”


(sampletemplates.com image)

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UFO Sighting in WAHGOSHIG FIRST NATIONS, Ontario on 2018-02-11 10:50:00 – My mom called me outside while there was three red lights flying or hovering beside a satellite then seemed to turn around then come back again all in the same spot then just vanish like it never existed

I was at home, watching netflix then my mom called me outside while having a smoke , and this was all around 10:50 10:45 pm, she notices three red loghts all aligned and close to each other so it was one ship, and it couldn’t of been an airplane or helicopter what such object had three lights , and flying in one spot, and being able to turn direction, i first thought it was a ufo, i’m a firm believer of aliens , and objects like that and the whole experience itself was most definitely a ufo , well the object was beside this satellite or some star but it was blinking , then the red lights were facing me and my mom, pretty far but you were able to see it , then the lights just stayed aligned but it was moving around in circles or some wierd motion, then it was obvious to see it turned slowly , but then came back to the same direction , then slowly turned around again and bam it was gone, i didn’t feel scared i was more excited, maybe even fascinated, but then a few moments go by as it vanished and this blinking object was slowly moving around, maybe it could have been a airplane this time, but i’d really doubt it , i feel like it was another ufo , just it flew different , and had one light , and seemed much much closer, i lost the sight of it because it vanished itself.

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Post Pentagon’s UFO Research Program Revelations – Skeptics Regroup

Post Pentagon’s UFO Research Program Revelations – Skeptics Regroup

Now the counterpunch

     Nearly two months after The New York Times dropped the bomb about the Pentagon’s UFO research program, the Skeptics have had a chance to catch their breath and regroup. To be sure, the Times piece caught everybody off guard, and clearly there’s a ton of reporting left to do. Unfortunately, the media clamor that followed the Times’ coup has tapered off, and the only thing we’ve learned about the Defense Department’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program since then comes courtesy of KLAS-TV investigative reporter George Knapp.
Billy Cox
By Billy Cox
De Void

Luis Elizondo

The Times’ primary source, the recently retired Army intelligence officer Luis Elizondo, stated in December the AATIP was operational from 2007-2012, but he added it was still being maintained in an unofficial capacity with an assist from the Navy and the CIA. Last week, in a little nugget that would appear to bear him out, Elizondo told Knapp the so-called “gimbal video” — the one that showed gun-cam footage of a Navy F-18 pursuing a UFO – was recorded in the skies above Florida in 2015. The original, carefully worded NYT story, which was accompanied by that video, mentioned an event off San Diego in 2004. Many readers, including yours truly, inferred the gimbal footage referenced that 14-year-old incident.

Gimbal UFO
Is this a true unknown or the infrared profile of conventional airplane exhaust? Skeptics are making a case for the latter and challenging the credibility of the Navy pilots who chased this thing/CREDIT: U.S. Department of Defense
That begs the question: Why did it take us two months to learn the gimbal video was from 2015? The date, time and place of that encounter should’ve been included with the Times’ original reporting in December. The fact that it wasn’t suggests the reporters have fragmented information and are still piecing the scope of this thing together. And, in the absence of followups, the Skeptics are filling that space with counterarguments that aren’t implausible.

The most recent explanation for the gimbal video is a post by Committee for Skeptical Inquiry contributor Ian Williams Goddard. “By happenstance,” Goddard says in a YouTube explainer that went up last week, “the gimbal footage presents a fantastic confluence of visual confounders that produce a coherent illusion of a gravity-defying flying saucer.” Goddard reminds viewers that the F-18 video was obtained with infrared optics, which record only heat emissions, not the actual object itself. He goes to great lengths to illustrate how camera movement can account for what appears to be rotation by the F-18’s target. Goddard’s conclusion is that the Navy pilots were actually confused by the exhaust from a distant but conventional aircraft.

Without additional information from the To The Stars Academy, the investigative team that’s ostensibly calling the shots here, detractors are beginning to command the conversation. And you can always detect a Skeptical agenda by how quickly its advocates employ buzzwords that many serious researchers tend to avoid. Goddard informs us that “Rotating infrared signatures are not necessarily evidence of extraterrestrial technology,” and few would argue that. The E word is implicitly pejorative, since there’s no observational way to prove the origin of a UFO without “Gliese 581c” or “Trappist-1″ stamped on the fuselage.

Last week, on the SETI Institute’s “Skeptic Check” podcast, astronomer Seth Shostak and sidekick Molly Bentley empaneled the usual suspects to weigh in on the mystery. Shostak dusted off the familiar old trope – “The single video released does not provide conclusive proof of alien visitation” – and gave the mic to folks like astronomer and Center for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) consultant James McGaha.

McGaha, a pilot and retired USAF officer, attacked the credibility of the Navy pilots who shared their eyewitness accounts with the Times in December. McGaha asserted that only astronomers like, like, well, McGaha, are qualified to interpret weird images in the sky.

“Pilots are not trained observers, and police officers are not trained observers,” he told the podcast, “and they see things in the sky all the time that they don’t understand what they are, because they don’t know astronomy, atmospheric physics, and various other things that could possibly cause lights in the sky.”

Stephenville Empire Tribune UFO Headlines

Given the inherent inferiority of being a pilot without a degree in astronomy, it’s a little disingenuous for McGaha to take the word of a single helicopter pilot to discredit the dramatic 2008 Stephenville UFO incident, the subject of a 77-page report that supported multiple eyewitness testimonies with government radar records. Without revealing the helicopter pilot’s name (the pilot obviously had a degree in astronomy), McGaha said the only unusual thing happening in the sky over the Texas cowtown that night was an F-16 flare-drop exercise. Nothing to see here, folks.

Also joining Shostak’s crew was Benjamin Radford, a CSI research fellow who suggested the AATIP was a “pork project” cooked up by former Sen. Harry Reid as a sop to hotelier/aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow. According to the Times, the AATIP’s $22 million in expenditures included modifying some of Bigelow’s facilities in Las Vegas to accommodate “the storage of metal alloys and other materials … recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena.” Exactly why a billionaire would do this for a lousy $22M with government strings attached is a mystery, but at least part of Radford’s concerns about funneling taxpayer money to a wealthy constituent are worth consideration. Especially if we’re dealing with hyperexotic material.

UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the RecordRetired Johnson Space Center engineer Jim Oberg isn’t quite the unbiased observer he says he is when it comes to UFOs. In his thumbs-down critique of Leslie Kean’s 2010 book UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record, Oberg was canny enough to steer clear of problematic radar data that bolstered pilot reports; instead, he confined his remarks to the fallibility of human perception. (Kean, as most of you know, worked with the Times on the AATIP story).

When Oberg joined “Skeptic Check,” however, he raised a point that should concern us all when it comes to the clout of private-sector special interests, like Robert Bigelow.

“There’s a feeling that if the UFOs are real, and he does the study,” Oberg said, “that his company would be able to make use of any discoveries, any patents, any technologies that are found.”

In that event, we’d be talking serious national security implications, which makes this a conversation we need to have. This is the age of Martin Shkreli, not Jonas Salk. As for the Times reporting — guys, give us something, anything, radar records, more video, just one (1) of the alleged three dozen AATIP reports floating around somewhere out there. Let’s get this show on the road again. Soon.

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Mystery Booms are being heard in Wheat Ridge, Putnam and Other Locations

Once again mystery booms have been reported and it seems as the booms are increasing in numbers and intensity, still the phenomenon remains unexplained.

Colorado: January 18 – Residents in North Routt County, Colorado are still trying to figure out what caused some homes and a fire station to rattle from the Clark area all the way to the shores of Steamboat Lake on Thursday morning.

Arkansas: January 20, 2018 – Hundreds of reports of a loud “boom” were sent to the Commercial via social media. A few minutes later, residents in the Magnolia area, some 108 miles southwest of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, reported similar sounds, which some residents south of Pine Bluff reported shook their homes.

Pennsylvania: January 21, 2018 – Wyomissing police investigates an “extremely loud boom” that shook homes, rattling roofs and walls in Pennsylvania.

Na Danu district, Thailand: February 8, 2018 – Two mysterious booms rattled 61 residents in Na Danu district on February 8. The mystery deflagrations were so powerful they produced cracks in the walls, windows and doors of buildings, terrifying people working inside.

Putnam and northern Westchester counties: February 8, 2018 – Many residents of Putnam and northern Westchester counties woke up with a loud bang possible produced by a minor 2.2M quake that hit three miles northwest of Mohegan Lake in Yorktown, Putnam Valley. The tremor sounded like very loud thunder, houses, doors and windows rumbled.

Wheat Ridge: February 8, 2018 – Once again mysterious booms and this time it happened in Wheat Ridge on February 8, 2018.

Many people posted on social media about loud booms or “explosions” being heard in the City, bordering Wadsworth east to Sheridan, and from W. 26th to W. 38th Ave.

There are reports are of a single loud boom that shook homes and apartment complexes and set off car and business alarms. Some callers said they saw a flash of light

While Wheat Ridge police have received some reports of loud noises, they do not have any reports of property damage or injury, and the locations of these incidents vary across a large area of our city.

The police are baffled as to what could be causing the booms. They say they have not gathered enough evidence to locate a source.


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Black Triangle Sighting in Olympia, Washington on 2018-02-10 12:30:00 – Triangle shape craft, silent, rotating spheres at the corners of the acute angle.

I woke up around 12:20pm. went to the bathroom and came back and lied on my couch. when i looked out my window i saw a triangle space craft going across the space my window occupies. triangle shape, with rotating spheres at each end of its acute angles. no sound was made, then it disappeared to the east with no sound made at all.

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