Tom DeLonge on the Rogan Show talks about UFO cover-up but his body language tells another story!

Tom DeLonge who is the front man of the band Blink 182 and currently involved in a mysterious UFO project wrote on his Facebook Page “As promised, the first ever declassified videos of UFOs are on their way. The truth embargo, or UFO cover-up if you prefer that terminology, simply won’t be able to survive this development.

Last week Tom came on the Rogan’s show to talk about himself, his new UFO research company ‘To The Stars Academy’ and of course the UFO subject.

While the conversation between Tom Delonge and Billy Corgan unfolds Tom is getting uncomfortable because Joe is questioning the he’ll out of him, he looks frustrated / uncomfortable and finally got lost in his story.

Tom has put himself on the front page as the man who is going to end the UFO cover-up, but before we go on, we have to ask ourselves, he is really in the inside and he has the knowledge and power to realize what he is talking about or he is a dis-information agent recruited by certain organizations?

Analysis of Tom Delonge’s body language during the conversation shows if he is speaking the truth about the UFO subject or intentionally spreading false info.

Below analysis comes from a commenter specialized in analyzing the body language of a person.

01. Mr. DeLonge exhibits many of the “tells”, my co workers and I, observed on a regular basis.

02. In most cases, the subject is not necessarily being deceptive, or lying, just not fully informed of what they are talking about, and “filling in the “gaps”, of the truth, with their own version to lend “credibility” to their answers.

03. Notice how Joe’s questions are slightly accusatory, mixed in with a dose of skeptical humor…this puts DeLonge in a defensive position, he “looks away” when telling the story of who and why he is involved, then “looks directly” at Joe, when talking about himself and his new company.

04. This is classic…DeLonge is telling the truth about what he knows is the truth (his new company and all) , but “winging it”, about area’s he is only being TOLD is the truth.

05. I watched this show the first time DeLonge was on Joe’s show…I noticed the eye movement pattern within minutes, then re-watched it, to confirm his pattern.

06. In my opinion, DeLonge, actually does believe in what he is saying, and trusts those who are possibly manipulating him as a ‘tool”.

07. They know he is a celebrity, is wealthy, and has been an “enthusiastic” fan of the UFO subject for a long time.

08. He was already self, preconditioned to be used as a tool…a perfect “stooge”, so to speak.

09. He is exactly the kind of person, that can be “recruited” successfully, by the pro’s in mis, and disinformation opts.

10. There are simply too many connections, to too many areas outside the UFO subject, involving trillions of dollars, that will never allow a real disclosure snowball to begin to roll of the truth, with their own version to lend “credibility” to their answers.

Below video: the strange conversation between Tom Delonge and Billy Corgan and pay attention to the body language of Tom Delonge.


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UFO Sighting in Sherbrooke, Quebec on 2017-08-01 00:00:00 – A saucer shape with lights or energy under the object

It is my friend’s wife took the picture. she was driving in the eastownships nearby sherbrooke, during the end of this summer (2017), in august. i sent her a questionary to answer 10 days ago and she didn’t answer. they don’t want to be bothered with the event. i keep them anonymous. i am a new member of your organisation (account 27635). i think it is important to report the event and the picture in your ufo data.
if she answer the questionary, i will sent you the copy.
thank you
guy dube (27635)

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UFO Sighting in SUTTON, England on 2017-01-01 00:00:00 – Two craft appear in the sky 4 mins after new year’s eve 2017. caught on video. delighted.

It was 12 midnight on new years eve going into 2017. i decided to video the firework display from my lounge window.  i was approx 4 mins into the video when i saw a large fan-shaped bright red-orange and white flame moving across the sky directly in front of me at a nw to ne direction. i could not judge its speed. i continued to video. there was no apparent sound other than a few fireworks going off.  the appearance was that of a huge fan shaped flame craft.  the top half was fan shaped and very bright red/orange in colour.  the bottom half was a very very bright white.
 it travelled in a straight line across the sky. i could see it clearly over the roof tops of the houses opposite me. in the light reflection of the flame shaped red main craft, i then caught sight of another very large grey looking roundish shaped craft below, and quite a way behind it. this craft was flashing on and off a small blue- white light spasmodically.  on viewing my video later, i found the grey craft was not round at all. in fact it appeared to look like a massive upturned nose. this craft was very strange looking. both crafts were travelling at the same speed, but i could not see any connection keeping them together.  at one point, both crafts stopped on the spot, and hovered for a few moments. this can be clearly seen in the video just before it approaches the height of the street lights. the crafts then began to elevate quite quickly and continued rising until going out of sight. when playing back my video, i took some still screen shots of the crafts.  on the main red-orange/white craft, by zooming in, i was able to see a typical flying saucer shape with a row of large windows in the top half.  the bright white area below appeared to be white hot flame exhaust. i made a sketch drawing of what i saw.  the shape was definitely a typical saucer shape.  the grey craft below was very unusual. i have never seen anything this shape or this large before in the sky. 
i’m in no doubt of what i witnessed on new years eve 2017. it could of course, be ours, which has been reverse engineered.

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