UFO Sighting in Lenox, Massachusetts on 2017-08-19 22:00:00 – 3 ufos in triangle formation.

I was attending an outdoor concert at tanglewood in lenox, ma. i had noticed various aircraft throughout the evening at high altitude with flashing strobes, etc. point of interest, i grew up around naval air stations and air force bases most of my life, and am extremely familiar with numerous […]

UFO Sighting in Steger, Illinois on 2017-08-19 21:48:00 – I thought it was a blue star until it moved

I had just returned home from a family event and noticed a bright blue light in the sky between the trees as i was exiting my vehicle. it was a cloudless, starry night. i walked down the driveway to get an unobstructed view. i was very intrigued by the unusual […]

UFO Sighting in Conroe, Texas on 2017-08-14 23:30:00 – Star like object. naked eye, slow oscillation -1.0 magnitude to 7(visible through 11×80. 15 min to move across 45 degrees of sky

I am a amateur astronomer living about 45 miles north of houston. i’m 25 miles north of iah. i have seen aircraft of every description and many different kinds of running lights…This was very different from anything i have seen before. the sky was cloudless and had good visibility. i […]

Lost GoPro Found Two Years Later With Incredible Footage Of The Earth From Space

Here’s something cool that happened when five friends decided to launch a weather balloon equipped with a GoPro, camcorder, and cell phone over Arizona. After building the device, calculating its trajectory, and registering it with the FAA, the five friends sent it out into the desert. For a while, they […]

‘UFO, magic carpet or a gateway to another universe?’ Chinese residents are baffled by mysterious rectangular light in the sky

Footage shows the strange shape which appeared in the sky in Jinan, China The video was taken on August 13 and then posted online Many people said the shape looked like a mobile phone or magic carpet  Many people in Jinan, China were left confused as a bizarre shape appeared in the […]

Eerie UFO Reported to Land by Marine Pilots | UFO CHRONICLE –- 1953

     An eerie account of a glowing disk-like object seen by four pilots was released today by officials at the Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point. One of the pilots thought he saw it land, and believed it started a forest fire. Greensboro Daily News (North Carolina) 2-12-1953 See […]

UFO Crashes Near Crystal Springs, MS | UFO CHRONICLE –- 1950

      Bobby Mohon called the Jackson paper late Friday night from Crystal Springs with the story of how a flying saucer had struck a power company transformer on the night of May 12, causing an electrical outage in the city. He reported mangled bodies laying near the wreckage […]

Daily UFO Headlines 8/18/2017

UFO or magic carpet? Mysterious rectangular object in sky baffles Chinese citizens [VIDEO] – International Business Times Doomsday gap? – Red Dirt Report ‘Eclipseville USA’ to feature incredible view of totality and … aliens? – Click 2 Houston Alien sightings – Bureau County Republican 7 conspiracy theories that just won’t […]