Supernatural Translations Posted on the MIQLAT Site

Most of you will know that my non-profit, MIQLAT, is funding the translation of my book, Supernatural: What the Bible Says About the Unseen World–And Why it Matters. It’s the “lite” version of The Unseen Realm.

Over 20 translations are running or have been completed. Here’s the link to the page where the translations will live online. There are two translations not yet added that have recently finished.

The translations are free to reproduce and distribute in any form. The idea is that the book will be free to any who read these languages and that people will send the files all over the internet. Piracy is encouraged. I’d like the book on every phone in all these languages.

Eventually we hope to have Kindle versions posted as well.

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UFO Sighting in Stoke on trent, England on 2017-11-29 02:00:00 – 2 circle bright red and back to white constantly. danced together in sky, then shot up and disappeared.

I have been seen this every two years around middle of november. in different locations. always not far from where i was living at the time. it all started when i was 17, im 39 now. when i was 17 i had a dream i was floating in the sky and unable to come back down. when i awoke i had a perfect circle (like a burn but perfectly circle on my lower back just above my waist line, this was the middle of november 1997.Since then every second november in the middle of the month, i am unable to stop looking at the sky at night, every two years i see the same dancing lights with the same movements as all others. please dont think im a nutter, ive kept this to myself for many years, due to ridicule. but yet again this middle of november, i was flying my owl at parkhall in staffordshire england. the same lights, same dance, appeared above my head. i dont know whats going on, but everytime i see them, i feel a deep terror, followed by a soothing feeling as if its ok. please could you help identify these things, and why every two years in middle of november do they turn up in my eye sight. please dont ridicule me, its took me years to get in touch with yourselves. i just need to know what is going on. many thanks.
richard. i have no evidence of this as it happens so quickly, and for some reason, recording it never comes to mind. im not a crack pot, somethings going on, and id like get to the bottom of it all. many thanks again, richard.

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UFO Sighting in Wolcott, New York on 1994-05-01 00:00:00 – While smoking outside i saw a ufo appear above a barn across the road from where i lived

It was late at night about midnight and i remember it was very nice out so i’m guessing it was may and i stepped outside to have a cigarette on the deck. we kept a dog outside on a chain and she was barking and facing the direction across the road from me. i followed her gaze toward a small animal which turned out to be a raccoon after it scurried it’s way under the light of a nearby outdoor light. i watched as the raccoon made its way into a hole in the side of a barn. just as it entered the barn that’s when it happened. some gigantic craft appeared out of nowhere just above this barn with such bright lights of the likes that i have never seen before. and it was as if this thing took immediate control over me and my dog quit barking and all the crickets and toads quit chirping, everything was silent and i couldn’t move anything except my eyes. this lasted long enough for the cigarette to burn the full length down to the filter and that’s when it released me to where i was able to move again. i’m guessing about eight minutes went by judging by how long it takes to burn through a cigarette and then the thing vanished without descending away. some things i was able to observe were that it was so bright i couldn’t see the shape and it didn’t make a single noise.

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UFO Sighting in Alamogordo, New Mexico on 1977-02-28 10:00:00 – Object flew from n to s then did a u turn and flew n radius 35 miles @ 1,200 mph

I was working at the holloman afb, as a civilian photographer, and was told a ufo overflew the white sands missile range. it came from the north down the east side of the range and did a u turn across the range (35 miles wide) and went up the west side of the range. two radars tracked the object, one at holloman afb and the other at the white sands missile range headquarters to the south. speed was estimated at 1,200 mph.

i was working at holloman air force base in nm. i am a civilian and asked one of the usaf officers, a captain, if he could verify the overflight of a reported ufo.. he came back an hour later and said that it was true. overflight was done at 1,200 mph, height unknown, and the object did a u turn that was 35 miles across. holloman afb and white sands test facility radars acquired and traced the object. no known aircraft could accomplish such a tight turn at that speed.

the next day one of my coworkers said two schoolteachers he knew said they were on the east side of the range driving in the sacramento mountains and had seen a ufo come over them.

the time frame is approximate as it was a long time ago and i am not sure of the year, but remember the details of the incidence. you probably have this incident in your mufon files. in my job, i tracked and photographed many rocket launches and recoveries and missiles coming into the range from utah and never witnessed a ufo incident.

i once was driving across the range and a pick-up was about a mile ahead of me and clearly visible to me. some few minutes after that i came to a stop as there was a small missile 8″ or 10″ x 4 ‘, stuck upright in the pavement on my side of the road. it had to have landed after the pick-up went by and before i came to it. one of the dangers in working on that missile range.

air in that region is very dry and visibility is usually unlimited. altitude at the missile range is apx 4,000 feet. i have seen venus overhead in broad daylight without use of any device – ie; binoculars or telescope.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Cadenet, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur on 2008-07-03 04:01:00 – Lumiere triangulaire decolant du sol et d’une vitesse impressionante

J’ai vue l’objet dã©collã© et restã© sur un point stationnaire et d’un coup il est partie ã  une vitesse impressionante fesais des zig zag et s’arret㨠, defois il avait l’air de changã© de haiteur mais c’etait difdicile de dire si il le fesais vraiment , soudain s’arretã© et revenã© sois lentement sois tres tres rapidement ensuite et reparti vers le luberon et revenie vers ma direction, , ca ne fais aucun bruit, sombre au milieu des 3 lumieres et ca a l’air d’etre en forme de triangle du moins comme sont placã© les lumieres et soudain c’eat parti vers les etoiles , jusqu’a ne plus le voir , en sortant du travail vers 12h comme je connais tres bien les lieux je suis allã© voir l’endroit ou je l’ai vue decollã© et le sol etait legerement blanc et par endroit brulã© mais j’ai pensã© a la foudre parcqu’elle tombe souvemt aml cette endroit

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UFO Sighting in Orlando, Florida on 2018-01-01 00:00:00 – Saw what looked like a big spotlight circle around and break up into 10 smaller lights which hovered for at least 1.5 hours

My family and i were at universal studios orlando in orlando, florida for the new year’s eve celebration on 12/31/17 and left the park and got to our car at approximately 12:30am on 1/1/18. we began driving south to our hotel (approximately 4 miles south of the park) via international drive when we first saw the lights. all 3 individuals in my car witnessed this. none of the 3 individuals had taken any drugs/alcohol/excessive sugar/anything that could affect our vision or judgement. at first, we saw what looked like a very large spotlight in the sky, which wasn’t too unusual being that it was new year’s. the spotlight moved very rapidly in a circular motion and split up into various smaller-looking spotlights. they seemed to zoom around erratically for a few seconds, then reformed into the larger spotlight. it then broke up again and zoomed around erratically. it reformed into the larger spotlight then broke up into 10 smaller spotlights and formed a semi-circle in the sky, which then remained stationary. we arrived at our hotel and they were still visible; these smaller spotlights then remained stationary in the sky until at least 2am, when i had to (unfortunately) go to bed. they mostly stayed the same the whole time, the only change i really noticed was that over time the lights somewhat dissipated and became duller, but stayed in the exact same shape the whole time. i will attach two photos i took. i felt incredulous throughout the whole ordeal, and kept thinking, “is this real life? are we being attacked in this new year?” i didn’t feel threatened though, i almost felt as if they were extraterrestrial, all they wanted was to observe our new year’s celebration or something? it was very strange that not too many other cars or people nearby seemed to even look up or care. the lights were very apparent in the sky, i just hope that someone else in orlando saw these same lights.

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PanBabylonianism: The Wellspring of Middle Earth PaleoBabble

I came across this essay recently. It’s from the out of print book, Mesopotamian and the Bible, edited by Mark Chavalas and Lawson Younger. The essay is by Chavalas, a scholar of biblical studies and ancient Mesopotamia:

Chavalas Assyriology and Biblical Studies Century and a Half of Tension

The essay is about the use and abuse of Mesopotamian literature and archaeology by non-specialists. This tension and problem — “seeing” the material from Sumer, Akkad, Assyria, and Babylon as behind most everything in the Old Testament, especially the early chapters of Genesis — became known as “PanBabylonianism.” That arose in the 19th and early 20th centuries in the wake of the decipherment of cuneiform texts in the 19th century. It is the lifeblood of much of the “research” and “discovery” of self-anointed teachers (Christian or otherwise) one finds foisted upon unsuspecting readers on the internet and listeners on shows like Coast to Coast AM. their “findings” are hopelessly outdated and wrong in a myriad of ways as subsequent decades of scholarship has demonstrated. But no matter. It gets the paleobabblers on talk shows and gives them the attention they crave.

Chavalas ends his essay with this quote from Finkelstein (underlining is my own – it describes the paleobabble researchers well). It’s blunt but still encourages scholars to responsibly educate the public.



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Ball of Light flying towards Tourist’s Camera in Bello Colombia

A tourist in Bello Colombia recorded a disturbing video with the camera of his mobile on December 30, 2017.

While filming the surrounding area from his hotel room, a ball of light suddenly flying towards the camera of the tourist before it vanishes. 

It seems that more people in that area have witnessed similar unexplained sightings. One commenter says that he already has witnessed similar ball of lights two times. “It always appears at the same location in the sky, then goes vertically downwards, like an inverted L and flies very low.”

Since the uploader’s account does not show any irregularities such as fake or cgi created videos we may wonder whether the tourist captured a paranormal phenomenon or the creators of the video just wanted to make a prank.


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