UFO News Article (Blog): “Now, about those nukes …”

1 January 2018
(De Void, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Florida)
Billy Cox wonders if the mainstream media now will take the bait and start reporting on the UFO-nukes connection.

The article contains an interview with Robert L. Hastings.
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Robert L. Hastings,

U.S. UFO Author,
Lecturer & Researcher
(ovnis-usa.com image)

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UFO Sighting in Cheney, Washington on 2018-01-02 16:08:00 – Bright lights blinded me but i seen through and i noticed a figures in all of the ships

So i sitting on top of the park gazebo hanging out looking at girls listening to the snow crunch and melt then out of my purifrial vision i see a bright lights 4 bright lights as im looking i could kinda see almost people it freaked me out and i was frightened so i did a voice recording because my camera doesn’t work i don’t know if you could hear the humming of the ships but it was a true terrifying experience then they started moving quickly through the air and then they just disappeared. i had went home and watched videos on what to do and of course one of the things was to get pictures and i couldn’t i had also heard to not draw attention to the men in black witch i don’t know who they are?? all i know is the movie!! aha anyways that is it for the story of the experience of the ufo sighting

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UFO Sighting in Edwardsville, Illinois on 2017-12-30 18:45:00 – I watched it for awhile as i drove and had irregular path, unlike planes and helicopters. as i passed it, ufo seemed to shoot away from me and was gone in thin air only leaving trail of light.

I was driving on i-70 west heading to st. louis and i noticed air traffic was heavy. as i watched the sky more, i noticed a clean white light that had nothing blinking which i found strange. the way it moved was also strange as it went from side to side and then would suddenly change direction. i noticed it mainly because of it’s movement and flight path. it didn’t follow the flight path that airplanes normally take near st. louis which is along the southwest of the city, this was more north of the city but flying south. i first thought it was a helicopter, but soon realized that the speed it would gain that helicopters couldn’t move like that. as i got closer, passing the staunton/lebanon exit, i got closer to edwardsville, il and the object. it seemed to have gotten lower, i would say tree top levels and was quite bigger than a drone. i thought it may have been one, but again, it moved too quickly and had such a spastic path. it also had no green or relights, it was only a solid white sphere. i had felt pretty weird when i first started driving and didn’t think much of it but after looking back, i realized that the anxiety i get got worse the closer i had gotten to the actual sighting. as i watched it i felt so anxious and had a heavy feeling on my chest, which i haven’t gotten before. as i passed the ufo, it was at tree top level and it was as if it shot straight south into thin air. following it was a trail of light with some green and purple in the trail but that was it. i watched the spot it was at and there were no buildings or trees that would’ve blocked my view, just a huge empty farm field. i was astonished and right as the ufo had left, so did the pressure on my chest. i am still in shock as to how it shot straight away into thin air, hate to say it, but almost as if it went into some sort of hyperdrive. this was my first real ufo sighting that gave me strange feelings and didn’t get blocked by buildings or anything. i watched it clear as day as it came and as it left.

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UFO Sighting in Medicine Hat, Alberta on 2017-06-16 23:30:00 – Taking photos of the moon and when we took the photos a green like orb was caught on film, not seen by the naked eye.

Taking pictures of the moon around 11:30pm at our fire in our backyard, our vision was focused on only the moon when we viewed the photos after, the first photo there was nothing then in the second photo there was a green like orb and in the third photo the orb went down then disappeared. you could not see the orb with the naked eye. when we first seen it we thought it was a street light but no street lights were there, to low for a plain and we couldn’t see it without the camera then we were shocked that it disappeared without a trace. the green orb didn’t apear again. it was a sphere, bright green orb/object.

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UFO Sighting in Santa Cruz, California on 2017-12-26 00:00:00 – It appeared in my photo as i hadnt noticed it in my other pictures

I have the picture on my phone, i do not know how to transfer it to my laptop.
i was taking pictures of the sunset when i looked at them one of them has the ufo in it, quite defined. i didnt notice it until i had returned to san diego. i cannot explain it as i was standing outside on a patio with nothing in front of me but the ocean. i cannot explain my photo.

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Alien Encounter in Cambridge, Ontario on 2017-07-22 20:02:00 – Do not know what these were but were unknown there creepy skinny like fugures

I was waiting for a bus when this van pulled up weird creaters or un human looking people popped out. you can see the outline of their face and eye sockets wearing black and alien color grey color. i am not sire excaly what they were after they left people were complaining of their cell phones crashing or they suddenly stopped working. ive had drone like flying object i’ve seen in the sky before and now this happen. it is unknown if their human or a alien or even another species we don’t know exist it creeper me out. it honestly looked like they were looking at me. after a min or so after people n me took pictures and made it clear we took the photos they took off. i moved out of the city and still am in shocked and don’t know what it is to this day

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Pentagon’s Secret UFO Search, The Science Editor for Time Weighs In | INTERVIEW – VIDEO

Pentagon's Secret UFO Search, The Science Editor for Time Weighs In

Editor’s Note: In the aftermath of the revelation of the Pentagon’s Secret UFO Program, sadly most of the interviews conducted with the actors have been subpar. As is often the case, various news organizations can’t help themselves and tend to make light of
By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

anything under the UFO umbrella. Conversely, there are some that rise above the dreck; the following interview by CBS This Morning, with Jeffrey Kluger, Time Magazine’s Science Editor is one example.–FW

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Is Reproducibility Really Central to Science?

In a new paper in the Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, Chris Drummond takes aim at the ‘reproducibility movement’ which has lately risen to prominence in science.

As one of the early advocates for this movement, I was interested to see what Drummond had to say. While I don’t find his argument wholly convincing, he does raise some good points.

Drummond begins by summarizing the case for reproducible research as it sees it. The claim is that reproducibil

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Strange object is leaving the atmosphere recorded by camera on board the ISS

On January 1, 2018 the NASA HD camera on board the International Space Station recorded something at the moment it is leaving the atmosphere.

At first one would think it could be a sprite, a discharge from a large thunderstorm however the object is clearly heading upwards into space confirms that it is no sprite.

With all the strange activities going on in space, is it possible that they have launched a “cigar-shaped” object into space for some reason?

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