Google Books: Focus On Project SIGN’s 12 November 1948 Meeting In Washington, D.C.

Source: UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry term: November 12 1948 UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry) Related posts: ( image)

Newsweek special edition covers UFOs and the search for aliens in a positive light

Newsweek recently released a special edition magazine titled Life Beyond Earth? The Mission to Find the Answer, and while one might expect it to be dominated by stories about NASA’s search for extraterrestrial microbes, or the SETI Institutes search for extraterrestrial radio signals, instead it is full of information about […]

Daily UFO Headlines 10/20/2017

My Experience Photographing UFOs – The Post-Journal Investigating the paranormal – The Courier Why haven’t we had alien contact? Blame icy ocean worlds – Science NASA Study Makes Search For Exoplanet Life Easier By Studying Water Vapor – International Business Times Planet outside our solar system may contain life – […]

‘Lights-Out’ Manufacturing Hits Main Street

Robots toiling day and night assembling widgets and thingamabobs in pitch-black warehouses isn’t some mustache-twirling industrialist tycoon’s fantasy. It’s here, it’s the future of manufacturing, and it’s not just the multinational conglomerates that stand to benefit from the robot labor revolution. Main Street will, too. Voodoo Manufacturing, a small 3D […]

JAXA discovers 50 km cavern beneath the Moon’s surface – Artificially or natural created?

The Japanese space agency JAXA has announced the discovery of a cave hidden beneath the lunar surface.  Illustration of an opening/cavern. Using a radar sounder system that can examine underground structures, the orbiter initially found an opening 50 meters wide and 50 meters deep. The enormous cavern in the Marius […]

Girl Scouts Think Like Citizen Scientists

By Sharon Karasick Girl Scouts are encouraged to try all sorts of new things in their scouting experience, a commitment reflected in their new motto: ”When she’s a Girl Scout, she’s also a G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™.  While many troops still embrace the traditional three c’s of crafts, camping, […]

Beluga Living with Dolphins Swaps Her Calls for Theirs

In November 2013, a four-year-old captive beluga whale moved to a new home. She had been living in a facility with other belugas. But in her new pool, the Koktebel dolphinarium in Crimea, her only companions were dolphins. The whale adapted quickly: she started imitating the unique whistles of the dolphins, and stopped […]

New Zealand Songbirds Attack Rivals That Sing Pretty Songs

Birds are territorial creatures, and they’ll passionately defend their chosen area from unwanted intrusions. For some songbirds, it doesn’t even take a physical breach to draw their ire — if you’re a lovely singer, they’ll attack. New Zealand’s tui songbirds certainly aren’t doing the “jealous performer” stereotype any good. Males of […]