Make a List; Fall Asleep Faster

About 40 percent of Americans have problems falling asleep and they spend billions every year on sleep aids and remedies. Instead of spending hard earned cash, falling asleep could be as simple as writing a to-do list.

Previous research has shown writing about worries can help someone quickly get to sleep, but is there a specific type of writing that’s more effective? A group of researchers from Baylor University set out to answer that question.
Using polysomnography (the “gold standard”

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Your Weekly Attenborough: Nepenthes attenboroughii

Oh, to be a pitcher plant. Unlike most of the animal kingdom, who run around chasing money, antelopes, Twitter mentions and whatnot, pitcher plants just sit there and let it all come to them. It’s like being inside one of those money booth things with dollar bills flying around and just letting them stick to your face.

It’s not a lifestyle for everyone, of course, but if these guys can make it work, there’s hope for the rest of us. I mean, they live on a freaking mountain for Chrissakes.

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Baby Fat Is Far More Than Cute

“Aw, you still have your baby fat!” This refrain plagued me throughout my childhood. No matter what I did, I couldn’t shake my “baby fat.” I was not a particularly overweight child. I just seemed to maintain the round cheeks and pudgy tummy that most of my friends shed early on. “Oh, sweetheart, don’t worry,” my mother would say, “it will keep you warm. Just a little added insulation.” She wasn’t even half right.
In the years since, I’ve become an anthropologist who studies nutrition, human g

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UFO Sighting in Boise, Idaho on 1986-05-31 01:20:00 – No ufo,just grey aliens at a childhood slumber party. arrived when all girls were asleep and walked among us.

I was approx six years old and had gone to a friends birthday slumber party. we were all tucked into our sleeping bags and chattering like girls do, there must have been 10 or so of us. my friend’s parents and younger brother were sleeping in their rooms down the hall. our sleepingbags were located in the living room that looked onto the kitchen and feom the kitchen window is where i noticed the bright light flash, all of the girls were asleep and i had just remained awake enough to notice the light. once my eyes adjusted, i saw 6-10+ grey alien looking figures starting to walk into the room without any sound. i tried to pretend to be asleep as they moved between our sleepingbags. if they noticed me, they did not show it. in a flash of an eye they were sucked back out the kitchen window and gone. i ran out of my sleeping bag and crawled into bed with ashley’s parents and i spent the night there.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Visalia, California on 2012-03-15 01:00:00 – Hang-glider like object quickly flew over

I was outside cleaning my pool filter (turned off), gettingvit ready for summer. it was a clear dark night, almost a half moon or just after, with no traffic noise. i was looking up and thinking about pruning my palm tree and other trees to reduce leaves in the pool, (direction of focus was upwards for about ten to 20 minutes. while looking to the east over my house, i saw what was either a hanglider size at the smallest (if it was within 150ft), or extremely large aircraft (if it was more than 500 ft, football fields size or larger), jet black triangle fly completely silent from east to west.
it’s hard to explain but the visual cues were not normal. if it was low, some city street lights or building lights should have illuminated at least a little or reflected some kind of light. if it was that low, some kind of sound should have been heard. it cast a larger shadow over me and the white poolside concrete as it flew quickly over. i first thought it was a hang glider but there was nothing hanging under, it actually looked like a two dimensional triangle the entire time. it looked like it was moving around 50-70mph if it were at 150 feet above me, or way too fast, and too large for anything above 1,000 feet.
it definitely wasn’t a bird, a kite, frisbee, or a drone. there was no color to it, i just saw the triangle shaped absence of light between the stars and me. it moved at a constant horizontal speed and did not change direction until i could no longer see it. the only thing other than black that i saw, was when it flew over a brightly lit parking lot/shopping center about a thousand feet west sw of me, and it was a faint orange/amber reflection from the orange lights from the parking lot. that was kind of confusing because that would mean it was too low for an aircraft and i should have been able to see at least some profile of the vertical axis. i still saw a 2d-looking isocoles triangle. but no sound other than like what you would hear if someone threw something close to you like a quiet whoosh.
if it was higher up, it would have been too massive to be anything like a a normal aircraft, almost like an aircraft carrier or cruise ship size. it would also have been moving past the speed of sound… going by air show experiences only, and no sonic boom or contrails behind it.
there is no place even remotely close that someone could have jumped from a stationary object to hang glide over. there’s no one i’ve even heard of that has a hang glider within 50 miles either. the guest building is the hospital about two miles away, at five stories. there were no aircraft, balloons, anywhere in the sky that night, or for at least 10-20 minutes where i was looking up. there is lemoore naval air station about 30-40 miles to the west, but they usually never come to the east. there were no lights coming from it either. there are commercial jets that fly overhead at night, but usually always north to south or south to north, but they could not be mistaken for this object. to put it quite literally, it was like someone threw a black, 20-30ft, paper airplane, from the east, and it flew just about 100ft over my head with not making any discernible sound other than air moving quietly by it.
so, to sum it up. nothing tall enough to glide from nearby, drones were not popular yet for years after this time (also not personal drone shaped or sized), clear and dark sky except the moon and stars, with no other aircraft, birds, kites and a silent ambient environment. the only way to have voa better view would be to have viewed it though binoculars or telescope. it looked like it was mostly 2 dimensional, moving to fast if it was higher up, too quiet for the apparent closer distance, did not move or change shape with respect to appearance excluding direction of travel (west to slightly sw). it had no lights shining from it, and only a glint of city lights from the bottom. travelled at two or three miles or way more of it was at airplane height.
i was not drinking, or doing, or under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, prescription medication or diagnosed (or not) with any previous or current mental conditions or hallucinations. i just happened to be looking up at the trees and sky on that night at the right time. i haven’t seen anything like it before or after, and really wasn’t all that exciting other than the missing obvious visual and audible sensory cues of distance and size. i don’t think anyone would ever even notice it unless they were looking for it or at least looking in the sky.

i don’t have the best vision, but it’s definitely good enough to not need glasses at night to drive, and my right eye suffered moderate trauma 25 years ago when i was 8, but my vision had adapted very well.The only problem i mildly have, is objects like a baseball or similar size object coming directly at my face, or directly away.

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Disc-Shaped UFO Reported Over O’Hare Airport (Redux)

O'Hare UFO Incident

Sighting of Disc-Shaped Object Over O’Hare Airport, Chicago, Illinois, at 16:30 Hrs. (Central) On Tuesday, November 07, 2006

     The National UFO Reporting Center has received the following information from a single source, who, for the time being, wishes to remain anonymous, and who prefers not to reveal for what entity he works. We have received documentation about the alleged sighting, which satisfies us as to the veracity of the report, and as to the credentials of the party reporting the incident.

We have delayed release of this case, principally because an investigation was begun almost immediately after our receipt of the initial report, and because we were hoping to obtain addition documentation about the sighting, before it could be concealed, or destroyed.

Peter Davenport

By Peter Davenport

At approximately 16:30 p.m. (Central) on Tuesday, November 07, 2006, Federal authorities at O’Hare Airport received a report that approximately a dozen witnesses were observing a small, round disc-shaped object, metallic in appearance, which hovered over Gate C 17 at that airport.

The object was first spotted by an employee, working on the ramp, who was engaged in “pushing back” Flight 446, departing Chicago for Charlotte, NC. The employee reported to his supervisors that the object appeared to be almost directly above his location at Gate C 17, it appeared to be perfectly round, and that its size was approximately equal to a U. S. quarter, held at arm’s length. The object had a metallic appearance, according to the first witness, and it appeared to him to be spinning.

The first witness apprised the flight crew of Flight 446 of the existence of the object above their aircraft, and we believe both the pilot and copilot were witness to the bizarre object, as well. The witness also contacted his supervisors, who also witnessed the object, which was visible for approximately 2 minutes.

At the end of that time, the object was seen to suddenly accelerate straight up at a very rapid pace, and it “shot” through the solid overcast, which was at 1,900 feet at the time. The witness added that the object appeared to leave a “hole” in the clouds, where it had streaked upwards through the overcast.

Both the Federal Aviation Administration and Transportation Security Administration were apprised of the event at the time it was occurring, and personnel in one, or more, of the towers at O’Hare may have witnessed the object, possibly with binoculars. The FAA apparently reported that the object was not visible on radar, although that fact has not been confirmed at the time of this writing.

We hope to be able to release more information about the incident at some time in the near future. In the meantime, we would like to invite anyone who may have been personal witness to the event to submit a report of their sighting, using our Online Report Form. We would be most grateful if you would indicate in your report where you were located, at the time of the sighting, and what the object looked like, from your vantage point.

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UFO Sighting in Northridge, on the 118 & , California on 2018-01-05 12:00:00 – Metallic sphere shape

1) i was driving on the route 118 and right before i pass the tampa exit.
2) i just happen to notice something flying close together, in formation, with the sun reflecting off of it.
3) i wasn’t sure what to think, i just pulled out my phone and started recording. as i was recording and watching these objects, i realize that this was something i’ve never seen before.
4) first i noticed the reflection, and it was metallic looking, sphere shape,
5) i was a little unsure about it, but after five minutes of thinking about what i saw, i was really excited. i was even more excited when i saw the video and seen that i caught it on video
6) these crass went over trees then i lost sight of where they were heading

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Like to Hold Your Baby on Your Left? So Do Walruses

Human moms prefer to hold their babies on their left sides. Although this does make it easier for right-handed parents to feed themselves and do other necessary tasks, scientists think the true explanation is deeper. Now, a study of walruses and bats has shown that mothers and babies in these species also cuddle on the left—even when the baby is the one choosing the side.

Repeated studies have shown a bias among human mothers, as well as chimps and gorillas, for holding their infants on t

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The Wall of Westeros Would Be Its Own Worst Enemy

The Wall that defends the Game of Thrones universe would need to be made of more than pure ice if it had stood for over 8,000 years.

According to the plot of George R. R. Martin’s famous book and television series, the massive wall of ice protects humanity from the blue-eyed White Walkers, an ancient race of ice zombies that threaten all living things. But if the wall that shields the realm was made of pure water ice, it would not remain a wall for long; instead, it would quickly become a

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“UFOs Turn Out To Be Real, We’re Not Kidding” — Fox News | VIDEO

“UFOs Turn Out To Be Real, We're Not Kidding” — Fox News | VIDEO

Editor’s Note: Author, journalist, Leslie Kean stops by Fox News for an interview with Tucker Carlson. Contrary to media norms, Carlson avoids the badinage that the media is known for, and conducts one of the most serious, sober, intelligent discussions to date.
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
Aside from the recent revelation of a secret pentagon program, Carlson brings up the UFO incident at the O’Hare airport that occurred on Tuesday, November 7th, 2006 which was witnessed by dozens of people including pilot(s), ground personnel and people in the tower—FW

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