UFO News Article: “One Out of Four In U.S. Believes ‘Saucers’ Real”

20 March 1950
(St. Petersburg Times, Florida)
Quote from the article:
“The Air Force wearily repeated its opinion yesterday–flying saucers are only figments of the imagination.
In Pittsburgh, Herb Morrison, a former lieutenant colonel in the Air Force and a pilot for 20 years, said,  ‘I didn’t believe in flying saucers until I saw them.’
Morrison said he saw five saucers one day while playing golf with six friends.
‘They were definitely not airplanes and two of them even appeared to be flying loose formation,’ he said.”

(wikimedia.org image)

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The Meaning of the Total Solar Eclipse

Honestly, this one’s easy: It means that a small group of Christians will succeed in making lots of people think all Christians are dimwits. Again.

Articles like this one have been appearing for the last week or so as evidence:  BLACK MOON: Does solar eclipse fulfill Bible prophecy of apocalypse and second coming?

The most nauseating quotation from the article? How’s this one:

Scott Clarke of ERF Ministries believes the eclipse is intimately connected to a September 23 astronomical alignment. He says it involves the constellations Virgo and Leo, along with Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter. On that date, Jupiter will exit the lower part of Virgo (the virgin) in a way that Clarke says fulfills the “man child” of Revelation 12 being birthed by the woman.

Revelation 12 looks back in time, not forward. Here’s a clue for those who need one. Revelation was written after the birth of the child mentioned in Rev 12,and Rev 12:5 has the woman “giving birth”. The Greek word unlocks the mystery there. It means . . . “giving birth” (as opposed to “coming on the clouds”). If you think Mr. Clarke and others using this event to “do prophecy” have it right, then I suggest you learn another Greek word: ψευδοδιδάσκαλος.

This sort of interpretive ineptitude is a tragedy. The only thing I can think of that’s worse (other than the flat earth thing) is that these “teachers” will manage to convince their faithful to keep listening to them. They’ll come up with some sort of hermeneutical gymnastics routine to explain how the Bible (read: THEY) were still right.

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UFO Sighting in Westport, New York on 2013-08-01 00:00:00 – Large ufo seen hovering at night in adirondack mountains with pulsating multi-colored light.

My husband and i were driving at night in the adirondack mountains in upstate new york four years ago in august. we were on route 87 and took the exit (number?) onto youngs road near the town of westport. the area was quite desolate with thick forests and mountains. the only building visible was the hilltop motel. when we were on the exit ramp, we saw a ufo in the sky beyond the motel. it was very large (about the size of a baseball field) and was hovering above the trees. it may have been descending while hovering. it had multiple flashing lights of various colors. the lights seemed to be pulsating or moving in a circular motion. it was dark so we could not see the outline of the object but, based on the lights, it seemed to be roundish or disc-like. once we got off the ramp, we were no longer able to see the ufo.

my husband and i are well-educated rational people and did not have strong opinions regarding aliens. however, we were both immediately convinced that what we saw was an alien spaceship. the only man made flying objects we know of that hover are helicopters and maybe drones but they are much smaller. a few days later we stopped at a gas station in the area and told the woman working there what we had seen. she said she was not surprised because there had been other sightings of ufos in the area. she said “there are strange things going on around here”.

i later looked at google satellite map and noticed that there appeared to be a clearance in the woods in the shape of a circle near where we had seen the ufo. there were no other buildings anywhere nearby besides the hilltop motel – just dense forest.

over the next few months we became skeptical about our initial conclusion that we had seen an alien spaceship. we decided it was probably some unusual man made aircraft.

last week we were up in that same area of new york for the first time in four years. i recognized the gas station that we had stopped at back then. i decided to go in there and i told a man working there about the ufo we saw four years ago. he told me that not only have other ufos been sighted in the area but that crop circles have been found. he even said one farmer discovered his sheep gutted and turned inside out with no incisions. i asked how he knew about all this and he said word of mouth and online duscussions. he also told me that recently the government blocked off an area in the woods. he said he did not have the guts to check this place out but that a friend of his went there and found signs stating that trespassers would be shot. the government does not usually post this type of warning unless the area is top secret. he believes the government only recently sealed off the area after the many unusual occurances were reported.

all of this information made me more convinced than ever that the ufo we saw four years ago was from another planet. my guess is the crop circles and animal mutilations were done by aliens and that our government is secretly investigating these strange activities. perhaps the aliens are visiting that part of the adirondacks because there are objects there they either need or want to study (vegetation, minerals, rocks, animals, etc). or perhaps they just feel comfortable there because it is so isolated.

i am hoping you all will investigate these reports of various unexplained occurances in that part of new york. i would love to know what you find out. thanks.

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UFO Sighting in Kalgoorlie – Boulder, Western Australia on 1996-07-23 00:00:00 – Two large arched shape craft and 3 smaller spheres hovering silently over desert

My freind and i wittnessed 5 ufo silently hovering over a large salt lake in kambalda outback western australia ,it was a winter july morning we were checking out how much water had gone into a usually dry salt lake from the remnents of tropical cyclone bobby,there was quite a lot of water in the lake,it looked like an inland sea ,there was low level fog in certain areas surounding us,but we were above it all,veiwing the lake from a vantage point called red hill ,the time was around sun rise ,where the sun was rising my freind suddenly said whats that ,i went to look i could see to the left of the rising sun the silloette of a dark arched shaped craft motionless in the sky hovering silently ,i was litterally shocked first i felt like running but ,i was brought back to looking at it ,i then suddenly spotted another craft, the exact same size and hovering on the right side of the sun all equally spaced apart and at the same height but this second craft had 3 smaller speres all spaced equally apart aranged on a 45 degree angle ,we could see clouds passing in front of them and passing behind them they were all motionless and silent,we watched them for around 15min when this large cloud passed in front of them and they were all gone not a trace left ,that same day on the evening news were ufo sightings in north west australia a place called broome and they were reported as orange glowing speres,we didnt report what we had seen ,just only spoke to family ,a week later i noticed a bump on my neck near my ear ,like a blind pimple,my freind had one also in the exact same place which eventerly went away ,but we never did recall loosing time .It was an awsome experience and to this day i have always wondered who was operating those magnificent machines .And where they might be from true story.

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UFO Sighting in El Paso, Texas on 2017-03-19 00:00:00 – Observed several round, reflective spheres ascending in sky. continued watching them assume a pattern as they moved slowly from my sight.

Sunday march 19 2017, while instructing a martial arts class at eastwood park, el paso tx, i stopped to drink some water. as i threw my head back to swig from the water bottle i noticed a series of perhaps 6 bright reflective balls, ascending quickly in a row, but curving in a c shaped flight pattern while ascending. they were not floating like balloons but rising rapidly. that caught my attention for sure ! it was midday and i marveled at this sight. from my initial vantage point, it looked like this string of spheres had started low to the ground. within seconds they had reached an altitude of approx. 3000 ft. i work in army aviation and am fairly confident of the alt. several of the spheres shot straight up and out of sight the remainder seemed to float aimlessly into a pattern. that’s when i grabbed my ipad and took the video. i clearly filmed what i thought were 3 spheres which had formed a triangular pattern, but in the video i see one or two more . one of my students also witnessed this event, but not from the beginning, only after he saw me run for the ipad and start filming. we both agreed this was high strangeness. the event ended with the spheres gradually moving in an eastern direction out of sight , while still in a triangular pattern. one of the objects appeared to be more reflective than the others. i have ruled out reflective balloons based on the way they flew. and the wind direction seems to have been out of the ne that day. not sure what these spheres were. i got the feeling they were under controlled flight.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Ship Bottom, New Jersey on 2017-08-20 00:00:00 – “they are hovering like stars”

They just flying up or in to a orbit. and hover not to hi . then mimic a star . another one comes firing up, glowing orange? (heat from re entry.) then like a star blue, then lights up all sorts of colors, moves any direction to a new spot for an hr maybe two. then just hovering.
i seen thousands last night. then questioned my sanity all day, there back tonight i wasn’t nuts. there over east coast (long beach island.) ship bottom , nj. seemeds like they are parking to watch the sun to come up. jocking around for best view.. stay all night. faid off and up with the sun rise almost fools one into thinking they were stars actual stars? or wtf. did i really just watch thousands of ufos all night,. ???
actually formed the big dipper constellation @ 3:30 it stalled to a hover and let the earth pass it by faiding off in to the east ( staying with the sun ??) then they all kidda started faiding off. @2 -4 am was best they were very low in the sky. lot of action theres so. there’s so many and the move around ,if you watch them for ten mins.. gets hard to comprehend what your seeing. k thanks, it’s already started to night, lot of vieo on a galaxy s6 that’s turned off. no cell service,,,

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Here’s what tomorrow’s total eclipse would look like if you could watch it from a million miles away in space

Millions of people across the United States will cast their gaze upward to watch tomorrow’s total solar eclipse as it passes across the breadth of the nation. But what would it look like if you could gaze down on it from a million miles away in space?

For an answer, check out the animation above. It consists of 13 images acquired by the EPIC camera aboard NASA’s DSCOVR spacecraft during a total solar eclipse on March 9, 2016. Watch for the dark shadow that progresses across the Pacific Oc

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The UFO Curse Continues …

The UFO Curse Continues ...

     Recent comments by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos has some in UFOlogy reflecting on the future of their “science”. His comments suggest that UFOs are approaching a mythological status and there appears to be little future in resolving the matter. I also took note of this comment:

It is an unattainable goal to solve 100% of all circulating reports. There will always be unexplained events but it does not mean they are unexplainable. We will always have bad input data. There will always exist people willing to deceive us. There will always be wrong analysis
or biased interpretation on such observations.

By Tim Printy
July-August 2017

It is an interesting observation and reflects my opinion about many of the “unsolved” ufo cases in the various databases. In my continuing articles about the “The UFO evidence under review” and “The 701 club”, I have noticed that many of these “unknowns” can be explained or do have potential solutions. This does not mean that all of these cases can be explained. However, with so many potential or good explanations, what does it say for the remaining “unknowns”? With a database populated with so many mistaken observations, can we really consider the remaining cases proof that UFOs are, as NICAP put it, “manifestations of extraterrestrial life”.

UFOlogy seems to be on the ropes these days. When new “smoking gun” cases are presented, they often are explained by an individual or some group of individuals. Even the older prize cases are being openly questioned. As each of these important cases are
exposed to be not as solid as claimed, the more UFO proponents cite the older classic cases as proof that UFOs are exotic phenomena unknown to science.

A good example of the problems associated with how UFOlogists interpret reports appears on page 6. While some UFOlogists rely solely upon the witness reports, a bit of minor detective work revealed the true source of this “mass sighting”. There is little doubt as to the actual source because of the data gathered by another organization that also specializes in gathering reports. However, their reports were more informative and their observers “knew what they saw”.

As I have mentioned in the past issue, the upcoming solar eclipse will dominate a significant amount of my free time for the next few months. This issue, I have an article about “potential UFOs” being reported during the eclipse. I don’t expect many UFO reports but, then again, I did not expect people to mistake Venus for a UFO in the 1991 eclipse. One never knows for sure. I want to encourage readers near the centerline to travel to the eclipse path and view totality. You will not be disappointed.

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Only Three People Have Died in Space

On April 19th, 1971, the Soviet Union launch history’s first ever space station, Salyut 1. Days later the Soyuz 10 mission failed after a problem with the docking hatch meant the crew couldn’t actually board the station. Unwilling to let Salyut languish, Soyuz 11 launched on June 6 and Georgi Dobrovolski, Vladislav Volkov, and Viktor Patsayev became the first men to live aboard an Earth orbiting station. Their mission wasn’t without its problems, but the problems were just beginning when the cre

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