Why FringePop321? Watch This Video

Want to know why my non-profit, MIQLAT, is partnering with AllAboutGod.com to create our “fringe / Middle Earth” video show Fringepop321? Watch this video (and get a peek).
By helping AllAboutGod.com, you’re not only helping a Miqlat ministry effort, you’re doing evangelism and discipleship in meaningful, quantifiable ways. I’ve seen the “under the hood” stats and responses myself. Get a glimpse of what’s happening — and can happen — by watching the video.

AllAboutGOD’s Largest Outreach Strategy Ever! from AllAboutGOD.com on Vimeo.

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‘Man Flu’ and Giant Wine Glasses: The BMJ’s Christmas Issue

Scientists aren’t always considered to be the most festive group of people. But The British Medical Journal does its part to celebrate the spirit of the holidays with its annual Christmas issue.

Once a year, the journal opens submissions for studies with a slightly lighter tone, but just as much science. The key to inclusion in the Christmas issue is originality and clever ideas — not bad science. “While we welcome light-hearted fare and satire, we do not publish spoofs, hoaxes, or fabric

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Stephen Hawking confirms this 200,000mph cigar-object in space may be alien spacecraft

Stephen Hawking confirms this 200,000mph cigar-object in space may be alien spacecraft

STEPHEN Hawking is leading an investigation into whether the first object ever to arrive from OUTSIDE our solar system is a spaceship from an alien civilisation.

The first mysterious object to reach our solar system was originally thought to be a comet or an asteroid from within the system.

But, scientists realised it was neither and had travelled unimaginable disatances through interstellar space at almost 200,000 mph.

Now, a scientific body led by Stephen Hawking is now trying to decipher whether the “cigar-shaped” object is an alien probe or a previously unseen natural phenomenon.

Continue reading Stephen Hawking confirms this 200,000mph cigar-object in space may be alien spacecraft at Alien UFO Sightings.

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Details About Interstellar Space Object | VIDEO

Details About Interstellar Space Object

     New data reveal that the interstellar asteroid that recently zipped through our solar system is rocky, cigar-shaped, and has a somewhat reddish hue. It’s the first confirmed object from another star observed in our solar system, and was discovered Oct. 19 by the University of

Hawaii’s Pan-STARRS1 telescope team, funded by NASA’s Near-Earth Object Observations Program. The telescope team named it ‘Oumuamua (oh MOO-uh MOO-uh) – Hawaiian for “a messenger from afar arriving first.” The unusually-shaped asteroid, which is up to a quarter mile long and perhaps 10 times as long as it is wide, may provide new clues into how other solar systems formed.

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This Apollo Rocket Stage was Smashed for Science

Within 10 minutes of a Saturn V launch, the first two stages had fallen away as the spacecraft settled into Earth orbit. Within another 10 minutes, both stages had crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. They weren’t recovered for reuse; their jobs were done before the half hour mark on any lunar flight. But the third stage of the Saturn V lived on, following crews all the way to the Moon. Once there is was also left to crash, but this time it was smashed for science. 


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UFO Sighting in Culver City, California on 2017-12-13 00:00:00 – Two circles connected by wing structure lighted for approx. 2 – 3 seconds

at approximately midnight i left the marina del rey chevron gas station located on lincoln blvd & mindanao way in marina del rey south bound on lincoln on my way home to manchester ave. & pershing drive in playa del rey. when i reached jefferson blvd. i turned right on to jefferson proceeding in a westerly direction heading to culver blvd. this now put me in the ballona wetlands which is quiet dark as there are no lights/buildings/homes/etc., as this is wildlife preserve.

approximately a quarter mile while driving i shut off my headlights trying adjust my instrument panel lights. almost immediately i saw an object appear/light-up off to the right about 400 to 500 feet altitude approximately 600 feet or less from my vehicle; there was no perceptible sound whatsoever from said object. i immediately turned my head lights back on and at that instant the object light(s) went out and the object was no longer visible to me or my passenger. note that my passenger’s description of the object was a very large bright white light circular in shape.

the duration of our observation was between 2 to 3 seconds. later this day i removed my memory chip from my blackvue dr650-1ch dash camera and found a partial visible light from the subject encounter, however, it did not fully show what i saw with my own eyes. i am sending you a copy of the recording thinking that you have video equipment that can offer better details than i can on my home computer with the basic blackvue software.

i grew up in the flight path of santa monica airport, completed ground flight school and some actual hours in flight, have over three decades working in aero space and have lived next to lax for the past eight years. this object was total foreign and unidentifiable to me. doses this not constitute what is commonly referred to as a ufo, i think so, therefore, i am submitting pertinent excerpts from my car videos for analysis.

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UFO Sighting in Oklahoma on 2017-07-10 00:00:00 – 3 crafts

We were traveling south on a country road and i looked out and noticed a weird looking craft in the air so we pulled over.
as soon as we stopped and got out, my friend then noticed that there were actually 3 of them.
they appeared to be floating approximately 200 ft or so above us.
they seemed only large enough to carry only one individual.
there were no blades or other propellors to indicate they were anything other than off world or if from earth, they used a technology that we were unfamiliar with.
they made zero noise and traveled directly over our heads.
they were white and it looked as if there was some kind of skeletal framework surrounding the outside of the crafts.
we gave chase but quickly lost them as they blended into the sky background.
my cellphone would not focus on the crafts or i would’ve had a great photo.
i’ve never heard of single passenger ufos and was curious if there have been any other sightings such as this?

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The Roller Coaster Designed to Kill

I have a friend who loves roller coasters. He once told me, a fellow coaster-head, “You ever get the feeling that most people say they like roller coasters, but then when they’re in a park they just ride one or two of them and call it a day?” I nodded in the shared sentiment.

All of that said, there’s at least one roller coaster that I, or my friend, am not interested in trying out: the “Euthanasia Coaster.”

Truth in Advertising

It’s exactly what it sounds: A roller coaster designed

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