UFO Sighting in Cypress, California on 2017-09-23 23:01:00 – Saw a glowing light surrounded by a boomerang shaped force field

I was walking the baby in stroller down my alley and i was looking up in the southwestern sky. i saw a moving star traveling from west to east in the southwest sky. i didnt know but i thought maybe a plane crossing some clouds. the thing looked like a small star surrounded by a boomerang shaped cloud from front to almost all the way around it. it had orange or reddish glow and cloud cover was distinct although light in color. it was on straight path until it just stopped and vanished cloud cover and all. i shouted to my son in law to come and look at this strange boomerang shaped ufo in the night sky. i looked all around the sky for any sign of it but there were only two military jets that came to try to follow the path of this thing they quickly vanished from sight due to their high rate of speed. i then went inside the house to call mufon but just went on my laptop instead to report it. the object just seemed to vanish out of sight . boomerang cloud cover and all.

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UFO Sighting in Santa Monica, California on 2017-09-23 22:56:00 – Object seemed to be appx over catalina channel v shaped aft contrails prob ballistic test re trajectory witnessed for short time left to get camera gone…

going to my backyard to turn on the hot tub. the object was readily apparent in the night sky upon exiting the house. my first reaction to the object was that it was something at least worth reporting (and if short of that at least to inquire as to any other reports/sightings…) mainly due to the red hue as well as a significant contrail created from the ‘nose’ of said object. in my (although limited) previous encounters/ seeing missile testing, the nosecones have given off a color signature much closer to yellow, gold or light orange at best. my feelings were of excitement (as they always are when im lucky/awake enough to see such events, extraterrestrial or not). i watched for approximately 30 seconds, it seemed to be ‘cruising’… so, i foolishly ran in to get my camera…Alas, it was gone ten seconds later…

also, the trajectory/altitude/attitude appeared to be rising… when i first saw it from distance, it was approximately at 33-38 degrees, with a trajectory which was ascending… again, seemed close to the speed of a missile, not sure… look forward to any response.

thank you

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Are 1 Cor 14:34-35 (“Women Should Keep Silent in the Churches”) Original to Paul’s Letter?

I saw this come up in Twitter today — Larry Hurtado’s comments on a recent study by Philip Payne concerning whether 1 Cor 14:34-35 were originally part of 1 Corinthians. His thoughts are concise and clear, so folks not into textual criticism can get something out of them immediately. Payne’s original article is accessible via a link on Hurtado’s page.

Here are Peter Gurry’s thoughts as well (Evangelical Textual Criticism blog) for good measure.

Very interesting!

(And nice title, Peter!)

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Are aliens draining our solar energy? Images of monster UFOs circling Sun emerge

ALIENS are harvesting energy from the Sun, it has been claimed after two images emerged showing inexplicable monster objects circling our star. The UFO hunter behind YouTube channel Streetcap1 first floated the theory after seeing a strange object with a […]

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Daily UFO Headlines 9/22/2017

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Is the Sun about to EXPLODE? NASA detects weird activity on solar surface

NASA has detected bizarre activity on the surface of the Sun with a series of colossal solar storms. Scientists have detected seven solar eruptions in seven days – with one being the most powerful in over a decade. NASA’s Solar […]

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Giant blob of cold water rises from the depths of the Pacific, possibly heralding the arrival of La Niña this fall

Here we go again?

Following a mild and short-lived La Niña episode in 2016/2017, the climatic phenomenon stands a 55 to 60 percent chance of developing once again this fall and winter. That’s the most recent forecast from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Based on observations of what’s happening in the Pacific Ocean, and modeling to predict what may be coming, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center has issued a La Niña watch, indicating that conditions are favorable for i

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UFO Fleet flying in formation crossing the Moon

While using his telescope sky-watcher Bill Bryson recorded a possible UFO fleet crossing the moon.

Bill Bryson states that it is not unusual for him to see similar objects at least one per session but 14 objects that fly clearly in a formation is very unusual.

Bill: “Now I do not pretend to know really what they were – but it looks to me that either they are UFOs or Bats.”

Given that the camera was zoomed in on the moon, it is unlikely that the objects were bats, bugs or even birds as they would have been out of focus.

Besides, according to a commenter, birds fly at a speed of 25-35m.p.h. At that speed, to cross camera parallax then the birds must fly at an average altitude of 5,000 ft. But as Bill zoomed in on the moon, the camera was, say at 50,000 ft. in air, so then it is impossible that it was a bat or bird flight.

The first short (slow-motion) video of Streetcap1 shows the moment the fleet consisting of about 14 UFOs flying in formation from right to left across the screen. The second video is the longer original footage of Bill Bryson and shows the UFO fleet flying at high speed across the moon.


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