UFO Sighting in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on 2018-01-06 00:00:00 – Saw bright object that moved in different directions, 2-3 hours, got larger looked triangular, husband saw it too,

Was walking dog on beach and looked up at stars. noticed a very bright one, that seemed to be moving. watched it go up, down diagonal, side to side.Watched for about 20 minutes. went inside, balcony overlooks the beach in north myrtle near long bay. looked out and could still see it moving. told husband who confirmed same. it was extremely cold, so i kept going in and out. noticed a couple of planes in the sky but what stood out was a rather low flying one about two hours in. it seemed to get a little closer and could see shape vs. just looking like a star moving in various directions. sometimes it. over slowly, other times more quickly. wasn’t close enough to see clearly but could sort of see a diamond or triangular shape. the movement wasn’t like a plane that travels in a forward path, or a helicopter. it seemed to be in a certain area, just to the right of 3 stars aligned vertically. checked multiple times, as did husband.

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UFO Sighting in Huntington Beach, California on 2017-12-22 17:30:00 – Elon musk rocket came into orbit. as we were filming we didn’t notice the alien lights weren’t apart of rocket until looking at photos later

I was coming out of the door at my job to make a phone call and smoke. i saw a jet trail in the sky, and it was glowing, and it was dark out. it stretched, then plumed, then multiple explosions were going at the front and rear of where the north south stretching jet line originated.
i began yelling for people to look at the sky, in a parking lot , very busy, and no one would look up, with a 2 exceptions. my coworker heard me yelling, thinking i was fighting with someone? and he began filming, he googled what it was, elon musks rocket re entering the atmosphere, so, there you have it. i have the photos.
there was a lot going on , can’t be more specific, and i had to go back to work, saw nothing depart, i observed for 40 minutes, and as i left the explosions had ended, and smoke in a plume that looked like a giant whale shaped mother ship kept glowing 100 times the size of the many lights moving around in no succession, or pattern.

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UFO Sighting in Montréal, Quebec on 1975-06-15 00:00:00 – Noticed the light approximately six to ten miles away and followed it to the source then observed for about half an hour,

Approximately two years ago i submitted a sighting and an investigator contacted me. unfortunately i do not recall the investigators name. if i remember i believe he lived in the st. leonard municipality of montreal, quebec canada. after interviewing me he invited me to train as an investigator. the timing was not convenient and i told him that i would consider it. i would like to review the possibility at this time to explore the opportunity. the best time to reach me the week of january 8 to 13 2018 are after 15:00hrs monday and tuesday january 8 and 9 or any time after 09:00 wednesday to saturday january 10 -13 2018. thank you.

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UFO Sighting in California on 2018-01-06 00:00:00 – Saw two lights off set from each other

I was watching tv at 12:32 am and i looked out my window towards the southern skyped in pacifica ca. and i saw two lights in the sky. i took pictures from inside and then i went outside to take pictures as well. they stayed for about 3 minutes and disappeared. about 10 minutes later one showed up for 30-45 seconds then left.

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Eruption of Kadovar Is the First Surprise of 2018

It only took 6 days into 2018 before the first “surprise” volcano to erupt. Kadovar in Papua New Guinea erupted today, producing a volcanic plume of ash and volcanic gases that reached a few thousand meters (to ~7,000 feet) according to the report from the Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Center. The activity has been enough for local authorities to evacuate the people from the small village on the small island located 25 kilometers off the northern shores of New Guinea. However, rescuers did no

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UFO Sighting in Colver, Pennsylvania on 1989-12-31 22:10:00 – Fluorescent green ball emitting same color beams in my direction.

12/31/1989 age 10 went out to feed my dog who was at the bottom of my yard about 50 feet from my house.First stopped to feed and water the rabbits in the pen, looked off to my right and there was a flourescent green glowing ball in the sky at treetop level just hovering.I stood in shock and watched it for a minute then proceeded to walk to the dogpen and after about 5 steps,this thing started shooting flourescent green beams in my direction.So i dropped what i had and ran for the house and told my mom,she ran outside and saw this thing shooting beams.We both went back in the house and i was hysterical.My dad wouldnt go out and look but about 30 mins after we observed it,it was gogonafter that i would have these dreams that i was being sucked out of my own body and floating thru the air.Anyways,6 months later i have this lump appear on my leg,i go to the drs and they said it was some kind of growth and i had it removed.It was sent away for biopsy and the report came back that the skin was imbedded with an unidentifiable metal and would need to go thru further testing but i was a minor and left it alone. i ofter have dreams to this day tjat paralyze my body and i feel as tho im going thru astral projection.Over the years my mother and i have seen many more ufos and we both suffer from odd medical conditions.

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UFO News Article: “Delving into Saskatchewan’s most famous UFO sighting still sticks with me”

5 January 2018
(Regina Leader-Post, Canada)
The article reports on the Edwin Fuhr UFO case.
Fuhr, a 36-year-old farmer, sighted 5 UFOs in Langenburg, Saskatchewan, Canada, on 1 September 1974, at around 
10:30 a.m.
The newspaper also presents a video report (includes interviews with Edwin Fuhr and his wife, Karen) about the case.

Langenburg is situated in the south eastern part of Saskatchewan.

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Edwin Fuhr points to where he saw one of the UFOs
(ufocasebook.com photo)

Satellite photo of Langenburg, Canada (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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Astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson Discusses The Pentagon UFO Program on Colbert | VIDEO

Astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson Discusses The Pentagon UFO Program on Colbert


… noted astrophysicist did assure Colbert that he, too, hopes to find proof of alien life someday, and pointed to the recently revealed

By Dennis Perkins

Pentagon UFO study (the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program) as a more likely place to look for some of that pesky empirical proof that science nerds like Tyson continue to insist upon. And, as ever, Tyson brought along a few actual facts whose more science-based mysteries nonetheless left Colbert with the sense of wonder he keeps inviting Tyson to rekindle….

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The Paranormal Radio Host and the Money Scandal – Pt 2

The Paranormal Radio Host and a Money Scandal - Pt 2

Gene Steinberg Personal ‘Emergency’ Cash Solicitations
Span Years, Hundreds of Emails

     Gene Steinberg solicited cash donations from an e-list hundreds of times since 2014 and earlier, including 139 emails during 2017, for circumstances framed as financial emergencies. Screenshots of subject lines of many of the emails are posted below. A list of the 2017 emails by subject line and date is provided at the end of this post.

The dozens of 2017 messages continued what has become an ongoing story of financial destitution narrated for years by the host of The Paracast. The money, according to Steinberg’s emails, was needed for such personal expenses as rent, utilities, and groceries, often described as crises and nightmares. The emails contained a

Jack Brewer
By Jack Brewer
The UFO Trail

PayPal link and instructions for sending funds, as has been the case in years past.

Steinberg messages to the e-list from 2016, with December through July followed by June to January:

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Daily UFO Headlines 1/5/2018

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