UFO TV News Report: “The truth about UFOs and the US government”

11 January 2018
(Fox News, New York City, New York)
Fox News interviews investigative journalist and UFO author and researcher Leslie Kean.
Kean talks about the U.S. Department of Defense’s UFO programme, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (ran from 2007 to 2012), UFO evidence and the 7 November 2006 Chicago O’Hare International Airport UFO incident.
(Source: eventimus (YouTube channel))

(wikimedia.org image)

The Pentagon (2008), Arlington, Virginia
(wikimedia.org photo)

Aerial view of Chicago O’Hare International Airport,
Chicago, Illinois (flickr.com photo)

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Last year was downright biblical when it came to weather and climate disasters — particularly in the United States

I’m a bit late to this story, but it’s significant enough that I didn’t want to let it pass by without posting something about it. The long and short of it is this: 2017 truly was a horrific year for weather and climate disasters, both in the United States and the world as a whole.

Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, drought, fires and freezes in the United States claimed at least 362 lives and injured many more in 2017. In total, the nation experienced 16 weather and climate disasters with lo

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Suppressing a Sneeze Could Rupture Your Throat

Attempting to contain a sneeze could be a recipe for disaster.

A 34-year-old patient visited a hospital in the United Kingdom complaining of an extremely sore throat and a dramatic voice change after attempting to suppress a sneeze by pinching his nose and closing his mouth. He told doctors he felt a popping sensation in his neck and noticed immediate swelling after trying to contain the sneeze.

When doctors examined him, they could hear crackling sounds—known as crepitus in medical pa

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UFO Sighting in Warner Robins, Georgia on 2018-01-15 20:30:00 – Very bright orange light hovering in nw. coukdnt tell the altitude but appeared over tree line. it disappeared and reappears just above the horizon some distance away. driving home i saw what looked like a satellite but was moving very fast east to west

I was at wal-mart on booth rd around 830pm and was putting my stuff in the car when i noticed a very bright star like object hovering to the northeast. i tried to get a decent video but got a poor quality one of course. as soon as i looked away to shut the trunk it was gone and reappeared just over the horizon in the same direction. idk how high it was. maybe over the tree line, may be thousands of feet. i got in my car to drive home and headed north on davis i see a star like object that looked like a very fast moving low altitude satellite moving east to west. i called my husband and told him to look outside bc the front of our place faces west. he saw it too.Thing is, i had this same experience back in october. even weirder is last time this happened a man in a black new ford suv sat in front of my neighbors house and would not respond to me until i mentioned to my friend getting the tag number. her threw the car in reverse and went backward to the end of the road. well, yesterday i had a man in a older model black ford suv. when i walked out my door he bolted. he had texas plates. maybe its all coincidence. i do live next to an airforce base and directly in between 2 major army bases, both only an hour from here. just strange stuff

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Surfers 3 Times More Likely to Harbor Dangerous Bacteria

British surfers are coming back from the beach with more than good vibes.

A study from University of Exeter researchers found the surfers had levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that were three times higher than those who didn’t hang ten. It’s likely the result of ingesting seawater laden with bacteria from sewage and run-off, they say, and it’s another sign of the impending health crisis such bacteria could represent.
Surf’s Up!
The researchers looked at just under 300 people from

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UFO Sighting in Trumbull, Connecticut on 2014-08-31 00:00:00 – A mystery object sighted moving slowlyover griffith park, l.A. in broad daylight.

I was working as part of a film crew in griffith park area, los angeles, sometime in late 2014.
several people on the crew saw this object moving slowly over the park, close enough to see clearly, but so unusual that no one could say what it was.
someone on the crew just happened to see it, and pointed it out to the rest of us.
it was impossible to say what it was.
the object is somewhat bulbous, almost balloon-like, but rather complicated shape. at least two appendages hang down from the domelike top. there was no indication of an engine or propellant device, but it moved at a leisurely pace, in a definitely straight line. there was no sound associated with it.
we all wondered at the object, but we were just simply puzzled, too. i took a couple of pictures, but i didn’t think much more about it until one of my current co-workers suggested that i report it to your organization.
the object was generally overhead, but moving away from us by the time i saw it. it was even further away by the time i could get my camera and take these photos. eventually, it moved away from us and we lost sight of behind the trees.

i would like to know if anyone has any idea what this object is. even if it is something innocuous, and easily identified, and not a “mystery object”, i would like to know what it is.

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Google App Matches Your Face With Famous Art

People are matching their faces with famous art — and some of the results are hilarious. They’re using the Google Arts & Culture app, which uses image recognition to scour art collections from more than 1,200 museums, galleries and institutions across the world.

The app has been around since 2016, but recently updated to include a selfie feature that made it take off. Tapping into the curiosity of people and the love of selfies and sharing was a smart move on Google’s part. Users can

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UFO Sighting in Newport, Minnesota on 2016-06-30 00:00:00 – Neon green glowing

I kept thinking benevolent thoughts telepathically to them and expressing that i wanted to see them one day. kept seeing them in the sky, like they drop out of extreme speed just slow enough so i could tell it was a ship then speed up and keep going.

one night at like idk 1:45am when i was walking home from a friends house i was thinking yet again more benevolent based thoughts to the others/extraterrestrials i had seen that green light in the sky zip over head. when i had gotten home i was so hot from walking in a sweater, i went straight downstairs to cool off and idk maybe like 20min after i got home and was sitting there an over-whelming tiredness came over me.(this isnt the first visit, but most i remembered from one and also when the implant was received)i remember waking up from my mind being blank/just seeing black in my dream state and when i woke, i was like propped up like and sorta leaned/pushed back on the couch, remember my back had a slight jar to it so i sat up slowly and when i did, i seen the one i call the “hat-man” i felt something like a warm vibrating sensation in my abdominal region like all the muscles were sort of flexing in some strange way.(2am-ish) i didnt care on what he was doing i was more wondering like why he was there. he tweaked his head a lil but did not take his eyes off on what he was doing/operating. i blacked out just a few sec after he ratted me out for being awake lol, then woke back up idk 10min later again from seeing blackness again, this time i was sitting straight up w/perfect posture. i was think like i wonder why he was here.. then idk few min go by and i start to feel like im being watched (the hallway light was still on) and i look over and see this being standing there in this robe that is made out of like vantablack u can see the atoms flow in it/static blackness robe. i could move just not my vocals and yea i still freaked out and astral projected myself and was saying “im not ready yet”
idk few moment after that i think i blacked out again and the one i call the hat-man returned and said are you ok? and was like yeah but was sorta disoriented feeling i suppose, all the lights were one when he came back/i woke. (i think the being was wearing the robe because of the cfl lighting, think it may burn their skin or something.)i talked to hat-man for a while and was about to walk around the corner into the darkness to face them and then i lost my courage cuz he had started to head back to me. i feel like he said some important things to me but i cant remember think its locked away in my sub somewhere. anyways at the end i asked him what the implant in my ankle was for and he said “its for them” and i looked at him like what? and he said “its for you and for them” and was i like ok =] lol. he said now lay back down in a calm matter(chill personality/vibes)and i said ok and layed back down covered up(remember seeing him putting everything back the way it was) and just b4 i was bout to black out i sat up super fast and was like wait! he said what? i said will i remember any of this?? he said maybe, it depends. i just shrugged and was like ok and continued on going back to sleep. and then i woke not to long i dont think after they left. i know it was dark when they first arrived but i know it began to get light outside when they were leaving, 4hr maybe more/less. i think the part of me talking to him is buried somewhere within my brain cuz when i woke i was very dehydrated.

there are other events that have came back to me in a sort of rem sleep ive noticed.

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SciStarter’s Top 10 Projects of 2017 are here!

What a year it has been! We now have more than 50,000 active members participating in over 1,700 projects on SciStarter. We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.

From neurons to whales and everything in between, the 2017 Top 10 Projects are as varied and diverse as their participants. Thanks for making it such a successful year for citizen science.

This list, in no particular order, is based on the 10 projects with the most page views on SciStar

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