UFO Sighting in North Port, Florida on 2017-06-10 15:03:00 – 5 inc long2 inc vide flu insid mi staid in 3 viks

I voz siting on my couch 3 pm smol blak scare 5+2 inc object flu inside my hous thru my front dour loukt like a smoul celfone standing on the air came thourd me slo no nouyse vent inside ander my left rib it felt frendlidid not cared me then it made a boozing soun i felt my side vibrate1 minut it sopt then vie starth vouching each odther then coumjunicath mentoli theaj make me fill its al ok then dheaj staid kviet 3 veaks tha ship voud buz eavri other deaj vibreat my left side after 3 viks 1 vouman caum out abut courter inh hy stud on thi ear louct yuman bould head bleak skin darc thyt sout i askt hu jou vith god or devalshie sad god iask vear yu frome shea sead darknes oldes reas in darknes bifour god created the cousmos i sead vhat thes little ship candue cean it destroy da planet she sead a hol gelaxi then shi project hear iminge yuman size kis me on lip long time+ i like vent bak in ship sip come out stud on air front of me dhen pof gon in thin air then a minut after thej leaft a ather ship came same vay thru the dour in me this von little biger fealtevil un frandle thej staid 1 minut left mead thej coud not fiend vath the others vous duing sory my inlish speling is not best inak sez jesus crist seas 18000 volds i think at least 18000 alian plenets outher ivold som life forms after god criated god like angels tu voch em som vith god som vith devols som aganst bouth jezus is infanet pover of god hi con not be defitad mind control makes yo aslave2 vajs to go re generets fridom vith jezus di generets sleavs vith satan vich one are yo

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UFO Sighting in Georgia on 2017-08-21 15:03:00 – It happened during the total solar eclipse. i took pics of it and noticed strange looking objects in the pics.

I was in my backyard taking pics of the total solar eclipse. i first noticed the object after i looked at the pics. i believed it was a ufo and a alien. round shaped white orb with a light and a body liked skeleton shape. i knew i encountered one after i saw the pics. i had weird feelings.

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UFO Sighting in Miami, Florida on 2007-06-01 05:40:00 – I was woken up by something, and was made not forced to go outside. it was very early in the morning, two objects above residence. one stationary the other move from six o’clock to 12 on the left side of other . euphoric feelings , communication?

I was woken up by something, and was made not forced to go outside. it was very early in the morning, two objects above residence. one stationary the other move from six o’clock to 12 on the left side of other . euphoric feelings , communication?

i say communication because i never just get up out of bed and go outside, something made me go outside, not forced, no negative anxiety or emotion.

i recall my fist reaction was joy and laughter, “i knew you always existed” i either thought or spoke .

the two objects were two redish orange orbs , movement was very fluid like, very quiet.

i ran inside to get my girlfriend at the time who was asleep.
i came back outside and they were gone.
i felt a deep regret that i had ran inside , but have always had a feeling that i will see them again in the future. i believe they will come back either to myself or other.

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UFO Sighting in Molalla, Oregon on 2017-08-24 20:44:00 – Ball of bright light erratically moving ascending descending quick sharp turns blinking out then reappearing. then vanishing into the tree tops.

I was driving down 211 from woodburn heading to molalla the stop light of 213 & 211. when in front of me high in the sky above the tree line a large ball of white light erratically moving with sharp turns up and down very quickly turning sharp angles then vanishes and reappears farther down in the sky squiggles more then descends below tree line. 15 to 20 seconds maximum time. t

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Sit, Shake, Citizen Science!

U.S. Air Force Photo/Senior Airman Christopher Griffin

If you have a cat or dog at home, chances are they love spending time with you. Now you have one more way to show them your love – with citizen science, just in time for National Dog Day on August 26! Below, we highlight projects you can do at home with your four-legged friends. Try them out and let us know what you think! Find more projects and events on SciStarter, to do now or bookmark for later.

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US military reveals $65m funding for ‘Matrix’ projects to plug human brains directly into a computer

System could be used to give soldiers ‘supersenses’ and boost brainpower Will also allow radical new treatments for patients with sensory disorders  Four teams will focus on vision and two on aspects of hearing and speech The US military has revealed $65 of funding for a programme to develop a ‘brain chip’ allowing humans to […]

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A Russian Tanker Completes First Solo Trip Through the Arctic Ocean

A Russian tanker ship has traversed the Arctic Ocean without the help of a separate icebreaker, marking a first for the Northern Sea Route.

The Christophe de Margerie made the journey from Norway to South Korea in 23 days carrying a shipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG), opening up the frigid route to sustained shipping traffic. Ships normally travel through the Suez Canal to reach Asia from Europe, a trip that takes some 30 percent longer. The ship, which has a reinforced hull allowing

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