UFO Sighting in Hudson Falls, New York on 2017-09-17 00:00:00 – I saw what i thought to be a redish colored star above another bright star, very briefly, it flashed and seemed to disappear

I was outside with some neighbors close by my house, we were talking, it was sometime around 11:30 pm sept 16th or 12 midnight sept 17th 2017. i was looking up at the stars as i am prone to do, i was looking at 2 particular “stars”, one is what i assume would be the north star, as it appears brighter and bigger than the rest, the other was a reddish orange, what i thought to be a star. quickly the reddish star seemed to blink then disappeared. maybe it was a star that exhausted it’s helium and burned out, i don’t know. i felt a sense of calm and wonderment, as i described what i just saw to my neighbors. i am quite used to seeing unidentifiable things in the sky, i always feel a calm wonderment…And maybe some excitement knowing there must be something else out there. i have had at least 3 other sightings, all of them oddly different.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Baltimore, Maryland on 2017-09-17 01:01:00 – A white beam of light came down from the sky shined on me and my friend then sucked back up in the sky and was gone

Me and my friend we’re sitting on my couch on my front porch at 1 a.M. watching a movie on my phone. a beam of light came down from the sky above the treetops shined on us and delight sex back up into the sky and disappeared. we both saw what we think was a shadow fly off or move slightly in the direction to the to the north. we noticed the the light shine on us because it was bright enough to attract our attention. we have no idea what the light was or where it came from we did not really see an object in the sky at all just the shadow after the light disappeared. we were both startled and immediately felt confused and looked up into the sky trying to figure out where the light had come from. we immediately walked off the porch and looked up into the sky scanning trying to find where the light source had come from and not finding anything we both felt like we had just been for lack of a better word scanned buy a triangular flat laseresque light. we didn’t really ever lose site of the objects because there was no real object but the light came shine on us and left within a matter of 10 to 15 seconds.

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UFO Sighting in Milan, Michigan on 2017-09-16 20:20:00 – 2 red balls side by side

Im a head cook at my job. i let my buddy who was on a double go home and he quickly runs into the resturant and tells me to go outside. i get out and i see two bright vivid red orbs side by side and it was a bright red and it was pretty far away i quickly pull out mt phone but before i get my camera started to video tape it dissappears. then reappears and after 10 seconds dissapears again after coming back it goes up and down in a perfect line and then it just vanishes. i have a video before it comes back the second time cause i thought my boss was gonna yell at me but it was crazy. if this goes viral or anything please mufon contact me

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UFO Sighting in Cape May, New Jersey on 2017-09-17 01:00:00 – Many green blue lights lighting up the entire sky from one area, then one green light zooming away from us. approximately eight minutes after sighting were two loud booms in the sky that echoed

We were fishing at the time of the event.Many green blue lights lighting up the entire sky from one area, then one green light zooming away from us. approximately eight minutes after sighting were two loud booms in the sky that echoed. it was like it just disappeared into thin air after that. it was chilling and so frightening we had to leave the beach. the four adults experienced racing hearts. two felt the urge to cry.

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Scientific Papers Are Getting Less Readable

“The readability of scientific texts is decreasing over time”, according to a new paper just out. Swedish researchers Pontus Plaven-Sigray and colleagues say that scientists today use longer and more complex words than those of the past, making their writing harder to read. But what does it mean?

Here’s the key result. This image shows text readability metrics from 709,577 abstracts, drawn from 123 biomedical journals, published in English between 1881 and 2015.

There’s been a clear

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Weird Hologram Planet appears on NASA’s Stereo Ahead HI1 Satellite

A strange phenomenon appeared on NASA’s Stereo Ahead HI1 satellite, again.

Streetcap1 who recorded an object what looks like a holographic display of a planet wonders why does it appear intermittently then not at all and is still waiting to hear a valid explanation for the weird phenomenon.

Some people suggest that it is caused by an overload on the satellite’s processor and it doesn’t filter the image of the sun as it should at that moment, a glitch or a malfunction in the program.

Others suggest that it is holographic projection of a planet exposed by the solar flare, like the flares energy opened a window in space.

It is interesting to know that a team of theoretical physicists and astrophysicists have provided what researchers believe is the first observational evidence that our universe could be a vast and complex hologram. They have published their findings in the journal Physical Review Letters.

So, is it possible that we are living in a holographic universe and this planet-like object is a hologram accidentally exposed by a solar flare?


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Last Days of Cassini: An Insider’s Story

The death of the Cassini spacecraft marked the end of an era–not just the end of a mission, but the end of a whole style of exploration. Cassini was a multi-billion dollar probe, a versatile scout in the style of the Voyager and Galileo probes. It bristled with instruments that allowed it to take the measure of every part of Saturn’s staggeringly complex system of moons, rings, clouds, and magnetic activity.

As Cassini’s program manager and a veteran of the mission since 1993, Earl H. Ma

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Kecksburg UFO Case Report Author, Responds to Skeptics

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Film Bucket Return Capsule Used in Corona Satellites

Editor’s Note: Recently we published a report on The Kecksburg UFO Incident, researched and written by Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross. Dr. Gross’ thesis is that the mystery object that fell at Kecksburg on Thursday, December 9, 1965 was in fact a top secret satellite, under the Corona Program. Well known skeptic Robert Sheaffer took issue with Dr. Gross’ hypothesis, arguing that the object was merely a meteor. Here below is Dr Gross’ rejoinder—FW

     I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mr. Sheaffer’s Thursday, September 14, 2017 review of my article recently published by Frank Warren in The UFO Chronicles.com. Mr. Sheaffer’s review was titled: Another Nonsensical “Explanation” for the Kecksburg Incident. My article was entitled: Closing the Kecksburg UFO Case Opened Another Mystery. Most of Mr. Sheaffer’s critique targeted the second part of my so-called “loopy ‘explanation.’”

During his critique, Mr. Sheaffer seems to have made an attempt to mislead his readers by failing to mention that the bulk of the material

Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross
Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross
The UFO Chronicles
© 9-15-17

he critiqued was lifted out of context from my article’s “Prediction” section. The “Prediction” section was a subsection I included in my article under the heading: “Applying the Scientific Method to the Kecksburg UFO Riddle.”

As many quality researchers understand, such predictions allow a scientist to be specific about how to demonstrate that a hypothesis is accurate. My stated hypothesis was: A Corona Satellite was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on December 9, 1965. Due to an anomaly of sorts, its recovery vehicle separated from the satellite earlier than planned. Thus, this Corona recovery vehicle in conjunction with its film bucket is a highly viable candidate for the object that landed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania on that same date.

Once a hypothesis and a prediction are developed, a true scientist does not change them even if the results of the experiment show that they are wrong. An incorrect prediction is not a failure. It merely indicates that the experiment demonstrated new facts that were previously unknown. Experimental information by nature is imperfect. Scientific results usually contain errors. One of my research goals has always involved minimizing errors. Thanks to Mr. Sheaffer’s own recent research, I now have even more information to possibly conduct an ancillary study related to the Kecksbrug UFO mystery.

Although the Corona Satellite project was technically declassified around 1995, the contents of some satellites are currently classified—even as I write. Such contents may be classified because of the nature of the nuclear materials they enclosed. Furthermore, NASA has not yet provided a detailed description of the nuclear experiment on board Satellite KH-4A 1027 (NASA has provided detailed descriptions of nuclear experiments on board other Corona Satellites).

A NASA document that I obtained in 2017 stated that: There were no data collections returned (for United States Air Force Photo Surveillance Satellite KH-4A 1027). That NASA statement seems to contradict the statement Mr. Sheaffer recently proved in his brilliant critique whereby one of his sources indicated: The condition of the air recovered capsule was normal. Thus, I will probably investigate the capsule condition issue more. Thanks to Mr. Shaeffer, I now have some potentially valuable bits of new information to help me ferret out the true answer.

In closing, it seems as if Mr. Sheaffer may have missed or at least misread the sentence in my article that read: disinformation has been an integral part of the secret Corona program. Therefore, it is quite possible that even a witty gentleman such as Mr. Sheaffer may have been duped via disinformation. Since disinformation is a variable that figured heavily into my Kecksburg UFO research, I do not accept my recent findings as wrong—at least not yet. Disinformation is an area that must be investigated thoroughly in the Kecksburg UFO case. If it eventually turns out that Mr. Sheaffer was indeed hoodwinked by disinformation, it may help for him to remember that science is a process of becoming less wrong over time.

The UFO Chronicles.com article (Closing the Kecksburg UFO Case Opened Another Mystery) was based upon a whitepaper report that I developed and wrote. The title of that report is: KECKSBURG UFO WHITEPAPER REPORT: Closing the Kecksburg UFO Case Opened a New Mystery. The full whitepaper report is available on my website at: bobwenzelgross.com.

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Skeptic Robert Sheaffer Critiques Recent ‘Kecksburg UFO Incident’ Report

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 Great Lakes Fireball
The train of the Great Lakes Fireball, seen across at least six states and Ontario, that started the Kecksburg ‘UFO crash’ story. Photo taken 9 December 1965 4:43 p.m. E.S.T. by Richard Champine of Royal Oak, Michigan. Location: 2 miles east of Pontiac, Michigan, approx. 45 seconds after event.

Another Nonsensical “Explanation” for the Kecksburg Incident

     The so-called “UFO Crash” at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania on December 9, 1965 has become a UFO legend as a ‘second Roswell.’ In reality, there is no mystery at all. The supposed “UFO” was simply the Great Lakes Fireball of December 9, 1965, reported by many observers over a wide area and written about by astronomers.


By Robert Sheaffer

Now there is a brand new theory to explain Kecksburg, by Bob Wenzel Gross, a “semi-retired researcher and writer with a forthcoming non-fiction memoir entitled: In Pursuit of Anomalies: How Great Music and Real UFOs Can Save the Human Race. Dr. Gross has worked as a researcher, field investigator, scientist, writer, lecturer, educator, administrator, change agent, turnaround specialist, and professional musician.” Published in Frank Warren’s UFO Chronicles, Gross’ account is very long-winded, and you can mostly ignore Part 1 – it’s just Gross showing what a clever guy he is ….

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UFO News Article: “Deputies Spot Flying Saucer Over County”

4 January 1952
(Register-Pajaronian, Watsonville, California)
Source: theufochronicles.com, 19 February 2016
Quote from the article:
“Flying saucers are with us again.
Watsonvillepolice, Monterey Countysheriff’s deputies and witnesses from here to Greenfield sighted a weird cigar-shaped object rushing through the sky about 5 a.m. Friday, throwing sparks as it made a leisurely 10 milecircle of the area.
First report of the saucer came at 5:10 a.m. when deputy sheriff’s in two cars sighted it over the city of Monterey.
Deputies Al Bolman and Jim Mattney were patrolling in one car and reported it first. A few minutes later Lieut. Thomas Martin and deputy Ed Atkinson, also in the area spotted it.
Watsonvillepolice George Brautovich and Jesse Ojeda told officers who relieved them they saw ‘something like a ball of fire’ and watched it fade away.
‘At first we thought it was an airplane on fire,’ the deputies reported. ‘But it was throwing sparks and flame from both ends, cruising along apparently under control at about 1,000 feet.’ They estimated its speed at more than 700 miles per hour.
The craft swung in a wide arc over Monterey Bayand then headed for Fort Ord.
Military police were alerted at the fort, but personnel were unable to pick the saucer up on radar, they reported.
After leaving the Fort Ordarea the saucer was seen cruising along the west side of the Gabilan range of mountains. At 5:24 a.m. Greenfieldpolice reported that officers and citizens in that area had spotted the flying machine.
It was last seen shortly thereafter dropping below Johnson’s Canyon east of Gonzales.
At the naval air station at Monterey, Lt. Comdr. Paul McGinnis said a telephone call from the Register-Pajaronian was ‘the first I’ve heard of the aircraft.’
Comdr. McGinnis said that ‘considering the large number of military airfields in the area it is very possible that a large jet plane was in the area.’
The defense command would not say whether any unscheduled aircraft were authorized to fly over the Monterey-Fort Ord area at that hour.”
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Satellite photo of Monterey, California(tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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