Alien Encounter in San Juan Capistrano, California on 2015-01-12 00:00:00 – Gray elongated skull apparitions

On january 11, 2015 i stayed up all night listening to music. seemed like the music was communicating with me. saw weird black helicopter landed in my neighborhood which doesn’t make sense but maybe it was holographic. rested until morning when i woke up to two floating great elongated skull apparitions. it seemed that one was male and the other female. the female had a wand and said,”don’t tell me to shut up!” in a high pitched voice. at the time i had been struggling with hearing irritating voices and had told them to shut up. she blocked her wand at me. when i got out of bed the outside had changed. everything was misty and seemed to be floating. i freaked out and went to the hospital where i encountered a strange sense of deja vu and fear of being shot. i saw a holographic dome shaped ufo with a holographic bust inside. it was looking at me.

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UFO Sighting in Gordo, Alabama on 2017-10-02 20:30:00 – 2 objects would become bright and dim ( like signaling) while flying and hovering.

My husband and i witnessed 2 objects that looked star-like become very bright for a few moments before dimming again in the northern sky. we witnessed this for 2 hours as they stayed in the same general area. they would dim out whenever airplanes were in the area. they had no sound and left no trail. one emitted a blue/white light while the other was more red in color. they hovered and changed directions very quickly before coming to an abrupt halt. one became as bright as the moon before fading in brightness again. they also would quickly flash their light before (turning them off). we first noticed the objects while riding in the car on our way home. when we got home we walked to our lake in the backyard to get a better looked at the sky. again we could see the objects. the brightness from one of the objects is what caught our attention. we don’t know what they are but we know they are not airplanes or helicopters. o were very curious about the incident. i had a similar incident happen a few nights ago also in the northern sky except that incident they stayed lite up for long periods of time and only dimmed out when airplanes approached. they moved quickly in all directions; something i know an airplane can not do. the lights were continus until dimmed but never blinking. we tried to take a video but our cameras could not pick up the lights. the objects eventually moved out of sight below the horizon on both occasions.

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UFO Sighting in Indiana on 2017-10-02 20:00:00 – Stationary objects. definitely not starts. you can see the lights…

If you want to see them for yourself just email me. i’ve filled these out before but no one on here takes me seriously. i do not believe they are alien craft at this point. they are too consistent for our military to just ignore them. my guess is that they are secret military craft. but i would like some kind of answers. they have been around for a long time. and they definitely are not planes. i’m a military brat and i know what planes look like. i do have a couple of crappy videos i took. it would be nice if someone took me seriously besides the people who i’ve shown them too. once you see them, you will always see them.

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The Annual 9/11 ‘Tribute in Light’ Really Messes With the Birds

For one night every year, 88 Manhattan searchlights beam two columns of light toward the heavens. These “phantom towers,” known as the Tribute in Light, are an annual reminder of the thousands who died in the 2001 terrorist attacks.

But these ethereal lights are also a beacon for migrating birds.

Like bugs to a streetlight, they’re drawn in from far off paths. The birds — warblers and cuckoos and scarlet tanagers and Baltimore orioles and many more — circle endlessly, expending much ne

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Brazil’s Moon Tree Warrior

On a warm, windy August day in 1981, a crowd gathered at the fairgrounds in Santa Rosa for the final event of the soybean fair that’s held every other year in the small city in southern Brazil.

Schools had let out so local students could attend, along with curious fairgoers and a collection of bigwigs whose rank rose all the way up to João Figueiredo, then the president of Brazil. Speeches were made, the national anthem played, and then, around 1 p.m., a small tree was planted to symboliz

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Daily UFO Headlines 10/2/2017

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New Gesture Control Tech Works With Any Object — Even Pets

Take a look at the objects around you. Using a new gesture control technology, any one of those items—even your pets—could control your television. The remote will never be lost again!

Researchers from England’s Lancaster University have developed a new technology called Matchpoint, according to a news release, which uses a webcam to sync movement with a TV screen. Each action, whether it’s changing the volume, channel or menu, is paired with a unique movement and object— they call the pr

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Hunter’s Camera caught Angelic Entity in remote area of northern Canada

I didn’t witness this myself as I am submitting this for a friend. He and his father were hunting in a remote area of northern Canada. They had a hunter’s camera set up for assessing game. The camera is motion actuated and takes three pictures a minute when it detects movement.

The camera took the pictures of the strange lights in the night. You can see that the lights are situated in the sky portion of the image, and that the landscape has not moved so there was no camera movement – that would rule out traces made by the moon on a moving camera. The camera was affixed to a post.

The light was sufficiently bright to illuminate trees in the landscape, and we can see that the trees are not moving so there was no camera movement in the night sequence as well.

Although they didn’t witness the object, the father did see a bright light in the night when he momentarily woke up during the night. Another unrelated person who was in the area that week end also reported seeing a bright light in the sky.

Although I do believe we are not alone in the universe, as it is a statistical impossibility, I must admit personally I am a bit skeptical about UFOs and aliens. However in this case I fail to have an explication for these light traces. I don’t believe a bird or firefly could have made these. Perhaps you have already seen similar things and have an explanation, so what do you make of this? Mufon case file 87060.

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The Key to Britain’s UFO X-Files

The Key to Britain’s UFO X-Files

“What does all this stuff about flying saucers amount to?” asked a curious Winston Churchill of his advisors in the summer of 1952. “What can it mean? What is the truth?”

     The 77-year-old prime minister had good reason to feel inquisitive. It was the height of the Cold War, and the news had been filled by stories of odd lights and entities invading the sky above Washington DC.
By Richard Blackledge
The Star

These sightings had re-ignited the ‘flying saucer’ phenomenon that began in earnest following the famous Roswell incident a few years earlier, in which a mysterious airborne disc – later explained away as a weather balloon – was believed to have crashed near a ranch in New Mexico.

The episode opened the floodgates to accounts of unidentified flying objects from the public and military personnel, leading the Government to set up its own ‘UFO desk’, as it became

New Book By David Clarke
popularly known, to examine reports that reached the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall.

People didn’t simply submit letters. For more than 60 years until the unit was scrapped in 2009, witnesses sent in photographs, drawings and even elaborate paintings of what they had spotted – the most remarkable of which are highlighted in a new book by Dr David Clarke.

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