Alien Encounter in San Juan Capistrano, California on 2015-01-12 00:00:00 – Gray elongated skull apparitions

On january 11, 2015 i stayed up all night listening to music. seemed like the music was communicating with me. saw weird black helicopter landed in my neighborhood which doesn’t make sense but maybe it was holographic. rested until morning when i woke up to two floating great elongated skull […]

UFO Sighting in Gordo, Alabama on 2017-10-02 20:30:00 – 2 objects would become bright and dim ( like signaling) while flying and hovering.

My husband and i witnessed 2 objects that looked star-like become very bright for a few moments before dimming again in the northern sky. we witnessed this for 2 hours as they stayed in the same general area. they would dim out whenever airplanes were in the area. they had […]

UFO Sighting in Indiana on 2017-10-02 20:00:00 – Stationary objects. definitely not starts. you can see the lights…

If you want to see them for yourself just email me. i’ve filled these out before but no one on here takes me seriously. i do not believe they are alien craft at this point. they are too consistent for our military to just ignore them. my guess is that […]

The Annual 9/11 ‘Tribute in Light’ Really Messes With the Birds

For one night every year, 88 Manhattan searchlights beam two columns of light toward the heavens. These “phantom towers,” known as the Tribute in Light, are an annual reminder of the thousands who died in the 2001 terrorist attacks. But these ethereal lights are also a beacon for migrating birds. […]

New Gesture Control Tech Works With Any Object — Even Pets

Take a look at the objects around you. Using a new gesture control technology, any one of those items—even your pets—could control your television. The remote will never be lost again! Researchers from England’s Lancaster University have developed a new technology called Matchpoint, according to a news release, which uses […]

Hunter’s Camera caught Angelic Entity in remote area of northern Canada

I didn’t witness this myself as I am submitting this for a friend. He and his father were hunting in a remote area of northern Canada. They had a hunter’s camera set up for assessing game. The camera is motion actuated and takes three pictures a minute when it detects […]

The Key to Britain’s UFO X-Files

“What does all this stuff about flying saucers amount to?” asked a curious Winston Churchill of his advisors in the summer of 1952. “What can it mean? What is the truth?”      The 77-year-old prime minister had good reason to feel inquisitive. It was the height of the Cold […]