UFO Sighting in Hendersonville, North Carolina on 2017-08-12 00:00:00 – I observed 2 different size & shaped objects, high in the sky, one was longer then a battleship.

My wife & i were on vacation in the outer banks, nc riding in an open truck to view the wild horses on the beach, the truck stopped, we were told to buckle up, as the ride on sand might get bumpy. during the stop, i observed what at first, thought was an oddly shaped dark looking cloud, i say odd, because the whole sky, for as long as i could see, was perfectly beautiful, but this long, square, object, had straight lines, on several of it’s sides, i immediately told my wife, who took a quick look, but was more interested in seeing horses. as the tour trucks engine starts up again, i looked up at it and saw yet another object, which was different in size and shape, towards the upper middle of the photo, the first one is towards the right upper area, i was thinking, ” what is going on,” ? i decided to take a photo and wanted to get both of what i thought was something, other then white clouds and blue sky. the first long square looking object i’d say, rough estimate, somewhere in the area of 3-4000 ft long, sorry if that sounds crazy, the second other one, i have no idea, i am assuming it’s quite large as, given the fact that i can plainly see it up in the sky. the first object, was moving upwards but straight into the clouds, i can’t explain it’s movements, i used a nikon coolpix 12 mb camera to take the shot as my other 16 mb sony was better suited for closeup shots. in my line of work, i am trained to spot inconsistencies, and these two objects, as we say, ”jdlr,” just don’t look right. another interesting thing about the first object, it kind of looked as though it blended or attempted to blend in with the surrounding clouds but, it was not only considerable darker, but also had straight lines and there were no trailings coming from the rear, i cannot fathom, it’s size, for the briefest of moments, as it was entering the clouds, i thought i saw what looked like something roundish on the bottom, the photo i took, shows something. i am including 4 photos, the original one, on back of the truck and the other 3 are of what i tried to enlarge, just to give you a better idea, of what i saw. i am not claiming ufo’s, at closer inspection, it was something. i lost sight of both objects, when the truck began moving down the beach, though, i kept trying to see, under the awning, for as long as i could.

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UFO Sighting in Aberdeen, Maryland on 2009-10-09 23:01:00 – Beam of light witnessed outside while these spinning circles floated above me and daughter while in bed.Causing me to fall into a sleep,

October 9th 2009 around 11pm, me and my 2 year old daughter were asleep in my bed and i was awoken by something. i saw what looked like circles or hoops spinning within each other. its hard to describe but some circles spun in one direction while the others spun in the opposite direction creating an effect like spokes on a bike wheel as it spins…It looked like dashes as they spun crossing each other.It had a glow to it and i think i remember a hum coming from it. it was hovering above my daughter. i remember reaching up to touch it but as soon as i did, i suddenly fell into a deep sleep. at the same time, 3 people were outside witnessing a light beam, which they described as a flashlight beam shooting down in our back yard but the light never touched the ground and no source was seen nor any sound was heard. days later she spoke of her “little alien friends” and mentioned the name galaca. now as a 9 year old she had a memory surface of that night. she said she was sitting on a floor, bound by a sticky substance that resembled spaghetti. she said she saw short creatures some grey some green. they were speaking among themselves in a nonsense language, she says. and they were observing her closely. i dont know if i was taken as well but i did have a flashback where i was laying on a table looking up. i drew a picture of what i saw. it was a silver shiny web shaped curved ceiling with small holes. behind it a purple, red and green glow of colors shone thru the holes. and hanging from it was a black claw.

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The Mechanics of Dolphin Sex: All The Dirty Details You Need To Know

Perhaps the hardest part about studying marine mammal reproductive anatomy using organs collected from deceased animals is that they can’t get an erection the easy way.

Reinflating human penises postmortem is a relatively trivial feat, says Diane Kelly, a research assistant professor at University of Massachusetts and penis inflation expert. Like most mammals, human penises are mostly fleshy, with lots of vascular space for blood to flow into to make the flaccid structure rigid with t

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Unacknowledged Aviation – Early Stealth Concepts Revealed

This article highlights three previously unknown military aircraft programs that originated in the early 1970s. Two of these programs utilized elements of stealth technology, which have been incorporated into modern low-observable aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. The third program brings to light a single-seat high-performance attack aircraft that used swing wings and angled sides to reduce its radar cross section (RCS). The drawings included in this article are based on original sketches provided by the senior project design engineers who worked on the programs. Although these historically significant aircraft programs were never built, they were officially funded by the U.S. government and are presented here to the general public for the very first time.

Model of the “Silent Night” stealth concept. (Credit: Michael Schratt/Open Minds Magazine)

Silent Night

During the early years of the Vietnam War, American forces, flying F-4, F-100, and F-105 fighter/bomber aircraft, were experiencing heavy losses due to Soviet surface-to-air-missile sites and anti-aircraft artillery. In an effort to reverse this deadly trend, the Office of Naval Research proposed a feasibility research study to explore a low-RCS “stealth” attack aircraft that could neutralize these threats. The aircraft was specifically designed to address four important areas of stealth, which included, radar, infrared, acoustic, and visual. The government-funded program ran from 1971 to 1973. In February 1972, North American Aviation submitted a proposal for a naval attack aircraft referred to as “Silent Night.” The craft featured a tailless flying-wing configuration and a crew of two. The pilots sat side-by-side, although later variants included tandem seating. An asymmetrical canopy widow helped the weapons officer to identify targets.. Provisions for carrier operations included folding wings and a standard tail-hook with a pop up dorsal fin for directional stability.

To reduce the RCS, the Silent Night’s four-foot diameter twin-pack turbo-shaft-driven ducted fan engine was buried deep inside the body of the craft, with a single air-intake overhead. The craft featured tricycle landing gear, with provisions for either two AGM-65 Maverick surface-to-air missiles, or two AGM-78 standard anti-radiation missiles. A single Ka band mapping radar was located in its nose, which fed data to a 5” by 7” CRT screen. Silent Night had a wingspan of 70.71 feet and an overall length of 45.46 feet. Enthusiasts who follow the development of stealth aircraft will recall that Lockheed’s “Have Blue” prototype made its first flight on December 1, 1977 at Area-51. Although Silent Night was never built, North American Aviation’s concept predates Lockheed’s prototype by approximately three years, making it one of the very first government-funded stealth aircraft programs.

Click to enlarge. (Credit: Michael Schratt/Open Minds Magazine)

Flying Banana

The so-called “Flying Banana” was one of the first stealth aircraft programs to utilize smooth contouring along with twin-canted vertical stabilizers. The craft featured tricycle landing gear and a twin-pack turbo-shaft-driven four-foot diameter ducted fan for propulsion. Wing control surfaces were designed to be smoothly deflecting and seamless by the use of piezo-electric actuators. Use of off-the-shelf components to keeps costs down included a canopy from a Fury jet aircraft. The Flying Banana featured a wing span of 40 feet, and a length of 38 feet. The mission for the Flying Banana was defined as “low observable light attack” with an internal weapons bay.

Click to enlarge. (Credit: Michael Schratt/Open Minds Magazine)

Surprise Fighter

The “Surprise Fighter” was designed so that the wings could fold completely under the fuselage, like a stealth missile. In this configuration, lift for high speed flight (subsonic .95 Mach number) was provided by the shape of the fuselage. The craft featured a single overhead air-intake that fed a modified turbofan engine by way of an S-shaped duct. The flat-plate fuselage sides were angled in at 10 degrees to reduce the RCS. To reduce the infrared signature of the craft, an infrared suppression system was used, along with the mixing of outside cold air with the exhaust. A specially configured diffuser was used inside the exhaust port to prevent enemy radar from seeing the turbine blades from behind. The specific mission for the Surprise Fighter is still classified to this day, as are the RCS pole testing results per comments made by the senior project design engineer.

Click to enlarge. (Credit: Michael Schratt/Open Minds Magazine)

(Due to the classification level of stealth technology during the early 1970s, very little additional technical information regarding payload and range was available for the Flying Banana and Surprise Fighter programs. A detailed Freedom of Information Act request dated October 13, 2010 to the Office of Naval Research has gone unanswered as of this magazine’s publication date.)

This article originally appeared in Issue 6 of Open Minds Magazine. This issue is out of print.


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Daily UFO Headlines 10/10/2017

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We Learned A Lot from Whale Snot

While the SnotBot drone has been highly publicized for its aerial maneuvers over blowholes, its expeditions have yet to showcase some hard data about whales. But there’s another whale snot-gathering team out there using drones—and they’ve turned those misty explosions into some interesting biological data about whales.

After collecting humpback whale blow—the moist breath you see shoot into the air when a whale exhales—from two healthy populations, scientists found the creatures have a sh

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Meet the Comb Jelly, the Sister Species of All Animals

In the debate over what the first animal was, it comes down to sponge vs. jelly.

And in recent years, researchers worked to settle the score in scientific journals, publishing competing genetic analyses that purport to show either one or the other was the first to diverge from our last common ancestor. This would make it a sister lineage to all other animals, and enshrine it as our most distant relative in the Animal Kingdom.

The most recent salvo, published Monday in Nature Ecology &a

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The Secret Ingredient in Both Meat and Bread: The Maillard Reaction

Guest post by Steven Du

The flavor reaction. What makes bread crust brown and tasty? What makes the smell of searing meat so savory and delicious? How can grill marks and black crust on meats supply such a flavor punch?

Three words: the Maillard reaction.  This simple reaction creates thousands of flavonoids that impart food with flavors that make us come back for more every time. The essential components of the Maillard reaction are protein and sugars that lead to flavonoids that make

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The Phantom Time Hypothesis: Currently we are living in the year 1720!

In 1986, German historian Heribert Illig started developing the Phantom Time Hypothesis. Illig claims that he has archaeological evidence that can prove that the years AD 614 – 911 do not actually exist and the Gregorian calendar is nothing but a lie.

According to Illig, the three world rulers, the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III, Pope Sylvester II, and the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII entered into a conspiracy to change the Anno Domini dating system retrospectively, so that it placed them at the special year of AD 1000, and to rewrite history to legitimize Otto’s claim to the Holy Roman Empire.

Heribert Illig believed that this was achieved through the alteration, misrepresentation, and forgery of documentary and physical evidence.

Could Illig’s theory be true? Could we be living in the 18th Century?


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