Argentina and Possible Arizona, Cattle Mutilations

On October 3rd, 2017, Mysterious Universe website published an article ” Argentine Rancher Believes Aliens Mutilated His Cattle”. Thanks to Paul Seaburn with Mysterious Universe who published information on the latest mutilation out of Argentina, and thanks again for also mentioning me, my sister Debbie, and the 37th Parallel book within his article.

The following info is from a link posted on that article.  Mysterious Universe article link is located at the end of this blog.

General San Martin Mute

(Picture courtesy, Ala Arena Publications, via Mysterious Universe website)

General San Martin Partido, Gran Buenos Aires Province, Argentina:

Ala Arena News Publication: (Google Translation)
(General San Martín) – Another animal appeared mutilated over the weekend, in this case in a field near the town of General San Martin, property of Julio Zurbrigk who considered that the authors are not terrestrial. The cattle, a black Aberdeen Angus cow, with particular characteristics, was found on the weekend in a rural settlement about 15 kilometers south of the village by the owner of the field. According to Zurbrigk, the animal lacked the back organs, the tongue, the eyes, the jaws and presented perfect cuts cauterized.

The article went on to state the Aberdeen Angus was pregnant and in perfect health, and the fetus was found inside the womb, untouched. The animal also appeared to have been dropped, and a similar mutilation had occurred 20 years earlier with no conclusions. The rancher also stated, “There is no doubt that these are extraterrestrial beings. “

Animal mutilations have been occurring all around the planet, not just in Argentina and the USA. I’ve personally seen reports from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Canada, UK, Peru, and reports of human mutilations as well. This is a world-wide phenomenon, which means not one particular person, persons, or government is responsible. So who is responsible? Julio Zurbrigk of Argentina says, Aliens.

Possible Arizona Cattle Mutilation:

Obviously I can’t know about every mutilation occurring in the US, nor can I personally investigate them, so it really helps out when people visit this website and inform me of possible mutes in their area. One such case happened around the first week of June, 2017, outside the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Mutilation Case:

I received this email:
>Hello, I have a couple of pictures taken in phx az, of a cow I came across that may or may not be of interest. I’d like to send them in if you are interested in taking a look. Please inform me if you’re interested and I’d be more than happy to send them in to get your take. Thank you…. Ish Castro

Of course I said, yes, please send me the pictures.

June 2017 Phoenix Mute case

Lower Jaw completely removed.

June 2017 mute case

Right side of ear removed.

2017 Phoenix mute case

Udder removed.

Ish Castro wrote, there were no obvious signs of cause of death, and there were no signs of massive amounts of blood pooling, except some pooling inside the jaw area. There was no human evidence either, like foot prints or vehicle tracks nearby. One thing that Ish found intriguing was, he could find no cow tracks leading up to the carcass. He also stated, he could find no tracks nearby. It looked as though the animal carcass was placed there.

June 2017 cow muteMap drawing sent by Ish Castro, location was near Maricopa Rd/aka Mobile road.

Upon looking at the pictures in detail, it appears to be a female Limousin breed, about one thousand pounds. There is evidence of scavenger damage, but the carcass damage especially around the jaw area and the missing ear, is a little unusual. Usually if a carcass is ripped apart by scavengers, bone and hide debris are nearby, and none were seen. I emailed the pictures to a rancher who had multiple mutilations in the past for him to critique, and this is what he said.

Even though the facial wounds show ripping, the amount of carnage isn’t normal compared with what he’s seen in the past with natural deaths. He said scavengers will chew the flesh around the jaw line where blood accumulates, but not usually rip the jaw bone out. If that does occur due to a large animal like a bear or wolf, then there is carnage evidence nearby the carcass. (Ish found none.)

Missing flesh around the jaw area, missing ears, and removing the udders, is very common with cattle mutilation cases. Since all we had were pictures to look at and Ish Castro’s personal observation, both rancher and I think this could be a possible mutilation case, with altered wounds by scavengers.

Animal mutilation events are extremely difficult to investigate. To do a proper investigation, I would need to be at the carcass within 32 hours of the animals death. That means the rancher has to know for a fact that particular animal he or she finds dead with the unusual cut marks, was last seen alive the day before. The other issue is who to call? Most of the time when a rancher finds an animal dead under extreme unusual circumstances, they’ll contact local law enforcement. Animal Cruelty is a major concern with ranchers, and their first thought would be human caused. When law enforcement arrives and investigates the dead animal and finds no human evidence or cause of death, then both the rancher and the law enforcement person, are completely perplexed. What to do next?

Well I’ve done enough animal mutilation cases in the Walsenburg/Trinidad Colorado area, that some of the ranchers know me, and if a fellow rancher contacts one of them about a possible mutilation case, then they’ll contact me. Most of the time I hear about the mutilation cases within days of the animal’s death, not hours. With cases like the one presented by Ish Castro from outside my state, the best I can do is interview the witness, critique the pictures, and if need be, send them off for a second opinion. In this Arizona case, the rancher and I both give it a 50/50 possibility it was an actual mutilation based on the information given to us.

I’d like to thank Ish Castro for taking the time to report this case to the UFOnut website, which then gives me an opportunity to share this information with you.


Link to Ala Arena Translated web page, courtesy Mysterious Universe:

Ala Arena Cattle Mutilation Article

Link to Mysterious Universe’s article on Argentine Mutilation:

Mysterious Universe

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