Bizarre Rock Wall In China Lays ‘Eggs’ Every 30 Years And Scientists Still Don’t Know Why

As much as science has helped us to understand our natural world, there are still plenty of anomalies it cannot explain. When confronted with some of nature’s most bizarre creations, even the most knowledgeable experts can sometimes be left scratching their heads. This is certainly the case with one rock […]

30 Years Ago, A Diver Discovered Something That Changed The Course Of Human History

Though it’s only about the size as New Jersey, Israel is rich with history and religious significance. It’s so historically significant, in fact, that several of its wonders are still being discovered. In 1984, a marine archaeologist was diving in the Levantine Sea off of the coast of Israel when he found […]

Roswell alien autopsy: A summary of the truth behind the video that shocked the world

It was 1993 when I was first contacted by London businessman Ray Santilli. It was l995 when Santilli’s controversial ‘Alien Autopsy Film’ was released around the world. I have covered events surrounding this film in many publications around the world and in my new book ‘ROSWELL ALIEN AUTOPSY – The […]

Dinosaur Brain Unearthed For The First Time Ever

A little, brown rock from the beaches of England has now turned out to be a find for the ages. We’ve completely reconstructed their skeletons and, at least in the movies, brought them back from extinction, but we’ve never unearthed a single dinosaur brain — until now. University of Cambridge […]

Dinosaur ‘Mummy’ Unveiled With Skin And Guts Intact

This isn’t merely a fossil, but an actual dinosaur itself, frozen in time. You can’t even see its bones, yet scientists are hailing it as perhaps the best-preserved dinosaur specimen ever unearthed. That’s because, 110 million years later, those bones remain covered by the creature’s intact skin and armor. Indeed, […]

Nobel Prize for Physics awarded to team who found gravitational waves – ripples in the fabric of spacetime

The team who discovered gravitational waves – ripples in space and time – have been awarded the Nobel Prize of Physics. The waves were predicted by Einstein in his General Theory of relativity, but were not recorded for more than 100 years. They were finally spotted in 2016 by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave […]

Who is this woman in striped colorful top looking at the Curiosity Mars Rover?

While checking Mars images captured by the Curiosity Mars Rover, Streetcap1 spotted a strange figure that looks like a woman in a striped colorful top crouched down looking at the Rover. As it is not the first time that human-like figures have been spotted on the surface of Mars we […]