Paracas Skull Groundhog Day

This past Friday, Feb 2, Lynn Marzulli’s second round on Paracas skull DNA was revealed to a pay-per-view audience. The Groundhog Day timing was appropriate. We’ve seen this before. I’d love to say “good job; thanks for doing the hard work on this.” But I can’t. This isn’t doing the hard […]

UFO News Article & TV News Report: “I-Team: Secret UFO program recorded encounters with unknown objects”

2 February 2018 (updated) (CBS KLAS-TV, Las Vegas, Nevada) George Knapp presents an interview with Luis Elizondo. Elizondo, an intelligence official, ran the U.S. Department of Defense UFO programme, the Advanced Aerospace (or Aviation) Threat Identification Program (ran from 2007 to 2012). He is now the Director of Global […]

Naked Bible Podcast, Unseen Realm, Supernatural, Bible Unfiltered Around the World

If you haven’t listened to the 200th episode of the Naked Bible Podcast yet, you should. We talk to folks in three places (Middle East, Africa, Albania) about how Mike’s content has had an impact and is being used to help others learn more about Scripture. Have a listen! Here’s […]

Mayan ‘Megalopolis’ With 60,000 Structures Discovered in Guatemalan Jungle

Laser scans reveal Maya “Megalopolis” below Guatemalan Jungle. Laser technology known as LiDAR digitally removes the forest canopy to reveal ancient ruins below, showing that Maya cities such as Tikal were much larger than ground-based research had suggested. In what’s being hailed as a “major breakthrough” in Maya archaeology, researchers […]

UFO Descriptions Evolve Over Time With Technological Change

That’s one good reason to conclude we aren’t dealing with alien visitors. Think about it. If aliens were really visiting the planet during the last 100 years, would their craft really evolve from propeller-powered dirigibles to anti-gravity? Wouldn’t they have had the latter already? You can read a short essay […]