UFO Sighting in Argos, Indiana on 2017-09-01 02:02:00 – Seen creature then seen bright disk shaped object zoom away in a flash, i ran in fear, just happened i’m still shaking

Sitting on my chair in house relaxing my dog goes crazy i grab my phone thought somebody messing around my back yard started taking pics then i seen the tall thin creature with huge eyes, then see a bright disk shaped object flash away really bright white light… only had that feeling of extreme fear once in my lifetime before…The creature casually peaking in my back sliding door, happened around 2:02am friday august 1st..The creature went north of my east facing sliding door i lost sight of creature then seen bright disk zoom off heading south west with great speed.Then i went and got my gun from room i’m scared…

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UFO Sighting in Santee, California on 2017-07-14 22:15:00 – Very large w or m shaped craft

I got home late after getting off of work and looked up at the sky after getting out of the car. i always look up at the sky, i’ve loved astronomy since i was little. i saw a very large m or w shaped craft, depending on how you looked at it. there were no lights and there was no sound. if i didn’t happen to look up when i did i would never have know it was there. it was a dark grey craft against the dark almost black night sky. it moved from a west to north/northeast direction in a slow and smooth manner. unhurried, not erratic at all. i didn’t have any intense feelings one way or the other about the craft. i remember thinking ‘ha! i knew there were visiting crafts in the area!’ i lost it when it went over a tree. i wasn’t ale to find it again because the craft and the sky were so dark. we live on the edge of the city near a small air field on one side and a military area in the hills/mountains on the other. there is constantly craft in the area and this was definitely a new one. as soon as i saw it i knew it wasn’t one of the “normal” crafts in the area.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Jay, Florida on 2017-08-31 22:15:00 – Sighted during drive home

While driving home, my fiancé and i noticed a bright orange light that “turned on” in the sky. it stayed stationary at first and then moved quickly in a line. then the object was close enough to see triangle shape. it had an orange light on each of it’s corners. the object then moved south of us and then the lights turned off and it was gone. lasted about 5 minutes. gave us both chills and we had ear aches afterwards.

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UFO Sighting in Findlay, Illinois on 2017-08-21 00:00:00 – Watching meteor shower. meteor like streak however leaving a long light trail and not a straight line

10:30 on august 20th. 2017. lone point, lake shelbyville. my wife, daughter and son retire to bed. night before the eclipse. my oldest son and i decided it was a cool night with a light breeze. no bugs. stars were phenomenal. we set up chairs facing west northwest. beautiful unobstructed view of the stars. a hint of the milky way. no clouds. fire dying out to glowing coals. sitting and talking about the perseids we saw two weeks ago up in wisconsin hoping we could catch a few shooting stars. we catch a few faint ones and then set up our iphones on the nightcap app. within the app there is a shooting star setting. it takes a five second open aperture shot on loop. it keeps clicking off shots until you stop it or it hits 290 shots. then it computes how many to save that had light events or movements. you have to position your phone against a stable object to keep any stars from blurring. it takes ok shots of meteors but they stand out against the points of light that are planets and stars . so my son and i are talking. we start to see a few faint meteors followed by a few real fire balls. a good show seeing 1 or 2 about every 20 minutes or so. then we see the strangest thing. a meteor shoot up from the horizon. never seen that before. but figuring the earth is round, sure. about three minutes later ( the whole time the iphone clicking away) we see a almost horizontal fireball shoot across the sky. but instead of a straight trajectory it shoots in a strange curved almost “u” shape. but instead of the common burn out on most meteors it just blinks out. we give each other a high five excited we both saw it. it was very bright. high altitude. faster then anything i have ever seen in the night sky. but unusual in its trajectory. we talk about it. stay out till 1 am and collect our phones and go to bed. as i’m laying in bed i see i caught a series from one fireball. i note the first three captures at 12:01. progressive fireball.

again. there was no other light source near us to reflect anything. this was all high altitude. and we never noticed the object. however we were getting up and moving around and there were moments we were not staring at the sky.

i tried zooming on the object. unable to identify. and although it was pitch black except for the stars i can’t explain it. if you notice. the stars in the background are crisp. if it were an image of a blurred star all of the stars would be blurred.
the biggest hangup was the speed at which the previous ” meteor” was traveling and it’s obvious altitude. and how it traveled in almost a cursive u course. how bright it was and the way it’s ” tail” hung in the sky as if it were almost drawn with a white glowing pen

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Views from space reveal the staggering extent of Harvey’s flooding – now confirmed as a 1-in-1,000-year event

As Harvey has lumbered to the northeast, the clouds have dissipated, finally giving satellites a clear view of what the 1,000-year flooding event in southeast Texas looks like.

The animation above tells the tale.

I created it using images acquired by NASA’s Terra satellite, the first on May 2nd, long before Harvey stormed ashore, and the second image just today. Look carefully at the center of the images and you can see the pattern of roads in the Houston area. (Click on the thumbn

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UFO hunters claim they have spotted an ‘alien ship’ hidden in an Antarctic cave in Google Earth images

A video zooms in on the area conspiracy theorists believe there is a ship They describe the footage as ‘final proof of secret technology’ on Antarctica Earlier this month conspiracy theorists said they had found a pyramid and a staircase built by aliens in the same region From a pyramid created by a lost civilisation to […]

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Is It Time to Give Bug Burgers a Chance?

A Swiss supermarket is doing its part to get Westerners hooked on the eco-friendly superfood of the future: bugs.

Coop is one of Switzerland’s largest food retailers with over 2,200 outlets throughout the country, and it operates as a co-op with some 2.5 million members. Recently, Coop started stocking bug burgers and bug balls (like falafel) that are made by fellow Swiss company Essento. And according to Essento, the burgers and balls, made with ground mealworm and other ingredients, are

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To Study Global Warming, Researchers Heated the Ocean Themselves

A perennial problem for climate science is that much of it lies in the realm of abstraction. Various models and forecasts compete for relevance, based on arcane statistical formulations that appear as so much gibberish to science reporters and readers alike.

Well, rest easy, weary travelers — here’s a climate study that leaves the ponderous math behind in favor of a real-world simulation of warming Antarctic waters. Researchers from the British Antarctic Survey decided to see what the eff

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Don’t Trust Animal Characters to Teach Your Kids Morals

Yes, Frog and Toad Are Friends, but they aren’t moral authorities for your children. That’s the finding of a new, fun-spoiling study on little kids and picture books. It found that kids learned a lesson about sharing from a book with human characters—but not from a book about a cute raccoon.

Many children’s books, of course, feature animals that act like people. And anthropomorphized animals have been imparting moral lessons since the time of Aesop. Nicole Larsen and her colleagues at the

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