UFO Sighting in Olancha, California on 2018-02-06 23:05:00 – Third night in a row bright pulsating colored object passing over.

Tonight’s passing was the faintest of the past 3 nights, possibly the object was at greater altitude than before. each night has been at different time and different direction, and colors seem somewhat different. have had no luck getting local military facilities to acknowledge or deny any aircraft activities, though they generally have stated they would not be operating anything in this vicinity at these times.

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UFO Radio Interview: “1967 Radar-Visual ECM UFO Incident above Southern Florida”

UFORadio International Special, Episode #6
(UFORadio International)
Source: OmniTalk Radio (YouTube channel)
Quote from the video text:
“Guests: Bill Schroeder & Dennis Force
On March 31, 1967 two US Military Air Defense Radar Operators tracked a total of eight unidentified targets over coastal areas of southern Florida. Radar site located at Homestead AFB, Florida was stationed by Dennis Force, and second radar battery site at Key West, Florida was served by Bill Schroeder. The operators and radar stations were separated by approximately 100 miles.
The case involves radar detection from multiple radar sites, several interception attempts by fighter jets, visual sighting, and a possible ECM effect caused by an unknown target. Duration of this dramatic incident lasted for approximately 4 hours. Two separate UFO flight groups were identified. Group A was flying over Atlantic area near Miami and Group B was flying over south of the Florida mainland.”

Schroeder was a member of the Army Air Defense Command’s 6/65th Hawk Missile Battalion in Key West. Force was stationed with the 644th Radar Squadron in Homestead.

Schroeder and Force are cousins.
The UFORadio International web page (presented by the OmniTalk Radio Network):
Quote from the web page:
“UFORadio International is an Investigative Podcast show that originally started back in 2005.”
Wikipedia article: “Electronic countermeasure”:


(OmniTalk Radio/youtube.com image)

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UFO Sighting in Stockton, California on 2018-01-06 18:25:00 – Bright but fuzzy star like object in the south west clear sky

I live in stockton, california. i went out around 6:25pm to take out my trash. i looked up toward the south west and saw a bright but fuzzy object, which i thought was a star at first. it caught my attention because the sky was clear, yet the are around this object was hazy. it didn’t appear to be moving, or if it was it was really slow. my wife called me while i was outside.I went in the house to hear her better. when i went back outside maybe a minute or so, i noticed see the object descending east. it appeared to have a cone shape cloud or barrier type trail. i couldn’t hear a sound at all. by the time i grabbed my phone it just seemed to disappear. i had a brief feeling of fear, then excitement, then suddenly calm. shortly after witnessing the descent of the object i noticed two planes in the area. one directly where i saw the object disappear, the other farther south west where the object had came from.

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UFO Sighting in Newtown, New South Wales on 2018-02-07 05:50:00 – Captured in an image – it just doesn’t look like a plane. what is it??

I took the attached image this morning australia time on my way to gym. the sky was pretty amazing generally this morning, with a lot of striking dark clouds as the sun was slowly beginning to rise. as i walked a route i take every morning to go to gym, i decided to take a photo for insta of a local pub set against this great morning sky. it wasn’t until an hour or two later when i looked at the image after i had posted it to insta and facebook that i noticed the three odd lights. admittedly, we are near a flight path, so it could be an aircraft but i’ve never seen that kind of configuration on an aircraft before at any time as different craft have flown over head. and it is actually just off the standard flight paths that i’ve seen aircraft head in or out on, so it doesn’t fit.

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UFO Sighting in Las Cruces, New Mexico on 2018-02-06 19:27:00 – Stationary like a star with white mist around it.

7:27 pm. i looked out my bedroom window that was facing west, and saw a stationary light that i thought was the moon covered with clouds. unable to recognize if it was the moon, i got my binoculars to get a closer look. to my surprise i saw a bright white light that looked like a skinny diamond, and then i saw a smaller white object that came out of the diamond shaped object take off to the northwest. i was thrilled to see this object and decided to call my brother. i wanted someone else to witness this besides myself. i walked to the living room but was unable to get a hold of him. i walked back to my room to resume looking at the object and was surprised when it started moving to the southwest towards el paso, tx. as it moved it left a v-shaped trail behind it that was very bright and noticeable. i got my cell phone and called my sister who resides in el paso and told her that their was a huge bright object headed her way, and to go outside to see if she could see it. as i was watching it move to the southwest it started to fade until it was gone. still on the phone with my sister i told her that it had disappeared and that she probably would’nt see it. end of story. i am always on the lookout for ufo’s because growing up in las cruces i have seen over 30 ufo’s including a time when me and some friends where sleeping outside during the summer when a ufo shined a light on us twice. but that’s another story.

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Bombardier Beetles Refuse to Be Toad Snacks

Bombardier beetles are the Agent Ks of the insect world.

You’ll recall, Men in Black’s Agent K (played by Tommy Lee Jones) exacts revenge after being swallowed by a giant cockroach alien at the New York State Pavilion. Agent K went down the alien’s gullet, but fired his weapon from inside the beast’s stomach (if it had one) blowing the bug into smithereens and spreading gooey guts everywhere. It was a fitting grand finale to the first installment of the franchise.

Though not as dramati

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These Pictures Are the Same—Wait, What?

Take a moment and let this one sink in.

It sure seems like the photographer turned a bit to the left before snapping the right-hand image. It’s the lines in the cobblestones — they’re all tilted in the second image compared to the first.

A second glance reveals some irregularities, though. Though the lines look tilted relative to each other, the rest of the image looks unchanged. The trucks are in the same place, we see the same patch of sky, and if you look closely, we see the same ex

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The Naked Sun — Where Have All Its Spots Gone?

The Sun recently decided to go naked for awhile, as is evident from this image acquired by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

It lost its spots.

The image is from a video posted by NASA showing the Sun going naked from Jan. 26th to Jan. 30th, when a very small, lonely spot finally turns up. In fact, NASA says that with the exception of this one spot, the Sun was naked for almost two weeks.

Spotless periods like this are common as the Sun approaches the low point in its 11-year solar

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Peek Inside a Meerkat’s Mazelike Manor

I’m a scientist and my job is to look below the surface of the earth. One of the questions often asked of people working with what we call geophysical imaging is, “How deep can you see?” It’s a difficult question to answer of course, since one person’s “deep” is another person’s “shallow”, and what is deep to the archaeologist will barely scratch the surface for the planetary seismologist.

For my own part, I’m a “near-surface geophysicist”, interested in the physical properties of mat

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