287. Free Show: Brad Abrahams

Alejandro Rojas with UFO Updates, guest Brad Abrahams discusses his full length film, Love and Saucers, where experiencer David Huggins claims to have had sexual encounters for many years, and works through his past experience through his art creations. You can help us out at only $2 per month or more, click here for more info.

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Google Searches: Focus On the 1958 CBS and ABC Television Interviews of Major Donald E. Keyhoe

The Armstrong Circle Theater (“UFO: Enigma of the Skies”) interview (CBS) was conducted on 22 January 1958 and the The Mike Wallace Interview(ABC) was conducted on 8 March 1958 (see the Wikipedia article).
(Search term: Donald Keyhoe “Armstrong Circle Theater”)
(Donald Keyhoe “The Mike Wallace Interview”)
Wikipedia article: “Donald Keyhoe”:
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The late Major Donald Edward Keyhoe, U.S. Marine Corps,
NICAP Director, UFO Author & Researcher

(youtube.com image)

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U.S. Government UFO Document: “SUBJECT: Flying Saucers”

By Walter Bedell Smith, Director of the CIA, 1 January 1952
(Central Intelligence Agency, Washington, D.C.)
Source: Internet Archive (archive.org)
The memorandum was sent to Director, Psychological Strategy Board.
Quote from the document (Page 4):
              5.  ATIC has roughly 20 percent of its cases in the ‘unexplained’ category.
              6.  Of this 20 percent they feel that 10 percent would remain unexplained even with a full measure of available information. This residue of as-yet-unexplainable reports was aptly described as a group of ‘incredible reports from credible observers.’ ”
Internet Archive text:
“Document number CIA-RDP81R00560R000100020017-2 declassified and released through the CIA’s CREST database. Previously available only on four computers located outside of Washington D.C., the Agency was successfully pressured into putting the files online as a result of a MuckRock lawsuit and the efforts of Emma Best. The metadata was collected by Data.World, and the files are now being archived and made text searchable by the Internet Archive.”
Wikipedia article: “Walter Bedell Smith”:


(wikimedia.org image)

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UFO Sighting in Natchitoches, Louisiana on 2012-01-13 21:42:00 – This was taken with a cell phone camera in zwolle, louisiana at 9:42 p.M. on january 13th, 2012.

This was taken with a cell phone camera in zwolle, louisiana at 9:42 p.M. on january 13th, 2012. was getting gas at the local quik trip store when i noticed this bright object. the object appeared to be hovering above a local grocery store due west of my location 700′ away. the store front is 110′ and the object appeared at least as wide as the store front. i estimate the altitude above the store at maybe 300′. there was no sound. it was not an airplane or helicopter. after bout 12 seconds the object took off at an incredible rate of speed headed due south and was gone within a blink of an eye! it was unlike anything i’d ever seen and defied physics as we know it as it appeared not to accelerate but to attain speed instantaneously!. it was gone in less than 1 second! that is fast! i’ve always wondered about whether we were alone…I don’t wonder anymore.

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Gods of the Biblical World

This looks like a useful online resource. Here is the explanation on the site landing page:
Welcome! This website was constructed to supply resources for an undergraduate class at Wofford College, called “Gods of the Biblical World: Polytheism, Magic, and Israelite Religion.” But you’re invited to look around even if you’re just interested in the topic!
The idea is to bring together materials, site names, and sources relating to the religion and archaeology of ancient Israel and Judah’s neighbors in the first millennium BCE: the ArameansPhoeniciansPhilistinesAmmonitesMoabites, and Edomites.

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Free PDF Books on Ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Etc.

Courtesy of the University of Chicago. Here are some titles (but follow that link):

Gelb, The Sumerians: Their History, Culture, and Character

Gelb, A Study of Writing

Frankfort, Kingship and the Gods: A Study of Ancient Near Eastern Religion as the Integration of Society and Nature

Frankfort, Jacobsen, Wilson, The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man: An Essay on Speculative Thought in the Ancient Near East


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UFO Sighting in Thatcher, Arizona on 2018-01-30 06:00:00 – The object looked like the moon except bigger and a little out of focus. it moved behind mt. graham at 6:00 still looking like a full moon. on 1-31-2018, i looked at the eclipsed moon but it did not go behind the mountain until 6:40.

I pulled out of my garage at 5:40 am on 1/30/2018 and looked at the moon expecting it to be red or bigger than usual. it was bigger but a little out of focus like it had an extra line on the bottom. i drove to work and when i got there i looked for the moon again. it was moving rapidly and from mid sky it sank behind a mountain in less than a minute. the next day, 1/31/2018 i watched again from my driveway. at 5:40, it was already about 3/4 red or more and smaller than the day before even though this was the super blue red moon. at 5:55 am the same time it sank behind the mountain the previous day, the moon was high in the sky. it did not sink behind the mountain until 6:40. this was the real moon. the moon of the previous day is a ufo that i have seen about a year ago, flying down like a setting moon behind the mountain which happens to be mt. graham where the catholic observatory is located.

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