Raw Chang’e 3 Photograph Shows Possible Humanoid Figure on Lunar Surface

China’s lunar rover Chang’e 3 operated by the China National Space Administration achieved lunar orbit on 6 December 2013 and landed on 14 December 2013 but there was much doubt whether the Chang’e 3 had landed on the moon’s surface or not.

On further investigation it not only looks like Chang’e 3 did land on the Lunar Surface after all but China’s rover also took many high quality photographs.

After a huge search Streetcap1 found raw photographs captured by the Chang’e 3 at which one photo stands out.

After watching the photo carefully, Streetcap1 realized that next to a big strangely shaped rock stands something that looks like a humanoid figure with arm, legs and a head.

I’m not sure what it is; it is quite possible that Streetcap1’s imagined perception of the humanoid figure is just a random pattern of another rock but indeed it don’t look natural.


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MEMRA 2018 Registration Open Now Until January 7

I’ve gotten a couple recent emails about whether MEMRA courses will be available in 2018. Some folks on the livestream asked about it as well. It was good timing, since I had it on my list of things to think about this weekend.

I’ve decided to open up a module for 2018. I don’t know if there will be a second one in the summer. Registration is available until January 7, 2018. The courses begin on January 15, 2018. As before, courses are 52 weeks and cost $120. You will not lose access to course videos after 52 weeks. Cost of the grammars we use is not included. They must be ordered via Amazon. Click here for registration and here for information on the courses, including the required textbooks.

MEMRA courses are on ancient languages via video. Students pace themselves through the units and ask me questions about content when they like via the course platform (Canvas). The content is taught via the grammar and video. Courses offered are:

  • Beginning Biblical Hebrew
  • Beginning Biblical Greek
  • Beginning Biblical Aramaic
  • Beginning Ugaritic

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UFO Sighting in Alabaster, Alabama on 2017-12-09 17:05:00 – Straight line no noise or type of trail almost small parachute above & 4 corners tight to box type object w/light act like flame but had rays around light

Approx. 5:07pm sighting lasted about 2-3 minutes. heading on straight trajectory from sw to se lower then airplanes including small two seater planes looked as though small domed parachute anchored on its 4points to a square shaped object below that had red/orange object in center top of square shape which was a solid round shape in red/orange color and sharp rays coming off lighted object it stayed on this path till it went behind tree line there is a small municipal airport in the direction it was heading as well as weather service office. the more i think about it the stranger it seams. there was never any noises contrails or smells

i have seen two other strange things w/in the last 3 years in relatively same area. please let me know if you would like this information as well

sincerely, a great sky watcher

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UFO Sighting in Montréal, Quebec on 2004-11-24 20:06:00 – A big light in the center and four around pulsating to the center

Picture i took the other night from my balcony at 8:00pm, tuesday november the 24th. it was 5 shadow lights, one in the middle and four going from the centre to a certain distance outside together, “synchronisé”, and then turning aroud of the middle light and going to the center and then outside. i check this phenomen during one hour and i went inside. an hour later i went back outside, around 22:00pm nothing in the sky. i knew somebody seing the same thing at the end of septempber, she was living on the south shore of montreal, and she wathed with neighbors the same phenomen. but this time, 3 helicopters arrived and went under the lights and stayed there. after an hour and the half, my friend was tired watching it and went inside of her place.
here when i check this, i look around if i can see a projector from the ground to the sky, but nothing and the effect was the light came on the other side of the clouds, in the back of it. i took 5 pictures and only one has a picture, the other ones was completely blackout, nothing.

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UFO Sighting in Clemson, South Carolina on 2017-08-21 14:30:00 – It dropped out of the cloud covering the eclipse. then did a 90 degree change of direction going north. disappeared behind trees.

We were in clemson, sc observing the solar eclipse with some family. my husband was video taping the event which occurs around 4 and a half minutes into the video. we first saw an airplane (of which we’d seen many before this, but just one is on the video) that took a long time to fly towards us and away. after the airplane my husband saw the ufo drop straight down out of the cloud that was covering the eclipse. that was when he brought my attention to it. as you can hear in the commentary i at first thought it was a bird, but quickly realized that was a mistake. it had no sound, and moved so smooth and quick. it was really hard for my husband to keep up with in on the camera. once the object dropped it stopped and then moved northward in what looked a straight-line. my feelings when i realized what i was witnessing was overwhelming and exciting. i felt nausea for a minute but it quickly passed. there were trees lining the driveway we were in and when it went behind those it disappeared. i moved around them to see where it went, but it was just gone. also, the north part of the sky did not have any clouds so it didn’t just hide behind a cloud, it just disappeared.

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UFO Sighting in Queen, New York on 2016-05-13 17:30:00 – Was driving took a random picture of the clouds and later realized there was an unknown object in the clouds

i was driving home from work which is queens to the bronx. i usually take pictures of the sky without looking cause i’m driving. when i got home and decided to look at the random pictures i took i started to try to edit them when i zoomed in i saw an object that i couldn’t see when i looked at the regular picture taken. i can’t tell what it is and there was nothing in the sky at the time no plane nor helicopter. i found it very interesting and i can’t make out what it can be. all i could think of it’s a ufo!!!

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Naked Bible Podcast Episodes 190, 191, and 192: Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) Interviews

The interviews from the 2017 SBL meetings had to be broken up into three episodes:

Episode 190 (SBL, Part 1)

  • We get caught up with David Burnett, now in his first semester of doctoral work at Marquette University. We also chat with Marina Westerdahl, a former student of Mike’s at Knox Seminary about to begin doctoral work in Old Testament. Marina’s research interests involve the divine council. Lastly, we visit with Sam Lamerson, professor of New Testament at Knox Seminary and fellow traveler with Mike in helping Christians think well about the paranormal.

Episode 191 (SBL, Part 2)

  • In our second set of interviews from SBL in Boston, we talk with Ben Giffone about how to earn an advanced degree without going into debt, teaching overseas, and his own interest in Unseen Realm content and Israelite religion. We also chat with John Schwandt, director of Mobile Education for Logos Bible Software (Faithlife). John and Mike talk about the unique benefits of Mobile Ed courses and how they are a great tool for anyone interested in learning Scripture and theology from some of the country’s best professors — all without uprooting your life and incurring debt.

Episode 192 (SBL, Part 3)

  • Our final set of interviews at SBL includes discussions with Tim Mackie from The Bible Project, and we learn about opportunities for biblical studies education in the UK from Dr. Matthew Lynch, a scholar in the UK familiar with the podcast and Mike’s work.


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