UFO News Article & TV News Report: “I-Team: Man who headed up secret government UFO study speaks out”

2 February 2018 (updated) (CBS KLAS-TV LasVegasNOW.com, Las Vegas, Nevada) George Knapp presents an interview with Luis Elizondo. Elizondo, an intelligence official, ran the U.S. Department of Defense UFO programme, the Advanced Aerospace (or Aviation) Threat Identification Program (ran from 2007 to 2012). He is now the Director of Global […]

PEERANORMAL Episode 14: The Piri Reis Map

Discovered in 1929, the Piri Reis map, dated to 1513, was virtually unknown except by those who may have seen it displayed in its current home, the Topkapi Palace Museum in Instanbul. That all changed when Erich von Däniken made it part of his ancient astronaut theory in the 1960s. […]

Asteroid To Pass Between Earth and Moon On Friday

On February 4, astronomers using the NASA-funded Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) detected two asteroids with orbits that take them between Earth and the moon this week. Fortunately, neither object’s trajectory presents a threat to Earth. In fact, the week’s first visiting asteroid — dubbed asteroid 2018 CC — has already […]

Ministry Update for Beth – Hesed Place

Many of you will recall our Naked Bible Podcast interviews with Fern and Audrey and, on two occasions, Beth. They minister to trauma survivors (what the psychology field calls survivors of trauma-based mind control and ritual abuse). Back in episode 186 of the Naked Bible Podcast we had an update […]

This Wood Won’t Float, But It’s Stronger Than Steel

The question of how much wood a woodchuck can chuck may need to be reevaluated — new research published today in Nature reveals a process that can create wood with a strength-to-weight ratio stronger than most metals. Harder, Better, Stronger Many of the high-performance structural materials available today have at […]

Bryce Zabel – Hollywood and UFOs – February 6, 2018

Bryce Zabel Bryce Zabel has a long list of achievements in the feature film and television industry. Much of this includes UFO and alien related projects. This includes writing and producing the NBC series Dark Skies and the Syfy movie Official Denial. He also was on the writing staff of […]