UFO Sighting in Gothenburg, Västra Götalands län on 1979-11-11 00:00:00 – Huge hovering black ufo with bright large windows. hoovered slowly over the sky for 10 minutes.

1. it was nighttime, after midnight. think i was 9-10 years. my two brohters where sleeping in the same room. suddenly i woke up and went to open the window, something i was not allowed to do. nor have i ever done it living on second floor.
2. when i opened the window i immedelately looked to my right and saw this huge object.
3. since it was so large i thought that jupiter has fallen. that was the largest planet i knew of.
4. the ufo was hoovering. very slowly moving straigt forward. the shapes is best described as a robot vacuum, or a cheesburger. round. there where windows that where big and bright. there was a blue light and a red light. one was on the top of the ufo and the other one was under. unfortunatley i cannot remeber which was on top.
5.I realised it was not jupiter due to the windows. remember thinking that i should not lean out so much so that they could see me and pull me up.
i also reflected over the windows. our buildings are big with smaller windows, it was the opposite here so i wundered if their constructions where different.
i also tried desperately to wake up my brothers. my brother used to wake up easy, not this time. none of them woke up and i tried real hard. i looked up again and realised that the object would fly over our building. since we have a balcony on the other side of the apartment i wanted to there to wake up my parents and go to the balcony with them. i closed the window and where on my way to grab the nob on the door that was closed, when i heard two words in my head. warning, danger.
so i pulled back my hand and decided to go to bed. i was never afraid or worried. the only thing i still think about is why i woke up and i am not sure if my clock was affected or i being young could not estimated time but it seemed as if over 1 hour had passed.
6.After hearing this message in my head telepaticly i went to bed and fell asleep. my parents did not belive me. this affected me. if my parents dont belive me why should others? turns out a few days later there was an article in gp-newspaper that there where two other witnesses. so i will go and search for microfilms. hopefully i will find the article and send in a copy. need to point out that i am extremly unsure of date of sighting.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Toms River, New Jersey on 2018-02-07 16:30:00 – After watching about six planes putting out chemtrails saw a black object

I was sitting on the couch watching tv and noticed a lot of planes putting out abnormal chemtrails cris-crossing in about 6 to 9 lines two even made a cross in the sky i started to take some photos, and then sat back down , i kept looking to the sky’s outside of my friends window when to my amasment i saw a strange black object fly in a straight line amidst the chemtrails fading in the sky, my first sighting. two days later sitting in my car february 9,2018, waiting for my girlfriends son at 417 elizabeth ave in toms river while watching planes put down more chemtrails i saw two bright none flashing orbs, that is three different sightings within three days, i’ve always kept my eyes to the sky’s and grew up around planes and the lakehurst navy base, what i saw in the past few days was very unusual. thank you very much, david thompson.

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Mike at Grace Church Bellingham: Thinking Like an Israelite: Week 2: Sacred Space

Here are the slides for this second talk. I will post a link to the livestream / video once we have that.

Wk2-Sacred Space and Sacrifice-Heiser-GCB

The post Mike at Grace Church Bellingham: Thinking Like an Israelite: Week 2: Sacred Space appeared first on Dr. Michael Heiser.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Mena, Arkansas on 2018-02-08 20:30:00 – Spotted triangular object with 3 lights in night sky.

1. where were you and what were you doing at the time?
i was driving on polk road 74, near mena, arkansas, at the ouachita river bridge about 8:30 pm, on february 8, 2018, when i sited a large triangular object in the sky at about 1000 feet with 3 yellow lights at each point, about 100 feet wide and 150 feet long.
2. what made you first notice the object?
i just noticed a bright yellow colored light that i had never seen before in the sky.
3. what did you think the object was when you first noticed it?
i thought the object was a large triangular aircraft, or maybe 3 planes flying in formation, but then i noticed that all 3 lights stayed together when the object moved, and that’s when i started to think if was a ufo.
4. describe the object and its actions and motions in detail.
all i could see was 3 yellow bright lights formed as the points of a triangle. i did not see a craft, but it was the 3 lights that appeared to be on the points of a black object. the object moved extremely fast, best way to describe it is when you’re following an airplane, and it disappears behind a cloud, you expect to see the airplane again at an expected location when it reappears from behind a cloud, but this object did not act that way. the object seemed to move more side to side instead of a straight line. i saw it appear 3 times. it appeared, then disappeared, and unlike the airplane, it reappeared where i did not expect to see it. it was like it was moving in 2 directions at once. it was flying more of a southwesterly direction from my location.
5. describe your feelings, reactions and actions, during and after sighting the object.
a felt a state of awe. i was driving and tried to follow it. the object seemed to be heading in a southerly direction toward a small community called board camp or nunley where there have been other recent sightings. i called a friend, orville murphy, who lives there to see if he could see the object. he told me later that he did and would report it.
6. how did you lose sight of the object?
the object just disappeared while i was trying to keep up with it during driving. i drove 5 to 7 miles trying to follow it before i lost sight of it.

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Sea ice just set another record low—in winter—offering new evidence that the era of the ‘New Arctic’ is here

And what’s happening in the New Arctic is not staying there

Another month, yet another record low for Arctic sea ice extent in a warming world.

January’s average ice extent in the Arctic was 525,000 square miles below the 1981-to-2010 average, making it the lowest January extent in the satellite record. This is an astonishingly large loss of ice — equivalent to 80 percent of Alaska.

But what happened in January was equally, if not more significant, for its timing. It happened when the

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This Deep-Sea Fish Lays Its Eggs in the Most Hellish Nursery on the Planet

The oceans are largely unexplored, but if you want to find something interesting, there’s no better place to visit than a hydrothermal vent.

Often marked by dark plumes gushing into frigid water, the vents mark spots where magma rises close to the seafloor and heats the water to temperatures that can reach over 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Warmth and nutrients from the vents provide the basis for a vibrant deep-sea community, populated by creatures that often never see the sun’s light. And, fo

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Brain Implant Improves Memory

When it comes to improving memory, being in the right place at the right time could be key. Scientists are figuring out how to do that.

Michael Kahana, a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and his team developed an experimental brain stimulation technique that improves memory by applying a pulse of electricity directly to the brain when and where it’s needed most. In an early demonstration, they say their approach improved word recall in epilepsy patients by 15 perc

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Yorkshire UFO Crash Mystery Solved

Yorkshire UFO Crash Mystery Solved

     The missing wreckage of a miniature UFO that ‘crash landed’ on the North York Moors 60 years ago has been found – hidden in the archives of a London museum. The story has been claimed by some experts as Britain’s answer to the Roswell incident.
By David Clarke
Yorkshire Post

In a plot worthy of The X-Files the metal object, shaped like a flying saucer with hieroglyphics inscribed on its base, was found by three men on Silpho Moor, near Scarborough, one night in November 1957.

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