UFO Sighting in New Mexico on 2017-09-15 18:20:00 – Took photo of rainbow and accidentally caught object in frame.

I was taking a photo of a rainbow with my phone. when i came in to look at the image, i saw the object next to the rainbow. i had not seen it while taking the photograph. i took several photos of a sunset directly after taking this photo, and the object was not visible in these photographs.

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UFO Sighting in Maple Ridge, British Columbia on 2012-07-15 17:09:00 – I was waiting for my genie in the mall and he came

I was recovering from gluten sensitivity which takes 9 months when i was almost better i was told i would be at london drugs when s/he came back. i went i waited and s/he showed up. s/he is a dark blackness that you cannot see through. you ask for a light and the air around you becomes lit and you can see out of the room and other people who have asked for a light. well, when he came the room filled with dark i was for a light and i talked to him. he took me for a magic carpet ride about 11ft. he brought a friend. you can also ask to feel real cold (as in realistic) and he makes you feel a coldness like no other. ask to turn it back up and you are instantly omfortable and well. this is my friend he can fly so i report him here. also teleports characters in video games even online games. i’ve seen teleports and my other genies in my house one time they showed up while my house was on fire the fire department sealed my doors too funny one of them looked like fire. anyways, if you want to see some aliens i can show you, i just have to recover from my allergy again because they are allergic to me when i can an allergy. the sighting was recorded on security cameras they could see the lights we asked for. and witnessed by store staff that still works there. when they left they asked me for a teleport and asked for one it showed up friend got in to it and it closed then genie disappeared.

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UFO Sighting in Boonsboro, Maryland on 2017-09-13 20:35:00 – Large, slow, low, “gliding”, silent, black “mass” observed

I had just dropped off my son’s girlfriend and was leaving her house. i got to the stop sign and was looking left, no cars, looked right, no cars, i looked back to the left and noticed a dark object floating at my 11:00 position. i sat at the stop sign a minute, kind of dazed and wondering what the heck was i looking at. the object was dark and i could only make out the outline of it’s shape when i saw the red lights on either side (left and right) blink. it looked like a football field size and was really low to the ground. i also noticed a white light blinking on the top and bottom of what i was seeing. i was thinking that whatever it was would surely crash so i turned onto the route and continued to watch it. i turned off the radio in the car and rolled down the windows, i couldn’t hear any engines. nothing. i was on a “country” road so there were not other cars at the time to interfere sound or sight wise. i pulled over and watched it slowly float towards the south-west and i still could not hear any noise coming from it. i had to get home so i started to drive again but i kept looking over at it (it was to my left side). i was totally mesmerized. i could not figure out what i was looking at. i thought maybe a glider? but at night and so incredibly large?? i thought it was bigger than a small plane (like a 6 passenger craft) but i thought it was smaller than the size of a 747. i was completely captivated by this object and i continued to look over at the craft as i was driving. i was so “drawn” to look at it. i cannot explain how strange i felt looking at it but i didn’t want to look away. i did not even think to try and record a video or take a picture with my cell phone but i am not sure anything would show up except the blinking red lights or white lights. i thought this might be a military aircraft of some sort? i got home and immediately told my teenage boys and they said “cool, probably a plane”. no i don’t think a plane would be silent when that low to the ground. i saw my mom the next day and told her that i have no idea what it might be and she suggested a blimp possibly. i think that might be what it was but it was just so much larger than any blimp i have ever seen. i tried google for images of blimps but none look like what i observed. anyway, i have seen satellite’s glide across their arc above my backyard, i love to stargaze; i get a text message anytime the international space station is going to be visible to my area so i can go wave hello; i love meteor showers and i am fascinated by space. i truly believe that we are not alone in the vast expanse that is out there…I cannot say if i saw an alien craft. i definitely saw something awesome that i cannot identify. i really thought long and hard about should i reach out to report this…I guess i don’t really want anyone to get back to me with “oh that is a new weather balloon”. i guess i like the idea that i witnessed something amazing and unexplained. thank you for your time.

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UFO Sighting in Bishop, California on 2017-09-10 11:15:00 – Cylinder. stunning radiant silver. absolutely silent.

I was at lower lamarke lake in the sierra mountains. i was just enjoying the scenery and resting from the three hour hike up to the lake. i saw an beautifully radiant silver object not too far above the craggy sawtooth peaks surrounding the lake. i watched it fly smoothly past. i kept thinking where are the wings? where are the wings? i then realized it was absolutely silent. commercial aircraft are not permitted to fly over this area of the sierra mountains. the object was about the size of a small commercial plane,but that is impossible. there is china lake base not too far away. on many occasions i have seen fighter jets from the base over the sierras, but they were never silent. my husband was concentrating on his fishing i tried to get his attention to look but couldn’t make too noise, because fishermen get mad if you’re loud. so he didn’t hear me. as far as i know, no one else saw it there were a couple other fishermen whose backs were toward the object. if it were a plane i would have been able to hear it, but i heard nothing.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Harrodsburg, Kentucky on 2017-09-15 22:15:00 – Triangle shaped with pulsating lights that are changing colors. spotted it at 10:00 and the event is still ongoing

I was walking out my front door to go to the store. as i walked out i glanced at the sky. the colors of the object is what grabbed my attention. at first i thought it was a satellite and my girlfriend thought it was a plane. the 3 lights are in a triangle formation which makes me believe its not a satellite. its been stationary for over 30 minutes now so its not a plane. it is three pulsating orbs in a triangle formation. they are changing colors. red,orange,white and maybe a light blue. sometimes it looks as if it is changing shapes. first noticed it about 10:00 pm. the event is still ongoing. it is 10:31 now. im hoping this gets out in time so someone with a good camera may be able to capture it. i got some cell phone footage but it is a cell phone. also while recording the object the phone seemed to get some kind of distortion.

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Apollo’s Life-Saving Q-Ball

At the very top of the Saturn V stack, at the top of the Launch Escape Tower, was a small ball bored with eight holes. These holes led to the Q-ball, an unassuming instrument that played a huge role in making Saturn V launches safe for astronauts. 
The Q-ball was similar to an airplane’s pitot tubes. As air flows into the pitot tubes on a plane, data on airspeed and pressure is sent to the computer’s onboard autopilot system and onto displays for the pilot. They’re common and just look like d

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Even With Police Body-Cam Footage, Witnesses Can Be Misled

Body-worn cameras on police are increasingly called for in the hope they might help ease heightened tensions between officers and communities. However, scientists now find that falsified police reports and personal biases may change a person’s memory of such footage to see things that were not there or never happened.

Cell phone videos of clashes between police and citizens, such as that involving the death of Eric Garner in 2014, have helped drive the call for body-worn cameras on police

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Scientists Find 21 New Bird Species by Asking the Birds

Same-or-different is the concept behind the most basic toddler games. We encourage kids to put the square block in the square hole, find two cards that match, place the cow in the cow-shaped puzzle slot. But in nature, the cow-shaped slots are harder to see. Deciding whether two animals are the same or different species frequently causes debates among scientists. In Central and South America, researchers tried to find the differences between many pairs of closely related birds by simply aski

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Daily UFO Headlines 9/14/2017

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Spielberg offered to aid in United Nations UFO effort during Close Encounters era

Steven Spielberg is really into UFOs. This is not too hard to imagine given movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET: The Extraterrestrial and his mini-series Taken, among others. In a recent interview with journalist Lee Speigel, I discovered that he also lent a helping hand in a 1970s effort get the United Nations to investigate UFOs.


Devils Tower National Monument. The location of a UFO rendezvous in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. (Credit: Alejandro Rojas)

Lee Speigel

Lee Speigel

I am currently in Hulett, Wyoming, where I can see Devils Tower National Monument, which was popularized by the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Tomorrow, I will be doing a talk about Spielberg and his history of interest in the UFO phenomena at the Devils Tower UFO Rendezvous which commemorate the 40th anniversary of the movie. In my talk I will be playing a clip of Speigel describing a meeting with Spielberg who was interested in his effort to display the best UFO evidence at a general session of the United Nations.

Speigel was a young New Yorker at the time who had just put together a record album documentary on UFOs. He realized there were a lot of credible people talking about UFOs and pitched the project to CBS Inc., who liked the idea and sent him around the country to interview these people. Among those he interviewed were scientists, politicians, law enforcement and an astronaut, Gordon Cooper, who relayed his personal UFO experience.

Dr. Wernher von Braun and Astronaut L. Gordon Cooper during the MR-3 (Freedom 7) mission on May 5, 1961, which put the first American, Alan Shepard, in space. (image credit: NASA)

Dr. Wernher von Braun and Astronaut L. Gordon Cooper during the MR-3 (Freedom 7) mission on May 5, 1961, which put the first American, Alan Shepard, in space. (image credit: NASA)

A couple years after producing his record, Speigel heard about an effort to get the United Nations to officially look into the UFO issue. The effort was initiate by Grenada’s Prime minister, Sir Eric Gairy. He decided that what the effort needed was a presentation with the likes of the credible people he had in his record. So, with the confidence of a young New Yorker, he contacted the ambassadors to Granada and offered his services. The government of Granada liked his idea and the event planning began.

Two of the people Speigel enlisted for his presentation were Dr. J.Allen Hynek and Dr. Jacques Vallee. Hynek was a well-known astronomer who acted as a consultant to the U.S. Air Force’s official public UFO investigations from their inception in 1947 to their end in 1969. He then went on to form his own civilian UFO investigation organization, and is arguably the father of modern civilian UFO research. The later, Vallee was a student of his at Northwestern University, and went on to become an author and UFO researcher as well.

Hyenk and Vallee also played important roles in the conception of the movie Close Encounter of the Third Kind. Hynek actually developed the Close Encounters UFO sighting categorization system, and was a consultant for Spielberg on the movie. Vallee, being French, was the inspiration for one of the lead characters in the movie, Claude Lacombe, played by French director Francois Truffaut.

J. Allen Hynek's can be seen in a scene towards the end of the Close Encounters movie.

J. Allen Hynek can be seen in a scene towards the end of the Close Encounters movie. (Credit: Columbia Pictures)

“It was amazing,” says Speigel. “One day I got a call from Spielberg’s publicist to see if I wanted to go out to Hollywood to meet with Steven, Dr. Hynek and Dr. Vallee.”

Speigel’s first response was, “Why do you want me there?”

He didn’t think anyone knew who he was. He was told that Spielberg had heard of his upcoming U.N. presentation and he wanted to talk to the group and offer his assistance.

Speigel says the three men did meet with Spielberg to talk UFOs. Understandably, he says it was an amazing experience. At the end of the meeting, Spielberg said his office would help with anything they needed, and Speigel says they did provide some graphics and information that was incorporated in the U.N. presentation.

So what happened with the U.N. and UFOs? Well, on November 27, 1978, Speigel, Hynek, Vallee, Gairy, Cooper and other credible witnesses and researchers did put on a presentation that included photos and video.

As a result, the U.N. passed a decision on UFOs, which holds less weight than a resolution, but is official none the less.

Their decision included this verbiage: “The General Assembly invites interested member states to take appropriate steps to coordinate on a national level scientific research and investigation into extraterrestrial life, including unidentified flying objects, and to inform the secretary-general of the observations, research and evaluation of such activities.”

Meeting at the UN on UFOs. Clockwise from left: astronaut Gordon Cooper, astronomer Jacques Vallee, astronomer/astrophysicist Claude Poher, astronomer J. Allen Hynek, Grenada Prime Minister Sir Eric Gairy, UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, Morton Gleisner of the Special Political Committee, Lee Speigel, researcher Len Stringfield, and University of Colorado psychologist David Saunders (Credit: Lee Speigel)

Meeting at the UN on UFOs. Clockwise from left: astronaut Gordon Cooper, astronomer Jacques Vallee, astronomer/astrophysicist Claude Poher, astronomer J. Allen Hynek, Grenada Prime Minister Sir Eric Gairy, UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, Morton Gleisner of the Special Political Committee, Lee Speigel, researcher Len Stringfield, and University of Colorado psychologist David Saunders (Credit: Lee Speigel)

The U.N. was to follow up on Granada’s UFO request the following year, but by then Granada had undergone a coup that unseated Gairy and the subject was dropped.

You can read more about the U.N. event at Lee Speigel’s website, and on various interviews on the Open Minds UFO Radio Podcast. It is also part of my presentation on Official Government UFO Agencies seen below.

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