UFO Sighting in Manchester, England on 2018-01-27 23:30:00 – Meteor-like white light entered atmosphere, stopped at cloud level, then zipped 90degs to right behind cloud

Staring at the sky as i normally do on the weekends, it was a partially cloudy night with large cumulus clouds with clear breaks between the clouds. after about an hour of observation i saw the following;

a white light seemed to enter the atmosphere, directly downwards. it became brighter just as you would expect a meteor to do. it carried on down really fast and at around cloud level it stopped, the light went out, and i assumed “yep, that’s a meteor.”

after about 2 seconds or so, however, the light reappeared, as bright as any aircraft light would be but it was solid white. as soon as it reappeared it darted off to the right to the edge of a cloud, and appeared to stop again and disappear.

i didn’t see it again.

from first entering to when it stopped was around 70degs to 45 degs on the sky. when it moved the second time it travelled around 5 degs on sky.

this was my first ever unexplained sighting. i can normally put things i see in the sky down to drones, satellites, planes, helicopters, etc. this was new.

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UFO Sighting in Manchester, England on 2018-02-04 19:45:00 – 2nd sighting of three green trails flying in triangle formation

I reported a ufo earlier this week, though this sighting actually happened the day after the first.

three green (slightly blue) lights zipped across sky, heading from the north and passing from left to right (i was looking east) towards the south west. they were in a triangle formation. last time they were much faster (closer?) and turned, this time they were really high up, still in a triangle formation and the exact same three lights, but were travelling in a straight line far above the clouds.

i’ve seen this twice now, people at work, 90% of them think i’m insane or stupid, the other 10% agree that they’ve seen things they can’t explain too!

a week before my first reported sighting, i also saw a white light enter from orbit, stop for two seconds and disappear, then reappear only to move at 90 degrees to the way it came in, and it dodged behind a cloud. moved faster than any jet, and from a standing still position too! super weird.

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A Startup Mentality Gives Public Research a Lift

Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Defense became the latest agency to adopt a burgeoning start-up boot camp pioneered by the National Science Foundation’s Errol Arkilic.

In 2011, Arkilic reached out to Steve Blank, a Stanford University professor who would soon be one of Silicon Valley’s most influential innovators.

“I’ve been reading your blog,” Arkilic told Blank. He had 10,000 scientists hoping to turn their research into tech startups. Blank’s mission, should he choose to

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TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanets Might All Be Water Worlds

A series of papers out today gives us further insights into the TRAPPIST-1 system discovered in 2016.

The seven planets that make up the system orbit a dim red dwarf star much smaller and cooler than our own Sun. The planets’ orbits are much tighter than in our solar system, and they’re all closer to their home star than Mercury is to the Sun. Three of them are thought to be in the “habitable zone” where liquid water could exist.
The system is relatively close, only 4

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Discovered: One of the Oldest Stars in the Galaxy

In a new study published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, a team of Spanish astronomers announced the discovery of one of the first stars to form in the Milky Way. The unevolved star, called J0815+4729, is located 7,500 light-years away in the halo of the Milky Way and likely formed just 300 million years after the Big Bang, some 13.5 billion years ago.

“We know of only a few stars (which can be counted on the fingers of a hand) of this type in the halo [of the Milky Way], where the

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Cheetahs Are Fast; Their Inner Ear Makes Them Deadly

Cheetahs evolved to become the fastest animals on land. Now scientists find that not only do swift limbs help cheetahs hunt down prey, but so too do tiny bony tubes within their skulls that help the cats keep their gazes locked on their targets.

Cheetahs have been clocked sprinting at up to 61 miles per hour, speeds that help them chase fleet prey such as gazelles. Intriguingly, while cheetahs run, their heads barely move, helping them hold an incredibly still gaze on their prey while in

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Meet Your New Nightmare: Ancient Spider With A Tail Preserved in Amber

There’s a new kid in town — in Creepycrawly Town, to be exact. But there’s much more to this leggy fella than nightmarishly good looks. A pair of papers out today detail how this 100-million-year-old discovery, preserved in amber, fits into the spider evolution story…and the ways it doesn’t.

Known from four specimens, the ancient arachnid’s formal name is Chimerarachne yingi. Its genus name, from the mythic Greek Chimera, is a nod to its unusual mix of features. There’s that one featu

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Alien Contactee Discloses Info That is Beyond Our Comprehension

This man has had astounding experiences with UFOs including the most head spinning and amazing visions from Nordic Blonde Alien.

Here is an at-length presentation on the state of contact: the maneuvers of the Nordics; the components of contact experiences that connect to mind control operations and targeting of contactees/abductees; the Yiazmat Paradox, German Triangle craft and A.I. communications; the orb beings/craft; remote viewing UFOs; filming the triangle craft over Yorkshire; Tony’s communications with a German intelligence agency over his sightings; and deep personal insights into the phenomena of UFO contactee experiences.


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Cloud being ripped apart by mysterious object over Nevada

On February 3, 2018 Reddove Twenty heard a strange sound over his house in Pahrump, Nevada, about a 30 minutes drive from Mercury and the old Nevada test site.

He went outside maybe 60 second later, looked up in the sky and saw a large hole in the clouds, as if the clouds have been ripped apart by something that left a huge trail.

Reddove said that he always see strange things happening in the sky but this is a little different and wonders whether something has arrived through a portal or could it be a UFO, meteor or secret craft?


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Rats, Like (Some) People, Obey the Law of Quid Pro Quo

Like most animals that thrive in cities, rats get a bad rap. We even use the word “rat” for nasty people, particularly those that go behind your back. But this study suggests that rat society may not be so bad after all. By placing rats in special cages that allow them to give food only to another rat (not themselves), these researchers found that rats will trade grooming for help with getting food. In fact, the more help they got, the more grooming they gave. Maybe it’s time to update the o

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