UFO Sighting in Kruševac, on 2016-11-21 01:20:00 – Can not be described as anything above !!!

Nlo je vidjen sa terase zgrade, dosao je sa desne strane, i to je bio sok celo vreme! imao je nedefinisane boje, oblik koji je bilo nemoguce odrediti, a nije imao nikakav zvuk! putanja je bila neshvatljiva ljudskom umu, kao i brzina … jednostavno je nemoguce recima opisati ono sto sam video, pokusao sam da rekonstruisem objekat, ali niko ne moze da mi pomogne jer nije bio prisutan, i ne moze da docara vizuelni i psiholoski momenat!

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UFO Report: “Subject: The Robertson Panel, 1953; A brief Summary”

By Francis L. Ridge, 24 March 2006
Quote from the report:
“The Robertson Panel first met formally on January 14, 1953 under the direction of Howard Percy Robertson. He was a physicist, a CIA employee and director of the Defense Department Weapons Evaluation Group.
Other panel members were respected scientists and military personnel who had worked on other classified military projects or studies. All were then skeptical of UFO reports, though to varying degrees:
Louis Alvarez, physicist (and later, a Nobel Prize winner)
Frederick C. Durant, missile expert
Samuel A. Goudsmit, Brookhaven National Laboratories physicist
Thornton Page, astrophysicist, deputy director of Johns Hopkins Operations Research Office.
Lloyd Berkner, physicist and J. Allen Hynek, astronomer, were associate panel members.
The Robertson Panel’s official report concluded that 90 percent of UFO sightings could be readily identified with meteorological, astronomical, or natural phenomena, and that the remaining 10 percent of UFO reports could, in all likelyhood, be similarly explained with detailed study. It was suggested that witnesses had misidentified bright stars and planets, meteors, auroras, mirages, atmospheric temperature inversions, and lenticular clouds; other sightings were judged as likely misinterpretation of conventional aircraft, weather balloons, birds, searchlights, kites, and other phenomena.
Furthermore, the Panel suggested the Air Force should begin a ‘debunking’ effort to reduce ‘public gullibility’ and demystify UFO reports. The panel suggested a public relations campaign, using psychiatrists, astronomers and assorted celebrities to significantly reduce public interest in UFOs. It was also recommended that the mass media be used for the debunking, including influential media giants like Walt Disney Corporation.
Their formal recommendation stated ‘That the national security agencies take immediate steps to strip the Unidentified Flying Objects of the special status they have been given and the aura of mystery they have unfortunately acquired.’ ”


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Plasmoid Anomalies – A camouflaged life form in our skies

Plasmoid Anomalies Study Group is a research channel and their key steps for systematically observing Plasmoid anomalies are:

1. Infrared or short radio waves (radar) spotting.
2. The use of very high optical magnification able to resolve distant object details.
3. Direct signaling to the anomalies spotted. Anomalies will change behavior and body geometry in response to “smart” signals.

In the same way that stars are masked by the sky scattering of visible light in daylight many small objects in the atmosphere are also masked.

This masking effect is lower in the infrared portion of the spectrum and even lower in the short radio wave portion, so the detection of small objects in the atmosphere is more effective in the infrared or in the short radio wave (radar) portion of the spectrum than in visible light.

Adaptive/dynamic camouflage is used by cephalopods in marine environments but Anomalies are the real kings of camouflage.

Some anomalies respond with flares to direct light signals in daylight or at night showing with that clearly their anomalous character. Some anomalies had responded by morphing into digit shapes correlated to the signals sent to them.

The observational data available on plasmoid anomalies and recent research results on the physics of complex plasmas strongly suggest that some plasmoid anomalies could be plasma based life forms, but more comprehensive studies are needed according to the Study Group.


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There is a huge ‘monolith’ on Phobos, one of Mars’s moons

There is a huge ‘monolith’ on Phobos, one of Mars’s moons

The mysterious object was spotted several years ago by a NASA probe, and to this day nobody is quite sure what it is or how it got there.

“When people find out about that they are going to say, ‘Who put that there? Who put that there?’”

These are the words of Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, in 2009. He was talking about a peculiar and solitary large rock, a monolith, that sits on the surface of the Martian moon Phobos.

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Russian soldiers zapped by aliens after shooting down UFO, declassified CIA report claims

Russian soldiers zapped by aliens after shooting down UFO, declassified CIA report claims

RUSSIAN military shot down a UFO before they were attacked and killed by the surviving aliens, it is sensationally claimed in a declassified CIA report.

The shocking report, which includes claims that 23 soldiers were turned into stone by the aliens in the UFO after they transformed into a ball of light, was buried among thousands of declassified files published online by the US intelligence agency.

The report in question, created on March 27 1993, is a translation by the CIA of a report from the Ukrainian newspaper Ternopil vechirniy.

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Missouri ranks high in UFO sightings

Missouri ranks high in UFO sightings

In recent years, the state of Missouri has embarked on an aggressive tourism campaign, designed to attract visitors from surrounding areas. Some of those visitors may even be from other galaxies.

Since 1950, Missouri is fourteenth in the highest number of sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), with 2,114 reports to the National UFO Reporting Center. Among the eight states bordering Missouri, only Illinois has more.

The statistics were revealed in the most extensive release of government UFO files to date.

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The “Toronto Blessing” and the Kundalini Awakening

This 2002 dissertation is publicly accessible and, for those who wonder about the NAR and its relation to the “Toronto Blessing,” is essential reading:


Note the question mark at the end of the title.

Here’s part of the abstract (emphasis added):

Although Charismatics claim that the Toronto Blessing has a sound biblical foundation, no evidence to support this claim has been found. However, striking similarities are found between the manifestations of the Toronto Blessing and the techniques used in the ‘Kundalini awakening’ for the transference of energy. Finally, the major findings of this study support the conclusion that the Toronto Blessing is largely the result of psychological techniques. The possibility of Godly (sic) intervention is not totally excluded, but caution is urged, so as to be aware of extraneous factors that create similar manifestations. While it is agreed that the Toronto Blessing can be seen as an expression of spirituality in a broad sense, nevertheless it cannot be viewed as an expression of Christian spirituality in the Charismatic Movement.

For those unfamiliar with the “Kundalini Awakening,” it’s not something good, at least if one is thinking in any Christian sense. As one site that endorses the idea says, “Kundalini is often described as a dormant serpent energy coiled up at the base of the spine. . . . [continuing with a quotation]: ‘It is said that the serpent is Shakti, a goddess that is legendary for having created all that is. One of two protagonists in a sort of “big bang” origin story, inspired by her longing to be one with Lord Shiva, the other protagonist’.”

You get the idea. Read the rest of the link for more of that sort of thing. Read the dissertation for the “striking similarities” between this quite pagan approach to spirituality and the “Toronto Blessing.”

The above document, as noted, is a doctoral dissertation. For something a lot shorter, though not reviewed by peer scholars, there’s this:

KUNDALINI ENERGY: Yoga’s Power, Influence, and Occult Phenomena in the Church

I’ve long thought (and occasionally said) that what passes for Holy Spirit empowerment in lots of charismatic churches and contexts isn’t. I’ve been into paranormal research long enough to know that the same sorts of things (“slain in the Spirit”; ecstatic tongues, altered states of consciousness that produce visions – see this list of Kundalini effects) can be found in occult religions and practices, the product of either self-inducement, drugs, or evil spirits. Self inducement through various “spiritual” (meditative) disciplines or trauma (physical or psychological) seems like the most prominent category. In any event, we’re not talking about gifts of the Spirit.

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UFO Sighting in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on 2017-11-04 18:30:00 – Non-descript black ball no light reflection or emission moving northeast

1. at work/cart pushing
2. observing sunset
3. plane, bird, helicopter, drone
4. no features of the above matched, no lights whatsoever or reflections of any kind moving sw to ne, no sounds to suggest common aircraft.
5. first “wtf is that”, then “oh wow that’s new”, then simply watched it fly out of sight
6. went behind glare of security lights and over work building

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UFO Sighting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 2017-10-26 16:06:00 – Cook selfie on tour and saw on pic afterwards

I was on philadelphia on the hop and off double decker bus tour took a selfie and saw on the pictute aftetwards the flying objet on the sky behind us.Know that there is à nasa base n’est philadelphia at greenbelt park would this bé the explanation?Are we the only ones that witnessed this?

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UFO Sighting in Burlington Township, New Jersey on 2017-11-04 00:00:00 – Captured a total of three white fast moving objects with my drone.

I was flying my drone at a local lake about a mile from my house videotaping the fall foliage. i did not see the objects until i got home and reviewed my video tape. there are a total of three high speed unknown objects flying under and to the left of my drone. all three incidents were at different time frames. the first was noticed at the 52 second mark and the other two at the 11:35 and 11:40 mark. the file size is to large to upload to your site so i will attach an clip from the 52 second mark. all three objects are moving in straight lines. the later two are parallel to each other about 5 seconds apart.

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