Astronomical event called “The Star of Bethlehem” graces the predawn sky on November 13, 2017

Get ready for the most exciting sky event of 2017! A truly fascinating event occurs on November 13th. “The Star of Bethlehem” graces the predawn sky. They are the brightest celestial objects after the Sun and Moon. Venus and Jupiter are going to converge for a close jaw-dropping encounter. Astronomers […]

Science’s Next Frontier? It’s Civic Engagement

By Louise Lief Every day, it seems, brings more dispiriting news to the science world. The head of the Environmental Protection Agency is removing research scientists from the agency’s advisory boards and has forbidden some of them from speaking at conferences. The Government Accounting Office is investigating reports that the […]

With Just $1,000, Anyone Can Track Your Every Move

By now, most of us are probably used to the idea that large corporations track our preferences and activities every time we go online. It’s the price we pay for the custom, convenient experiences we seek on the internet. But tracking your activity online isn’t exclusive to high-flying FAANG companies. […]

BMW’s Self-Balancing Concept Motorcycle Is Straight Out of ‘Tron’

In the distant future, motorcycle riders will have no need of helmets or padded clothing. They also won’t need to put their feet on the ground when they stop. That’s because, according to BMW, the motorcycle of the future will balance itself and will help the driver avoid crashes. BMW, […]

UFO Sighting in Joshua Tree, California on 2017-11-04 14:18:00 – Hiking in joshua tree and took pictures. only noticed ufo when looking at pictures afterwards

On november 4, 2017 my wife, 2 friends and myself went to joshua tree for the first time and did a few hikes at the joshua tree national park. the picture/video that i have submitted was at “hidden valley”. during the hike we all were hiking and taking pictures using […]

UFO Sighting in Batumi, Adjara on 2017-09-26 18:10:00 – It was dot like group movement on the horizon

I was in the beach and viewinh the sea with my friend. suddenly, he noticed a movement on the horizon. first wi though that they’re dolphins. then we realize that the distance between us was more then 3-4 miles. if they where not the group of dolphins then nothing can […]