UFO Article: “Russian Cosmonauts and Generals confirm: UFOs are real”

By Michael Hesemann
Source: UFO Evidence (ufoevidence.org)
UFO Evidence presents a transcript of interviews with four Soviet Cosmonauts and four high-ranking Soviet Generals. The filmed interviews were presented at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, on 6 March 2002.

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Major General Pavel R. Popovich, Soviet Air Force (Ret.),
Cosmonaut & Head of the Academy of Sciences’ UFO Committee
(openminds.tv photo)

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UFO Sighting in Wasilla, Alaska on 2015-08-15 14:00:00 – From my front porch, walked down porch steps, was there for a little while, then gone

I spent a nice warm sunny day with a friend on the front porch of our house. as a member of a chem trail website, i would often look up, on this day, when i looked up i saw a giant red glowing disc during the middle of the day,i was shocked, in disbelief, it was the size of a full moon, i checked, the clouds were between 5 to 10 thousand feet, the disc was above the clouds. the disc had a smaller circle in the middle of it’s bottom side.. i looked up several times, it did not move or make noise. then i looked a 4th or 5th time and it was gone, i waited over 2 years mainly out of disbelief

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UFO Sighting in Weilerbach, Rheinland-Pfalz on 2018-01-03 00:00:00 – Es schwebte am himmel dann flog es plötzlich sehr schnell weg

Ich stand auf meiner terrasse um eine zu rauchen,als ich plötzlich am himmel diese grell pulsierende scheibe sah die über weilerbach rheinland-pfalz schwebte,ich rannte zurück ins haus um meine kamera zu holen ich zoomte das objekt an und drückte ab,als das besagte objekt plötzlich sehr schnell losflog und außergewöhnliche flugmanöver machte es flog sehr schnell nach links weg das ging so schnell das ich es kaum mehr mit dem auge folgen könnte und es war dann nicht mehr zu sehen.

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Polar bears filmed themselves while hunting seals on sea ice, revealing why they are so at risk from global warming

As with our planet as a whole, if you want to know the fate of polar bears in a warming world, you need to follow the energy.

For the planet, researchers have been doing just that by keeping track of how carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases we emit into the atmosphere have been tipping the climate’s energy balance toward more and more warming. And the high north where polar bears live has warmed faster than any other region on Earth, resulting in shrinking sea ice and a cascade of ot

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UFO Sighting in Panama City, Panama on 1977-06-17 00:00:00 – Newspaper photos and blog about second jimmy carter related ufo in panama in june 1977

President jimmy carter has spoken of a ufo he witnessed in the 1960’s. when he visited panama in 1977 to broker the torrijos-carter treaty on one of his visits ufos were tracked over the isthmus of panama witnessed across the country. as a child i read about this ufo in our local southern command newspaper and in the star and herald which was our english language panamanian newspaper. i believe it also made both the us southern command tv news called scn and local panamanian tv news, but at the time the ufo news was overshadowed by the unrest in the country because of the treaty. this blogger has clickable images of the star and herald newspaper from that ufo encounter plus descriptions of the ufo, midway down the page: http://horadelmarciano.Blogspot.Com/2012/03/jimmy-carter-y-el-ovni-en-panama.Html

for years i thought the carter ufo incident was this one because it had been well documented at the time, but now i realize there are two occasions where there were ufos related to carter. many years later i thought maybe the ufo had been a stealth fighter prototype, though at the time i believe the ufo the witnesses spoke of was round. there may be us military staff that have more info on this, or it might be available with a foia. i believe the panamanian reporters and the photographer would be willing to talk to you guys.
thanks for the great work you do!

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Your Weekly Attenborough: Hieracium attenboroughianum

It can be hard to say “thank you.” Shyness, stubbornness and the fear of opening ourselves up to another can strangle those two words to silence in our mouths.

Gratitude is especially hard to convey when you’re trying to thank a famous broadcaster for starting you on your scientific journey. At the core of most of these species we’ve featured, these “Attenboroughs,” is a humble message of thanks, given in the best way a researcher knows how.

Attenborough’s hawkweed, Hieracium attenboro

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Black Triangle Sighting in Amarillo, Texas on 2005-06-30 00:00:00 – Triangle ufo, 4 lights, 3 yellow, 1 red, next to nuclear assemble/disassemble plant.

I was driving home in the dark and noticed some lights that were out of place, at first i thought to myself, how are those lights up so high? it looked like a pick up truck just hovering in the sky (i could only see two of the lights at this time)… i kept driving for a couple of miles, the closer i got to the object, the bigger the lights got. once i got close enough to it, i noticed a few cars pulled off of the highway and people out of their cars looking at the object, i did not stop, when i got underneath it, there was one faint red circular light underneath and one yellow light on the front of the object (this is how i realized it was triangular in shape)… i went home to get my mother (now deceased) so that she could see it too. she would not come with me to look at it again. i didn’t return to see if it was still there. the pantex plant is a bomb assemble/disassemble plant that this ufo was stationed by. i believe i have also seen one additional ufo near this plant, silver orb, purple glow. i don’t recall being frightened during either sighting.

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Airbus’ Self-Flying Taxi Drone Takes First Flight

Airbus first announced its plans to create a self-flying taxi service in 2016. On Jan. 31, after two years of planning and building, it proved it isn’t just a pipedream — the Vahana successfully completed its first flight test.

The full-scale aircraft flew fully autonomously for 53 seconds at an altitude of 16 feet (gotta start somewhere) at its testing grounds in Pendleton, Oregon. It conducted another flight the following day, which seems to have gone well, too. The FAA was in attendanc

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What Are Woodpeckers Doing to Their Brains?

Woodpecker brains preserved in ethanol feel a bit like modeling clay.

That’s according to George Farah, a graduate student at Boston University School of Medicine who scooped the brains out of downy woodpecker specimens stored at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

“Some were like angel food cake, it’s together but can easily be broken; it can easily fracture,” says Farah. “I have a lot of experience with preserved brains.”

Farah, along with his Boston University colleag

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