UFO Sighting in Utica, New York on 2017-09-02 17:22:00 – Strange cloud formation seen from amtrak train

i was enoying a nice ride on the amtrak train, seated on the left side. we left the albany stationthe train was veering to the left and as it did, i noticed beautiful yet ominous cloud formation. trees were obstructing the view while in the turn. after about 30 seconds of anticipation, i saw what looked like a very long funnel, pretty much uniform from top of the sky and stopping at a thunderhead. i slid down in my seat to try to capture the length in my lens. the 2nd pic seemed to have too much sun so for the 3rd i excluded it. the strange display quickly went out of my eyeline behind me to the left. today i showed the pics to a friend and saw many things upon magnification. i don’t want to be leading but i see a possible heli to the left, orbs, at leart 1 craft, a flattened square type portal, the funnel is twisting + … but i’m using a cell and atablet to view these. i took the pics be use i had never seen anything close to this. it can’t be contrails to me because the funnel is 90° and pentrating..Endless at the top, stopping abruptly at the thunderhead. where the funnel reaches the thunderhead, i see an angled flattened square, illuminated. also the exterior of the funnel is… strange and twisted with objects..?
please tell me what u see. no filters on my pics. negative exposure proved to be interesting. i feel a lil crazy but after all the inspection my devices will allow, i feel certain i’ve seen something that was not meant to be seen.

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UFO Sighting in Elk Grove, California on 2017-09-05 19:46:00 – 7:46 pm 9/5/2017: deanna jaxine stinson, my wife gets the impulse to take a picture of the moon, she felt like something was near the moon. when the photo was taken, there was 3 glowing discs in v formation. see photo.

The psychic power to uncloak ufos
halo paranormal investigations – hpi international.

to see the 3 ufos in elk grove, go to this link:
photo taken by deanna jaxine stinson in elk grove, ca

you can see the portal in the sky at this link:

it happened on 9/5/2017. time: 7:46 p.M. my wife deanna jaxine stinson has the psychic power to uncloak. let me explain. time after time, she has proven to me that she can feel a ufo or even a portal in the sky and take a photo and the ufo will appear in the photo. in one photo, she actually captured a portal in the sky over copperopolis, ca. when i first met my wife, she had paranormal stories, one after another after another, but the one that really struck a cord with me was the story of the mysterious eye. her account of an alien abduction.

during our investigations together we had some interesting moments. while in grass valley, deanna connected to the ufos by using two crystal skulls. she asked the ufo to “power up” and that is exactly what the ufo did and was witnessed by other investigators and spectators. other people who may have been frauds or truly had the psychic power to uncloak ufos were:

ed walters
beginning on november 11, 1987 gulf breeze contractor ed walters reported a series of ufo sightings over a period of three weeks. some ufologists believed the photographs that walters purported to show a flying saucer were genuine, however others strongly suspected them to be a hoax. press coverage, given walters claims during that time, has been called “uncritical” and “sensationalist”.

eduard albert meier
eduard albert meier (born february 3, 1937) is a swiss citizen who is the source of many photographs of alleged unidentified flying objects (ufos), which he presents in support of his claim that he is in contact with extraterrestrial beings. he also presented other material during the 1970s such as metal samples, sound recordings and film footage. meier reports regular contacts with extraterrestrials he calls the plejaren. meier has been widely characterized as a fraud by skeptics and ufologists, who suggest that he used models to hoax photos claimed to show alien spacecraft.

so were these men frauds or were they real? did they truly have the power to uncloak ufos? i am around my wife and i can tell you from the bottom of my heart, she does not fake these ufo photos.

now you may be asking, what happened on 9/5/2017? deanna gets the impulse to snap a photo and in her photo she captures 3 ufos in v formation. you can analyze the link above this article and see the picture of the 3 ufos in elk grove, ca

one time as we were driving in rancho cordova, she had the impulse to look towards the sky to her right. in the sky she saw a black cube in the sky. she told me about it and i shrugged off her remark and concentrated on the road. she urged me to look. i then looked for a second and to my astonishment there was a black cube in the sky. deanna at the time did not have a camera.

another time leaving bodega bay, she gets the impulse to look in the sky and we see a ufo type of craft that has fire coming out its end. she points it out to me. all i could say at the time was “what the ?”
this ufo was reported to mufon.

so there you have it. the only thing i can figure out is that my wife deanna has the psychic power to uncloak ufos and does it have a connection to her alien abduction?

paul dale roberts, hpi esoteric detective
aka the demon warrior
halo paranormal investigations (hpi international)

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Archaeologists In Egypt Uncovered An Underground Tomb Filled With Creepy 1,500-Year-Old Occupants

Deep in Egypt’s Nile Valley, a team of archaeologists are excavating an ancient site. Then, among the mummified remains of animals and birds, they discover something different buried in the dirt. There they uncover the mummies of long-dead humans which have been hidden beneath the ground for 2,000 years. In 2016 a team of students […]

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First Eruption since 2009 Started at Fernandina in the Galapagos

News out of Ecuador is that Fernandina in the Galapagos Islands has erupted for the first time since 2009. Starting just after noon (local time) of September 4, the volcano produced new lava flows and a steam-and-gas plume that reached upwards of 4 kilometers (13,000 feet). Video of the eruption (see below) taken that evening show the strongly glowing summit area of the volcano and images show the lava flows working their way down the flanks of the volcano.

Volcán La Cumbre de isla Fernan

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Alien Encounter in Hawaii on 2017-01-09 16:15:00 – Cloud jumper | an entity of golden light fell from the sky like a creature entering our atmosphere

I was sitting on a mountain in honolulu hawaii. it was broad daylight. i saw an aura or entity of golden light “cloud jump” as if i were witnessing a landing. the entity of golden light streamed down from a cloud into the forests of the mountain tops miles and miles away. i felt deeply romantically entwined with this entity, as if it were coming for me to engage romantically. *see lockport, il 3/9/2017

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UFO Sighting in Pico Truncado, Santa Cruz Province on 2017-09-01 10:38:00 – 2 helicópteros blancos y 1 avión drone blanco en patagonia

Vivimos en puerto san julián, mi esposo trabaja asistiendo operaciones de campo de minería y petróleo; el día 01/9/17 salimos de casa junto con una amiga de la familia a las 3 am por la rn 3 hacia el norte, hicimos unos 107 km hasta el empalme de la rp 75 que va hacia el noroeste y tomamos esta ruta, hicimos por ella como 110 km hasta llegar al empalme con la rp 12 después de transitar el verdadero desierto patagónico en una de las zonas mas áridas y desoladas de la provincia de santa cruz.
estas rutas se juntan en la gran curva llamada “de moyano” por la localidad abandona de gobernador moyano mas adelante, antes una pujante población en medio de la meseta.
hicimos varias paradas en el trayecto para sacer fotografías y tomar unos mates y estirar las piernas.
seguimos para el norte por la rp 12 unos 60 km hasta una curva denominada “laguna redonda” en la que hay un camino vecinal que va hacia el oeste y pasa por una estancia abandonada, se sube una cuesta empinada con la camioneta y se llega a una laguna de unos 500 metros de diámetro arriba en la meseta, allí nos quedamos a almorzar y ya eran las 09:30 am, estuvimos en la laguna cerca de 1 hora.
siempre cuando salimos así de viaje llevamos todas nuestras cámaras y dispositivos porque sabemos que en los profundo de la patagonia siempre es un placer sacar fotografías del paisaje, los animales y los lugares escondidos a los que casi nadie llega por lo aislado de los mismos.
llevamos cámara digital nikon d5, filmadora digital sony pxw-fs7k y binoculares sony dev uhd 4k que no son pesados y son mucho mejores que teleobjetivos de cámara porque se ve con los dos ojos y se puede sacar fotos y filmar al mismo tiempo que se está mirando.
como a las 10:38 am escuchamos al norte todavía estando sobre le meseta, el ruido de un helicóptero lejano, pasados algunos minutos más fuerte y después un poco más y divisamos en la altura tal vez a 1 km de distancia y a 45º en el cielo un helicóptero totalmente blanco que se movía de este a oeste como dando un gran círculo, detrás de él otro más que iba un poco mas bajo y lo seguía a una buena distancia.
los dos helicópteros eran blancos, muy estilizados y algo que nos llamó la atención fue que no tenían patines o ruedas sino que lo único que se veía era el fuselaje por debajo, estuvimos buscando y se parecían mucho a los helicópteros bell 525 pero tenían domos, antenas y otras cosas que no coinciden pero si coincidían esas aletas en la parte baja.
ninguno de los 2 helicópteros tenían señales ni marcas, ni números, nada, eran totalmente blancos incluso las ventanas se veían de ese color.
nos quedamos mirando y grabando todo y como a las 11:00 am mi esposo mirando con los binoculares vio otra aeronave un poco más alto y mas lejos que venía detrás de los helicópteros, tal vez como a 60º en el cielo y a unos 2 o 3 km; este era un avión de alas muy finas y muy largas, estuvimos buscando que podía ser y estamos seguros que era igual al global hawk, también era totalmente blanco, sin marcas y tenía las aletas de atrás en v exactamente, igual que la trompa abultada para arriba y el motor como rectangular arriba y atrás.
como a las 11:20 am empezamos a bajar de la meseta de nuevo para la rp 12 y cuando llegamos ahí volvimos a ver estos 3 aparatos pero para el sudeste volando para el este, como dije parecía que daban un gran círculo.
seguimos por la rp 12 para el norte y nos llevó caso 2 horas hacer los 15 km hasta llegar a las sierra blancas porque paramos un montón de veces para ver si divisábamos las aeronaves de nuevo; de hecho las volvimos a ver 2 veces más, una hacia el noroeste con dirección al oeste y otra hacia el sur y se dirigían hacia el este.
nos quedamos en sierras blancas bastante tiempo hasta que los vimos por última vez hacia el suroeste e iban para el sur a eso de las 15:00 pm.
después hicimos 85 km mas y llegamos a pico truncado, pasamos el día allí y al día siguiente bajamos de nuevo para puerto san julián pero por la rn 3, no volvimos a ver las aeronaves.
el día 02/9/17 a la noche apenas llegamos a casa llamamos a un especialista en estos temas extraños de la ciudad de río gallegos quien nos recomendó no bajar las imágenes a la computadora y guardas las tarjetas de memoria por separado fuera de los equipos, nos dijo que enviaría a un colaborador para buscar las tarjetas y que llegaría a la madrugada.
ocurrió esto a eso de 01:00 am del 04/9/17 cuando llegaron varias personas y entregamos las tarjetas para analizar las imágenes después de firmar un documento de propiedad intelectual del contenido.
nos pidieron no usar los equipos y los pusieron dentro de unas bolsas como de celofán rojo con una válvula que las selló al vacío después de sacarles las baterías y las dejaron en casa en un contenedor como una valija de fotógrafo.
le preguntamos si podíamos publicar lo que vimos aquí y nos dijeron que era nuestra elección y eso estamos haciendo porque supimos que algo ocurrió con un trabajador petrolero que vio luces a la noche hace como 10 días en un pozo petrolero ¿y si esto está relacionado?.

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Who was John Titor, the ‘time traveller’ who came from 2036 to warn us of a nuclear war?

If time travel is possible, why haven’t we met any time travelers? This was the question Stephen Hawking advanced on the topic of time warps. But it misses something: what if we have met time travellers without even knowing it? Or what if we’ve met them, but didn’t believe them? It was in the year 2000, on […]

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Zika: A Potential Treatment for Brain Cancer?

Zika has largely faded from the news cycle as efforts to control the disease have taken hold and the number of new cases has dropped. Now, it’s back, not as a pending epidemic, but as a potential treatment for brain cancer.

Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine and the University of California, Santa Barbara have conducted preliminary tests with the virus as a treatment for glioblastoma, a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer. Zika, which doesn’t carry many

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Who Owns the Rocks?

Who owns the land beneath your feet? That might seem like a simple question, but what about the stuff beneath the surface? The rocks and minerals … and resources? Who owns those items of potential value and who gets the profits if that resource is exploited? These questions have existed for centuries and are still being bitterly fought around the globe as certain resources become more scarce  and new resources are sought. What “worked” in the 1800s doesn’t work in the 21st century and it c

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