UFO Sighting in Springfield, Missouri on 2017-10-10 02:08:00 – Yellow-orange light pulsing on and off at 10-second intervals seen in sky

Got off work at 2am, and went out to my car. being an avid skywatcher, i was looking around, and noticed a light pulsing regularly in the sky. it remained stationary, and cycled a yellow-orange light on and off, fading in and out, for about a minute before disappearing. not sure if it stopped or was hidden by clouds, but i know it wasn’t aircraft lights, even though it was followed 10 minutes later by an airplane. i attempted to video it, but only having a cellphone, the usefulness is dubious. phone will not let me upload on your site, please contact me for file.

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UFO Sighting in Kalaheo, Hawaii on 2017-10-09 04:05:00 – Object hovered in place, then moved south just above horizon, increased in size, then disappeared.

a friend of mine called me at four in the morning. he is on eastern time, six hours ahead of us, and didn’t realize it was 4am for me. i walked outside,so i wouldn’t wake my wife. as we talked, i looked straight up noticing the moon and how bright it was. then, as i lowered my head i noticed this bright object way off, like a star, but much brighter. i could see two nearby stars to use as reference points. the object was very bright and had a symmetrically shaped bright swirl on both sides of it, a mirror image of each other. the object as well as the aura surrounding it moved south in the sky maintaining its size and shape the whole time. i ran inside and brought my wife outside to see it. as we watched it, it continued to move south, and grew in size getting much bigger than it originally was, yet maintaining its shape perfectly. it finally began to fade in brightness and eventually just disappeared completely, before leaving our line of site. while i watched the object i took two pictures. one at normal focus, and then i zoomed in and took another shot.

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UFO Sighting in Brooklyn, New York on 2017-10-10 00:00:00 – Two bright lights on a circular shaped ufo, lights went out then ufo disappeared completely in thin air

I was looking out my windo when i saw two bright lights that did not look like any plane lights in the air that i have ever seen. these lights were beaming and straight in direction. the aparatus they were attached to was hovering and then the loghts went out one by one, and the ship dissappeared into thin air. i first noticed the object when i looked out my window. i told my mom “mom i think this is a ufo!” as soon as i looked back out the window, the beams shut off and the object disappeared. i was amazed.

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UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on 2017-10-09 20:00:00 – We sit outside when it’s dark and we see these star like orbs at first looks like a satellite but then it wobbles right to left turns direction then fades away. been noticing them the past two months over calgary alberta canada

I was outside in the front yard having a cigarette with my wife.

my wife noticed a closer, brighter object in the sky than the previous sightings we have seen.

we obviously thought it was an airplane as usual.

then we noticed no flashing lights just a bright light moving from west to east turned south eastward. it moved at the same speed wobbling right to left, got smaller then fading away. then we observed another object that looks like a star as we have seen before. same movements moving from north to south then disappearing. right after we saw the third object but from south going north then fading away. we have been seeing these objects in the sky the past three months. same object, movements but different areas in the sky.

we felt excited and amazed when we see them. not knowing what it is, we are confused. doesn’t move like a satellite. too slow for a shooting star. too high and bright to be an airplane. i felt to let you guys know about it to see if anyone else sees them.

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Daily UFO Headlines 10/9/2017

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Dirty Birds Are Refining Climate Models

Enterprising researchers working at the Field Museum in Chicago dusted off a collection of Horned Larks to get a better look at the dirt trapped in their wings.

That’s because these birds, some more than a century in age, together form a unique, physical record of industrial-era air pollution. Using soot that billowed from smokestacks and onto feathers during the factory boom, two University of Chicago graduate students updated estimates of atmospheric soot levels in the early 20th centur

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What is Christian Middle Earth? A Brief Explanation

I’ve given my theory of Christian Middle Earth (CME) so many times that I can’t remember who’s heard it and who hasn’t. So I thought a post on it was long overdue.

In over-simplified terms, Christian Middle Earth is that realm between actual biblical scholars (people with real credentials who write for peer review — and mostly write for themselves) and the largest realm, the local church, where serious biblical content is like a Bigfoot sighting. CME is home to the prophecy teaching circuit (think John Hagee or Jonathan Cahn, or Planet X nonsense), charismania (think Bill Johnson or Benny Hinn), Christian conspiracy talk (aliens, nephilim, and UFOs are part of the end times; the Catholic church is hooked up with the Illuminati), Bible codes, Christians who believe in a flat or hollow earth, etc., etc.

Christian Middle Earth has a lot that’s wrong with it. Three-quarters of what gets taught there doesn’t have a prayer of being correct. But it has one important thing going for it. It’s filled with Christians who desperately want content — so much so that they venture out to teach themselves via the Internet and YouTube. They haven’t quite the faith or trying to learn Scripture. CME is all they know since the real scholars aren’t producing material for them in a deliberate way. I admire them, but CME is often soul-crushing for a scholar.

I first coined the metaphor and spelled out the theory on Canary Cry Radio, hosted by CME “traffic cops” Gonz and Basil. Here’s a 12-minute audio segment (MP3) from that episode that helps explain the metaphor. Enjoy!

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The controversial video was posted to Facebook yesterday and in a very short period, it was viewed and shared thousands of times. According to the uploader, the video was shot this month in Arizona and the comment section proves one thing: people are alarmed about what implications the presence of this plasma entity might have.

The video shows an undisclosed neighborhood in Arizona on an overcast day when suddenly, a streak of electric blue light is seen ascending through the clouds.


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Photographer caught strange orb with sparkling structure inside it over Ambach, Germany

Photographer took an image of a strange orb with a sparkling shimmering structure inside it, over Ambach in Germany.

He took several other images at the same time and checked them to see if the object was dirt on lens or a reflection of the sun, lens flare, but nothing was to see in all the images except the one showing the orb with its interior structure of some sort.

The photographer who took the image with his Samsung Galaxy a5 on October 2, 2017 stated that he has never seen such a thing before and wonders whether someone maybe have already seen such a phenomenon in the sky or not. Mufon case file 87225.

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Scientists Probing UFO Mystery | UFO CHRONICLE – 1967

Scientists Probing UFO Mystery - Morning Call (Allentown Pennsylvania 7-23-1967)

     … Dr Edward Condon, physicist, is in a sense looking for UFOs. He heads a team of scientists investigating reports of UFOs, which some persons believe are visitors from distant planets….
The Morning Call

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