UFO Sighting in North Richland Hills, Texas on 2018-01-31 05:40:00 – Two objects appeared near moon during the lunar eclipse in january 2018.

i was going to take pictures of the lunar eclipse on the morning of january 31st, 2018. i took a few pictures at the beginning of the eclipse i think it was around 5:30 or so a.M. central us time. when looking at the moon without the camera or even with the camera, i didn’t see anything but the moon. however, when i looked at the photos afterward i saw it. i took a total of 8 or 10 shots at the beginning of the eclipse. in one of the shots and i believe it was the last one of the series, the object i saw the others was in it i think off to the far right but on the left upper side of the moon there were 3d shapes or boomerang shaped objects and coming away from the moon that would have been on the northwest side of it. the middle of the three objects was bright like it was reflecting light but the other two were darker. the other object on the far right of that same photograph is sort of oval shape you only not perfect it’s like a rock would look. all the photos that i took contained that object only instead of being like a problem with the lens which i first thought when i looked at it, it’s like it moved in some photos it’s all on one side of the moon and it’s closer to the moon and another zits is much further away on a different side. that outage was a real dull dark gray color. the thing is all these things i saw on the photographs you couldn’t really see them until you like move your fingers apart and make it zoom in on the picture. except for the one that also has the three boomerang shaped objects you can sort of see the white of bright light or reflected light on the photograph without zooming in. the others you have to zoom in and look around to see the gray rock thing. another point is i may have turned the camera phone from horizontal to vertical but if that isn’t enough to explain the movement of the grey rock especially when it was closed and then far away from the moon. my phone is a galaxy samsung galaxy prime core in older phone. also i uploaded the photos to dropbox.

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UFO Article: “Russian General Speaks Out On UFOs”

By Michael Hesemann
Source: UFO Evidence (ufoevidence.org)
UFO Evidence presents an interview with Major General Vasily Alexeyev, Russian Air Force. The interview was conducted at the Space Communications Centre in Moscow in March 1997.
Alexeyev is also interviewed in the UFO documentary film, Riddle of the Skies (Episode 2) (Discovery).
Wikipedia article: “Russian Armed Forces”:
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The emblem of the Russian Aerospace Forces
(wikimedia.org image)

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Super Bowl Citizen Science Projects from the Science Cheerleaders!

When the Philadelphia Eagles face the New England Patriots on Sunday, look for the brains on the sidelines.
A combined THIRTY Super Bowl cheerleaders are currently pursuing careers in STEM. Fifteen on the Patriots side and fifteen on the Eagles side.
Below, two former cheerleaders share their picks for Citizen Science on Super Bowl Sunday!

The SciStarter Team

Allison, a former Eagles cheerleader with degrees in Biology and Chemistry, recommen

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UFO Sighting in Topeka, Kansas on 2018-02-01 21:37:00 – Shapeshifted, cloaking device suspected, variety of sizes during encounter, multiple colors of light

2/01/2018 @ 9:37pm
i was at home and decided to go to the gas station just up the street from my house to get some 20 oz sodas. i put on my coat due to it being only 18°f outside grab my wallet and my keys and head out to my truck. as i start my truck i look up in the sky to my south/southeast (this is the way my truck is facing parked on the street) and i notice this extremely bright light that resembles a candle flame. it looks like a flame dancing on a wick. seeing as how this is not something that is very strange in the sky i say out loud, what is that?!?” as soon as i said this it immediately stopped flickering and appeared to take on the shape/features of an airplane. naturally after seeing this my eyes were glued to this thing in the sky. slowly it started to look as if it really was a plane because it appeared to start slowing moving, so i started to drive to the gas station. i had to turn around so now i was heading due north and stopped at the stop sign at the end of my street. i was at a complete stop and looked both ways and saw that no one was coming so i tried to spot this thing again just to reassure myself that it was an airplane. much to my surprise, i find it just as it looked as i came outside to my truck when i first saw it. it had gone back to resembling a candle flame. so without hesitation i turned left(westbound) and hurried to the gas station and kept checking it in the sky. i has to turn left again at the light and so i was going southbound and now i had a great open sky view of this thing and what it was doing was changing brightness and hue from the candlelike orangish whiteish to stark white and as it did this is appeared to be vibrating and started to look almost fuzzy. the base colors of light were the candlelike colors to the bright whiteish but within that light tiny dots of all the colors you could possibly imagine randomly blipped on it and in no apparent order. i get to the gas station and get my sodas and rush back home to see if it is still there. i park on the street facing south and shut off my truck and look in the sky to the south/southeast again. and it is still there doing the “freaking out vibrating changing colors thing” so i get my phone out to try and see if i can hopefully catch something on a video or at least a picture and as soon as i get my phone out, before i even unlock it, this thing stops all movement completely. then slowly this thing started to dim and then it slowly started to go higher and as it did it looked like a circular object like a meteor falling to earth like the tail of one of those but in the opposite direction as it was going upwards and the top of it looked to be rounded off. and a few seconds later it was completely gone.
the actions of this thing when it stoped and changed, felt to me like, it had a conscious knowledge that i was watching it and it changed or camouflaged itself to avoid being found out. i didn’t feel threated or in any danger but i was definitely concerned as i don’t really know what it wanted or what it was doing over a lake. it’s like it was letting me know that it knew i was watching it and that it too was watching me. it also felt familiar to experiences seeing this same light growing up. in the same position in the sky (south/southeast) and appearing to be over a lake. i wonder how long it has been watching me. i wonder if it’s the same beings that have come before. i wonder what they want. overall i feel positive about it, but wouldn’t mind some answers.

also i need to note that it was completely silent.

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The Moon Has Over 250 Million Citizens, Claims A Former CIA Pilot

The Moon Has Over 250 Million Citizens, Claims A Former CIA Pilot

former CIA pilot shocked the public with his statement that the Moon is actually a livable place with over 250 million citizens.

The former CIA pilot, John Lear, has been quite famous among the conspiracy theorists.

“Everything you heard about the Moon is a lie,” exclaimed Mr. Lear.

He said he has discovered secret structures on the Moon and furthermore, showed some images that allegedly show proof of these artificial formations.

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Spooky ancient sculptures of ‘aliens and spaceships’ in Mexican cave spark claims extraterrestrials have lived on Earth

Spooky ancient sculptures of ‘aliens and spaceships’ in Mexican cave spark claims extraterrestrials have lived on Earth

ANCIENT sculptures depicting alien-like figures have been found in a cave in Mexico, it has been claimed.

The spooky artefacts which reportedly date back thousands of years show creatures with long faces and wide eyes.

Other sculptures appear to show spaceships flying through the air.

The mystery objects are reportedly popular among locals who live near the caves in an unspecified area of Mexico, reports The Daily Star.

The clip showing the eerie pictures was uploaded to YouTube channel UFOmania yesterday and has already been viewed thousands of times.

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Electrical Engineer Re-Discovers Lost NASA Satellite

We’ve all been there: You’re already running late on some hectic morning, only to realize you’ve lost — sorry, misplaced — your keys. Or you realize moments before the big date you can’t find your favorite sweater. It happens to all of us; even NASA has lost whole satellites before.

But earlier this week, NASA confirmed the remarkable news that one of its lost satellites, the Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE), had been found. And as is often the case with the ke

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Mike at Grace Church Bellingham: Thinking Like an Israelite: Week 1: Impurity and Sin

In the event that our livestream works for tonight’s talk, I thought I’d post my slides as a PDF file for any who want to watch the stream. Even if the stream doesn’t work, you still have the slides:

Wk1-Impurity and Sin-2

The post Mike at Grace Church Bellingham: Thinking Like an Israelite: Week 1: Impurity and Sin appeared first on Dr. Michael Heiser.

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The Time Has Come For All To Admit That Jesus Was Not White

The Time Has Come For All To Admit That Jesus Was Not White

Historically, white Jesus has been used to oppress and erase the histories of people of color…”

The traditional image of Jesus as a blue-eyed, blonde-haired white man is historically inaccurate. In her latest video for MTV Decoded, Franchesa Ramsey tells us how this picture of Jesus came to be even though the Bible doesn’t mention race.

“This globally recognized image of Jesus didn’t come from Bethlehem,” she said in the video above.

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