UFO Sighting in Utica, New York on 2017-09-02 17:22:00 – Strange cloud formation seen from amtrak train

i was enoying a nice ride on the amtrak train, seated on the left side. we left the albany stationthe train was veering to the left and as it did, i noticed beautiful yet ominous cloud formation. trees were obstructing the view while in the turn. after about 30 seconds […]

UFO Article (Blog): “Spain: Ministry of Defense Investigated at Least 8 UFO Cases in 70s-80s”

21 July 2017 (Inexplicata.blogspot.com) Source: Planeta UFO and Alicante Press (Date: 21 July 2017) https://inexplicata.blogspot.com/2017/07/spain-ministry-of-defense-investigated.html The emblem of the Spanish Armed Forces(wikimedia.org image)

Archaeologists In Egypt Uncovered An Underground Tomb Filled With Creepy 1,500-Year-Old Occupants

Deep in Egypt’s Nile Valley, a team of archaeologists are excavating an ancient site. Then, among the mummified remains of animals and birds, they discover something different buried in the dirt. There they uncover the mummies of long-dead humans which have been hidden beneath the ground for 2,000 years. In […]

First Eruption since 2009 Started at Fernandina in the Galapagos

News out of Ecuador is that Fernandina in the Galapagos Islands has erupted for the first time since 2009. Starting just after noon (local time) of September 4, the volcano produced new lava flows and a steam-and-gas plume that reached upwards of 4 kilometers (13,000 feet). Video of the eruption (see below) taken […]

Alien Encounter in Hawaii on 2017-01-09 16:15:00 – Cloud jumper | an entity of golden light fell from the sky like a creature entering our atmosphere

I was sitting on a mountain in honolulu hawaii. it was broad daylight. i saw an aura or entity of golden light “cloud jump” as if i were witnessing a landing. the entity of golden light streamed down from a cloud into the forests of the mountain tops miles and […]

UFO Sighting in Pico Truncado, Santa Cruz Province on 2017-09-01 10:38:00 – 2 helicópteros blancos y 1 avión drone blanco en patagonia

Vivimos en puerto san julián, mi esposo trabaja asistiendo operaciones de campo de minería y petróleo; el día 01/9/17 salimos de casa junto con una amiga de la familia a las 3 am por la rn 3 hacia el norte, hicimos unos 107 km hasta el empalme de la rp […]

Who was John Titor, the ‘time traveller’ who came from 2036 to warn us of a nuclear war?

If time travel is possible, why haven’t we met any time travelers? This was the question Stephen Hawking advanced on the topic of time warps. But it misses something: what if we have met time travellers without even knowing it? Or what if we’ve met them, but didn’t believe them? It was […]