Ancient Egyptians tell us they superseded an Earlier Kingdom

How over the ages have we managed to class History as Mythology you have to wonder, is it simply because the Powers that were at Play on this Earth thousands of years ago did not fit our understanding in relatively modern times?

By calculating the decrypted information obtained from the Papyrus of Turin, we obtain the initial period, referred to as the kingdom of Ptah, creator and first ruler of ancient Egypt, dating back 39,000 years!

The Egyptian historical texts are not the only one to record extremely long life and kingdom reigns and just as the Sumerians state that they did not develop their knowledge, but that it was given to them.

Just as the Incans told the Conquistadors “We did not build this. It was here long before us.”

Why is it that humans don’t know their true origins and why all the things they have discovered in Egypt and everywhere else have been kept away from us?

Because it would change every aspect of life here!


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Flying Objects Stir Inquiry By Pentagon | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957

Flying Objects Stir Inquiry By Pentagon - LA Mirror News 11-6-1957

     The Pentagon is “greatly concerned” about many reports of unidentified flying objects fitting about the country, and is “directing a very thorough investigation,” Col.Dean Hess, Air Force public information officer here, said this afternoon.
By LA The Mirror News

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Pursuit of UFOs Dangerous for Hynek | UFO CHRONICLE – 1966

Pursuit of UFOs Hard On Hynek - Chicago Daily News 4-2-1966

     The peril of pursuing Flying Saucers [UFOs] has come home to J. Allen Hynek, the distinguished Northwestern University astronomer with the pointed beard.
By Arthur J. Snider
Chicago Daily News

He has been denounced as a prevaricator, accused of cover-up and threatened with harm if he returns to Michigan.

The wave of belligerence is the outgrowth of his report a week ago that the flying saucer sightings there were produced by marsh gas.

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UFO Sighting in Pasadena, Texas on 2017-12-10 00:00:00 – Shiny orb like object

I was outside with my partner, her sister and niece doing yard work in the back yard. i had al ready taken multiple photos of “chemtrails” being left from many planes, when i noticed a shiny object in the northern sky. i was excited and asked if anyone else could sde what i was looking at. every one said yes. my partner suggest that i try and record it. i started recording, the sky was very clear except for the few chemtrails. i also took photos on my phone. the object is clearly seen in both the video and photos, and when you zoom in on the object it appears to be a disc shape. we observed the single object for about 3-4 minutes in which it hoovered and changed direction. the object just vanished. my niece was very excited about the object, even saying in the video “is that a star”. we continued watching the sky for a few hours but have not seen anything else appear.

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Gulf Breeze UFO Phenomenon – 30 Years Later

Gulf Breeze UFO Phenomenon – 30 Years Later
     Three decades after a Gulf Breeze building contractor released eerie photos of circular UFOs to local media and set off a year-long skywatching phenomenon, the so-called “Gulf Breeze Sightings” have become part of American lore.
By Troy Moon
Pensacola News Journal

Ed Walters claimed he shot the photos from his yard on Nov. 11, 1987. And now, even 30 years later, people are still divided on what really happened in Gulf Breeze in late 1987 through 1988.

Even the nation’s most legendary UFOlogist, fictional FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder from the 1990s hit series “X Files” weighed in on the Gulf Breeze sightings when it was revealed the character investigated the Panhandle sightings and wrote an essay on the phenomenon for Omni magazine.

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UFO Sighting in Québec City, Quebec on 2006-03-31 17:09:00 – Noticed “contrails” in the sky. took some photos. no aircraft are seen at the beginning of these “contrails”. then, in one of the photos where an “x” was formed by the contrails, you will notice a dark cylindrical object on the lower left of the image.

This is not the first time that i photograph strange objects in the sky. i will look for other photos that were taken in the ’90s and early 2000’s. this incident was in 2006. i did not immediately notice the object in the air until i downloaded my images onto my computer to take a closer look.

at night, a glowing star-like craft hovered in the evening sky. there are numerous of these in this area, usually with glowing lights from red to green and sometimes blue.

in the past, observations included seeing silver disk shapes in the sky in the areas of l’ange-gardien and gatineau, quebec.

on december 5, 2017, i went for x rays of my spine and in some of the images, there is a foreign rectangular object located on my right side near the breast and ribs. currently awaiting medical report to see if this mystery object will be mentioned in the report. i’ve attached a close-up of the object, and used the “emboss” filter in photoshop to show the contours.

i am using an alias name and email address if you would like to contact me, please email me at silverlynxstudio@gmail.Com

thank you.

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UFO Sighting in Vancouver, British Columbia on 2017-12-09 18:10:00 – While driving home from work i saw a string of red blue and white lights they appeared to be very close together they seemed lower than the surrounding mountains – same exact description as denver lights

I was on my way home from work.The time was about 6:15 pm.Traffic heading towards vancouver was heavier than normal.Something in the distance up in the sky caught my eye.It was a string of lights that appeared to be very close together.They were blue,red,white.They gave the appearance of belonging to one unit.They seemed to close together to be separate planes – especially given the fact that these were flying right over vancouver air space.Vancouver has a huge amount of air traffic through this area constantly.The description was exactly the same as given recently for the denver lights – supposed military convoy (over vancouver airspace in british columbia canada?).Due to a curve in the road and heavy traffic heading towards vancouver i did lose sight of the event.I would have pulled over had there been a safe place to do so. i could not tell if it was hovering or not.My only feeling upon seeing the object was that it seemed to be one object with a string of lights.

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Raw Chang’e 3 Photograph Shows Possible Humanoid Figure on Lunar Surface

China’s lunar rover Chang’e 3 operated by the China National Space Administration achieved lunar orbit on 6 December 2013 and landed on 14 December 2013 but there was much doubt whether the Chang’e 3 had landed on the moon’s surface or not.

On further investigation it not only looks like Chang’e 3 did land on the Lunar Surface after all but China’s rover also took many high quality photographs.

After a huge search Streetcap1 found raw photographs captured by the Chang’e 3 at which one photo stands out.

After watching the photo carefully, Streetcap1 realized that next to a big strangely shaped rock stands something that looks like a humanoid figure with arm, legs and a head.

I’m not sure what it is; it is quite possible that Streetcap1’s imagined perception of the humanoid figure is just a random pattern of another rock but indeed it don’t look natural.


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