Weird Colored Cloud and Black Sphere Suddenly Appear Over Fields in Ontario, Canada

Early evening of August 29, 2017 between 6:30 and 7 pm approximately, I was driving home from Williamstown, Ontario, Canada. I had to take country roads to get home. Less than 5 minutes in my drive I noticed a strange colored bit of cloud that had some rainbow colors but the other clouds were not affected.

It was still daylight and the sun was showing up, a blue skies and sections with many clouds. There was no rain at all on that day. No signs of rain in my area, no thunder or lightning. Then, within a few minutes that weird cloud completely detached itself from the surrounding clouds and dropped below them.

Once fully detached the colors became very sharp. The colored piece of cloud was so weird and beautiful that I ended up stopping by the side of the road to take several pictures with my iPhone.

At some point that “cloud” was completely detached and was not moving as like the other clouds. It stood still, hanging low in the sky.

After, I had errands to run and forgot about this event until my memory card was almost full… That is 3 months later. So, on November 27th I went into my pictures to clear some in order to create more space on my phone’s memory card. Seeing how cool that cloud was on the pictures I decided to send them to a friend of mine to have a look at that cool event.

Looking at the photos on my phone I only thought the round thing was a bird flying by. I am into UFOs and did not want my enthusiasm to make me see only what I wanted to see. So I rationalized it at the time.

But my opinion changed when my friend was looking at them on her computer and she mentioned that there were some things in the sky that were unusual.

So, looking at my pictures on a computer screen we both think there is at least one UFO on a few of the pictures with that weird colored cloud. I never noticed anything but the bizarre cloud while I was taking the pictures. I wish I had, but I was very focused on it.

We are pretty sure that there is at least one UFO on the pictures. As it is round, a perfect circle within another circle. This one we are pretty certain is NOT a bird flying by. Also, it appears that there were two others that were in formation farther away and maybe 2 more.

This weird cloud was a real oddity in itself as it was not moving like the other clouds and I may never know what all these objects were but I can say that I found this very unusual and very cool. I have submitted the pictures to the Mutual UFO Network under file 88479 for further investigation.

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Barack Obama will share secret files on Aliens if you support him in the fight against AIDS

In the November 2017 Jimmy Kimmel show President Barack Obama talks about the fight against AIDS and the great progress that has been made towards getting rid of the disease once and for all.

During his speech he comes to the point that he is asking the people to join his fight against AIDS and says “If you do, I’ll share our files of Aliens.”

On which Jimmy Kimmel says “you can’t do that”


“We can’t do that either?”
“But I have them”
“They’re in my desk right now”

Kimmel again: “All right, Fine”

While in the 2015 Jimmy Kimmel show, President Barack Obama denies knowledge of Aliens now he suddenly states that he has secret classified UFO and Alien files right in his desk!

It is well known that White House officials and even US Presidents are kept in the Dark about any information on classified government programs involving UFOs and Aliens.

Nobody outside DoD, including the Secretary of State, is deemed to have a need to know about the country’s alleged secret UFO and alien database, including Area 51 in Nevada, so we may assume that even Obama, besides information on a “need to know basis“, did not have access to any information on classified government programs involving UFOs and Aliens during his presidency.

So at least Obama’s statement is very unusual and we may wonder whether he really has such UFO and Alien files in his desk.

Besides, the fight against AIDS is reasonable even without the publication of the UFO and Alien files or it must be that he has a valid reason to connect classified UFO and Alien files with AIDS, from which it is said that it isn’t caused by a virus at all, according to conspiracy theorists.


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UFO Article: “UFO Fired Upon As It Hovered Over Nuclear Bomb Storage Facility, Says Former USAF Security Policeman”

By Robert L. Hastings, 30 November 2017
(The UFO Chronicles, 2 December 2017)
Quote from the article:
“Over the past four decades, I have interviewed more than 160 U.S. Air Force veterans regarding their involvement in UFO incidents at nuclear weapons sites. An overview of the key cases is presented in my documentary film; a more comprehensive summary of the UFO-Nukes Connection may be found in my book.
In the early 1970s, Michael D. Jenkins was a member of the 96th Security Police Squadron (SPS), located at Dyess AFB, Texas. At that time, the base was home to the 96th Bombardment Wing, composed of nuclear-armed B-52 bombers. The nukes were stockpiled at the Weapons Storage Area (WSA), operated by the 96th Munitions Maintenance Squadron (MMS).”
Dyess Air Force Base is located approximately 7 miles (11 km) south west of Abilene, Texas.
Wikipedia article: “Dyess Air Force Base”:

C-130 aircraft depart from in a Minimum Interval Takeoff at Dyess during a mass airdrop exercise, December 1988. 
(text by Wikipedia) ( ( photo)

Satellite photo of Abilene, Texas (
( photo)

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Hear a retired Navy Commander’s official testimony about that time he witnessed a craft coming out of the ocean and flying alongside his plane.

On February 10, 1951, Navy pilot and commander Graham Bethune was flying with his crew on a routine mission from Iceland to Newfoundland. On the final leg of their flight, a strange and unexplained incident took place, one that would mark the young Commander and his squad for the rest of their lives.


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Satellite imagery shows just how bad the loss of Arctic sea ice has been off Alaska and eastern Siberia

Where sea ice should already be present, there are just vast swaths of open water. The cause: storminess and massive inflows of warmth.

With winter descending on the Arctic, sea ice should be expanding rapidly in the Bering and Chukchi seas off Alaska and eastern Siberia. But instead of sea ice, satellite sensors see thousands of square miles of open water stretching between the Alaska and Russia.

“It’s the lowest ice extent on record for this time of year for the combined basins,” accor

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The Very Weird Vanishing and Death of Don Kemp

The Very Weird Vanishing and Death of Don Kemp

There are many, many cases of vanished people and mysterious deaths out there, which I have frequently covered here at Mysterious Universe. They are always baffling and surrounded by oddities and weird clues, and some are often noticeably more bizarre than others. One that has continually perplexed and inspired deep discussion and debate is that of one Don Kemp, a man who mysteriously vanished and reappeared dead years later amidst numerous bizarre clues and incidents and whose death only served to pose more questions for what has become one of the more well-known disappearances in modern times.

Continue reading The Very Weird Vanishing and Death of Don Kemp at Alien UFO Sightings.

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Meet the LEGO Women of NASA

It’s not too often that a toy depicts a real-life unsung hero in science, but the LEGO Women of NASA kit does that four times over. A couple of the names should be familiar — Sally Ride is the go to name for women in space and Margaret Hamilton’s picture has been making the rounds for a while now. Mae Jamison and Nancy Grace Roman, on the other hand, are probably less recognizable. But all four are incredible women whose mini-likeness you can now add to your own home decor.


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UFO Sighting in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec on 2017-08-13 21:30:00 – Lumiã¨re, star-like, se dã©plaã§ant vers le haut, fait un arrãªt reprend sa course de faã§on sinueuse, disparaã®t.

J’ã©tais dehors sur mon perron ã  regarder la montagne en face pour ã©couter le tapage du voisin habitant sur la montagne. je vois quelque chose du coin de l’oeil. je suis avec ma mã¨re. elle aussi voit cet objet. c’ã©tait immobile auparavant, on ne l’aurait pas remarquã© si l’objet n’avait pas bougã©, car on aurait cru voir une ã©toile comme les autres. l’objet fait une ascension vers le haut doucement en se dã©placent comme un serpent. l’objet s’immobilise, puis reprend sa course vers le haut de faã§on sinueuse. en effectuant ce dã©placement, la lumiã¨re devient de plus en plus faible pour finir par disparaã®tre complã¨tement doucement. le tout en 5-6 secondes. moi et ma mã¨re nous sommes exclamã© wow un ovni, t’as vu ce que j’ai vue? on ne s’est pas plus excitã© que ã§a, mais on ã©tait contente de l’avoir vue. comme on dit en ufologie, c’ã©tait un fly by.

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Australian Aircrews Encounter UFO, Official Files Reveal

Australian Aircrews Encounter UFO, Official Files Reveal

     There are currently two Australian government agencies who are equipped to, and indeed do, accept UFO reports from civil aviation flight crews. They are the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) and Airservices Australia (ASA). Of course, they do more than deal with infrequent UFO reports, and, in fact, are responsible for airspace management, the functionality of airports, pilot licensing, air safety, navigational systems, etc. Australia’s Department of Defence (DoD) also accepts and processes UFO reports, but their system is quite different from those of the ATSB and ASA. The DoD’s Directorate of Defence Aviation and Air Force Safety (DDAAFS) accepts reported military UFO cases via a form called an “Air Safety
Paul Dean
By Paul Dean

Occurrence Report” (ASOR). ASOR’s are processed through the Defence Aviation Hazard Reporting and Tracking System (DAHRTS), and are studied within the Closed Loop Hazard/ASOR Review and Tracking System. DDAAFS military UFO reports have proven very hard to obtain. But ATSB and ASA reports have been somewhat easier. For the purpose of this piece, I will focus on ASA. Describing themselves as “…a government owned corporation providing safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry” ASA is responsible for national airspace management, air traffic control, aeronautical information services, aviation communication, radio beaconing, and the like. Some time ago I submitted a Freedom of Information (FOI) request for any UFO, or UFO–like, reports submitted to ASA by flight crews, with the date range of 2008 to 2015. I published the results of that effort in January, 2015, and my findings can be looked at here. Also, as an aside, I have also had the ATSB furnish me with numerous reports of aerial unknowns, and the results of that work can be found here.

In my previous FOI request to ASA, I stipulated they search their “Electronically Submitted Incident Report” (ESIR) database and the newer “Corporate Integrated Reporting and Risk Information System” (CIRRIS) for UFO events dating from 2008 onwards. Of course, one would assume, correctly as it turns out, that pilot–submitted UFO reports go back much further than that. The reason for me not asking for all material dating back to, say, the 1980’s, is because an FOI requestor can be knocked back if their request is to broad, or, will cause an unacceptable burden for administrative staff. So, one often breaks these requests for data up into smaller date range blocks. Needless to say, as soon as the last FOI request was furnished, I submitted another one. On the 30th of January, 2015 I submitted a new FOI request to ASA for all UFO or UFO–like cases dated between 1992 and 2008. Specifically, my request stated:

“….any incidences where flight crews have reported any: 1) Unusual, Unknown, or Unidentifiable Aircraft or Objects; 2) Suspected Drones/Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; 3) Meteoric events, fireballs and the like; and, 4) Especially unusual weather phenomenon; which are held on the Electronically Submitted Incident Report (ESIR) database or the “Corporate Integrated Reporting and Risk Information System” (CIRRIS) database.”

On the 18th of February, 2015 Sasha Pesic, ASA’s Freedom of Information & Privacy Contact Officer/Legal Inquiries Coordinator, asked me if I would grant them an extension of time in searching their database(s) and preparing any found material, which, despite not being famous for my patience, I agreed to. On the 7 May, 2015, I received the results of my request. At one page, in PDF form, ASA supplied me with 3 UFO or related events in table form, which is imaged below.

One case stands out. In June, 1999 two airplanes experienced what, by anyone’s measure, must be considered a potentially important UFO event. In ASA’s “Executive Summary” column it is dryly stated:

“Pilots of AJP and AJK enroute for Alice Springs sighted an unidentified green object in their vicinity. No details of any other traffic held by Brisbane Sector 11.”

In the “Description” column it is stated:

“At 1015 the pilot of AJP Tindal for Alice Springs reported sighting a green object climbing and descending vertically and paralleling his track for some time. The pilot of AJK Darwin for Alice Springs reported sighting this green object as well. No details of any other traffic were held by Brisbane Sector 11.”

The document in question is imaged below.

ASA’s “Executive Summary” Pilot UFO Reports in July of 1999
– click and or right click on image(s) to enlarge –

While lacking further narrative, there is enough here to demonstrate that flights AJP and AJK saw something worth reporting, and the incident occurred at a significant altitude, as we shall see. Obviously, it is one thing for a single flight crew to report a UFO event. But when two flight crews report the same thing, the story is much hard to brush aside. If equal importance is the data which also comes with the report. The UTC Date/Time data is listed as “199906231015”, which is Coordinated Universal Time (the old Greenwich Mean Time), translates as the year 1999, on the 23erd of June, at 10:15am. As the event occurred while both aircraft were enroute to Alice Springs, flying from the north, this equates to 1945hrs in central Australia, or, 7:45pm. The event occurred in the “TOPS” airspace sector of Australia, which is a volume of airspace located in the Northern Territory (NT). The “Primary Occurrence Type” is listed as “MISCELLANEOUS”, with a further comment stating “(INC PILOT REPORT)”, which one presumes means the event included a pilot(s) report. The “Attribution” of the case is listed as “OTHER”. Finally, the “Report No” is listed as “2054”.

At that time the sky is quite dark, so, one may presume that any object that is be described as “green” was almost definitely luminous. As for the planes involved I have ascertained, through Australian aircraft registration records, that both were Westwind IAI 1124 business jets built by Israeli Aircraft Industries. These impressive aircraft carry two crew, and operate at a maximum speed of 865 kilometres per hour at 29,000 feet, but cruise at 725km/hr at 39–41,000 feet on long flights. Seeing as the Executive Summary states “Pilots of AJP and AJK enroute for Alice Springs…”, there is every chance that the aircraft were travelling at a fairly high velocity, and an altitude of over 29,000 feet.

Whatever the speed, wherever the exact locale, even the admittedly limited data presented in this single ASA document does raises some questions. Firstly, what “green object” can seemingly dip up and down vertically in the atmosphere, and then track with a jet “…for some time”? We can’t rule out another aircraft, but some of the details given make this rather unlikely. The mystery flight would need to be carrying a very singular bright green light aboard, which breaches civil aviation requirements. Also, one could speculate that the crew of either AJP and AJK would have attempted communication with other flights in the region, and if they did there was obviously no positive response. Most importantly, the “Description” section clearly states that “No details of any other traffic were held by Brisbane Sector 11.”. In Australia, the Brisbane Sector monitors and controls all air traffic in the TOPS area, so ASA’s Brisbane Sector effectively admitted that nothing else was flying in the area. Other explanations may fit, but the case is eighteen years old, so investigation is not easy. One could safely assume that the crew’s of the two aircraft in question have long moved on. Moreover, military records dedicated to, for example, ground–to–air missile evaluation launches are almost impossible to obtain, even through significant FOI work. Quite simply, the details of high–end ordinance tests are classified in Australia, as one would expect. Other solutions, including a gigantic period of meteoric activity, long–duration space re–entries, reflections on windscreens, intense hallucinations, rare electrical activity, etc can be ruled out. The astronomical angle is worth studying, but to conclusively blame a planet or star for “…climbing and descending vertically…”, then tracking one of the two flights, pushes the limits of credulity.

In regard to the release of this document, it is worth noting that ASA had a previous opportunity to make public the case. As I have detailed, my FOI request was finalised in Feburary, 2015. However, three years earlier, Australian researcher Keith Basterfield asked ASA for any information held regarding UFO’s, and the material I have presented in this report, which dates back to 1999, was not released. Specifically, on the 30th of May, 2012, Basterfield submitted an FOI request to ASA for:

“…any documents held by Air Services Australia, on the subject of ‘unidentified flying objects’.”

On the 18th of June, 2012, Keith was furnished with internal ASA material containing a number of media enquiries to ASA’s Public Affair’s desk, and a number of general enquiries from the public. Nothing of note was unearthed. Technically, of course, Basterfield had asked for records regarding “unidentified flying objects”, and the event I have highlighted was listed as an “unidentified green object”, with the “Primary Occurrence Type” listed as “MISCELLANEOUS”, and the “Attribution” listed as “OTHER”. These details do not contain the specific term ”unidentified flying objects”, which is what Basterfield had based his FOI request on, so the failure to release him anything of note probably boils down to a terminology issue. Usually, FOI staffers will do little more than process the request using exactly what a requestor has asked about, but surely a search of the ESIR and CIRRIS databases for the terms “unidentified” and “object” should have come up with the Alice Springs AJP and AJK event. Whatever the parameters, or limitations, of ASA record searching are, one can’t help but wonder if further requests, using a whole list of other keywords, would pick up. We may not have to wait long. I aim, very soon, to formulate a new FOI request to ASA. It will include a more robust and wider scope than anything I have done previously.

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UFO Sighting in Santa Paula, California on 2017-10-29 03:15:00 – Orbs took shape and began to walk

October 30th about 3 a.M. i just getting out of the shower when i noticed a strange light coming out of the hillside normally not there the lights went back into the actual by that time i grab my phone which i’m taking out the cdd lens with infrared light giving my phone night vision with ir lights within a few seconds i noticed that there was a strange orange glowing different colors five of them and before i knew what they were like really close from where they started within moments sign near hubbard over the trailer park next to where i live and begin to stretch out and take almost human-like form but glowing figures green and white and silver colors coming out one was an amber color the other to what i can bluish-white they kind of circle and congregated on top of one of the rooftop like a greenish white one with a bright glow seemed have been the meaning one leader perhaps as they communicated by gesture up on the rooftop then begin to walk in human-like manner the whole time this is glow coming out of each one of them who at first was looking at me oddly when is she saw herself she too was taken by surprise and handed me back the phone in disbelief and what we have just seen.. my wife being friends said for me to close the window and forget it all but i recorded the whole thing i have it on my phone for a couple days afterwards it’s more activity not quite the same strange orbs in kind of pop in and out of these bushes you can see them if they’re interacting these two i have on recorded on sd i probably got close to a 45 minutes activity.

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