UFO Sighting in Warner Robins, Georgia on 2018-01-18 19:30:00 – Saw several small lights and one bright light and what seemed to be a triangle shape craft

This will be the third one i’ve reported since oct. my sister who was aware of my previous sightings, was keeping sn eye in the sky as i saw the same last night. she called and told us to look outside and there it was. the same bright light every one else has seen it seems, only mine was tainted slightly by a street light. after the lihjy started to fade i was able to see what looked like the silhouette of a triangle. i couldn’t get video in time so i snapped a quick photo. it also seems to look like a triangle.My husband who is active duty military saw the same and it just took off so fast it left like a trail. never seen anything like it. soon after fighters and oth3r jets were launched and there was an odd military jet i’ve not seen here flying low over ism i noticed what looked like fighters circling the airspace. i don’t think it was any type odrill because if so, either he (husband) can’t say ot anyhow ill attach the photos

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UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on 2018-01-11 16:40:00 – Inflight from seattle to las vegas. saw object

1-11-18, inflight from seattle to las vegas, etd from seatac about 1540, spirit airlines. i was taking scenery pictures (aircraft left) on the mostly clear, late afternoon, although there was intermittent cloud cover below. suddenly i briefly saw an object coming our way much closer than other aircraft. i thought it had to be an airplane coming too close,but i never saw what looked like an aircraft. my camera was already at the window so i quickly got a few pictures without focusing as there was no time. it went by and over/behind us without any time to adjust my glasses to see it plus take pictures. i was wondering, what did i just see? i wasn’t sure if maybe the object in the sky had something to do with nellis afb, or something from area 51, or was it just an airplane with an optical illusion. there was no comment from the cockpit and i don’t know if anyone else saw it. i’m not sure if we were traveling over california or nevada. about 20 minutes later we were going over mt. charleston. we touched down in las vegas approximately 35 minutes after seeing the object and by that time it was dark. upon landing, the aircraft sounded like it was shaking completely apart. the passengers commented with concern. i have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles and i have never observed an object like that before.  

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UFO Sighting in Crawfordsville, Indiana on 2018-01-05 21:39:00 – I see ufos frequently. appeared like most that i see, in eastern sky above treeline. brightest object in the sky, a yellow-orange color. pulsating/stretching-type light. flight path southeast, hover while i watched it, then flight path when i went inside.

I see ufos frequently in the northeast/eastern sky above the treeline, any time from late afternoon to late evening, and i have for a few years, increasingly so. they vary in size, shape, color, and behavior. during this particular sighting, my family and i had just arrived home from a family celebration. the family went inside, and as my husband entered the house, i told him, “look, it’s one of my ufos!” he acknowledged and looked up, as he is very used to seeing them when i point them out, but does not enjoy watching them or pondering about it. the object was glowing/pulsating a yellow/orange light. it appeared slightly larger than the largest star in the sky. it seemed to stretch around the edges, as stars sometimes appear to do with atmospheric interference, but more so. the flight path was wobbly (up and down a bit) in a south/southeast direction. when i began watching it, it’s behavior changed. it hovered above the treeline while i got a photo, mostly stationary, but with a bit of a circular movement. the sky was very very clear, with many stars visible, yet the object was the only light visible on camera. i filmed it for a few minutes, but got cold and decided to come inside. when i came in, i checked on the object through the back french doors, and when i looked at it, it began moving again in the south/southeast direction. i quit watching it then. i have become fairly used to seeing ufos from about that far away. they don’t stir me a bunch anymore. only when they get closer do i become very concerned. i would report previous experiences, but i don’t have dates available, nor any photos from these encounters.

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Why 1 Second Is 1 Second

Just what is a second, exactly? The question has been open to interpretation ever since the first long-case grandfather clocks began marking off seconds in the mid-17th century and introduced the concept to the world at large.

The answer, simply, is that a second is 1/60th of a minute, or 1/360th of an hour. But that’s just pushing the question down the road a bit. After all, what’s an hour? That answer is related to the best means of time-keeping ancient civilizations had — the movement

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What Happened the Last Time Antarctica Melted?

Earlier this week, an international team of geologists and climate scientists parked their ship off the coast of West Antarctica and started drilling. Their mission: To find out why glaciers here melted millions of years ago and what that can tell us about what’s happening today.

Over the next couple months, their ship, the International Ocean Discovery Program’s JOIDES Resolution, will drill at least five core samples reaching thousands of feet below the Ross Sea. These cores will let sc

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UFO Sighting in Hillsborough , Florida on 2018-01-18 20:00:00 – It acts like its a star but it isn’t. try video taping stars with your phone you can’t. this star like object i have seen moving around.

I’ll just start with, there’s this object that acts like a star but isn’t. it’s always around at night time. the night sky changes, you can tell by the constellations, but this object usually stays in the same area of the sky and doesn’t change with the night time sky. i have witnessed this object many many times. i video taped it a little tonight. i have seen other things at night in the sky as well in this same area but weren’t recorded. i feel like i can see this same object no matter where i go it just shines differently and i know it’s not a star. as i’m writing this i can still see the object.
about a week ago i also had a weird dream and woke up with an odd mark on my
skin as well. you all be the judge.
(sharing with friends or family, they all just look at
you like youre crazy or they just have no interest in the subject.)

i can see this star like object from my home. the colors are
always changing.

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Hunter-Gatherers Are Masters of Smell

What’s easier for you: identifying what color something is, or identifying a smell from a source you cannot see? If you’re like most people, color comes more easily.

That, however, isn’t the case for all humans. According to a new study published Thursday in Current Biology, those who practice a hunter-gatherer lifestyle have an edge when it comes to naming a particular funk.
Evolving at the Speed of Smell
So why are people often better at describing what they see versus what they smell

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UFO Sighting in Appleton, Wisconsin on 2018-01-18 16:40:00 – A single bright point of light against a clear sky background

I turned onto southbound hwy 41 from wisconsin ave. as i came up the ramp i noticed a bright light 60 degrees above the horizon to my right through the windshield. it was bright against a clear sky. i figured it for a reflection. however it faded and there was nothing there. strange

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Droning While Drunk Is Now Illegal in New Jersey

Alcohol affects everyone a bit differently—some people take a few sips of beer and they’re stumbling all over, while others can ingest far more and still walk straight. You see, consuming alcohol affects the brain, which can impact your coordination and ability to think clearly—both of which are important to safely operating vehicles of all kinds, including drones.

As of Monday, it is illegal in New Jersey for people to fly drones under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as reported by Re

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Even During Deep Sleep, Mouse Pupils Filter the Outside World

The eye may not be the window to the soul in the conventional sense, but it is a window into the intricate workings of the mind.

The pupil of the eye fluctuates and varies a lot in humans and many mammals. If tracked during the day, the pupil will not only respond to changes in external stimuli such as light, but also to internal conditions such as attention and emotional states. It is a signifier of what goes on in a person’s head and is linked to brain activity. Does this revelatory beh

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