UFO Sighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 2017-08-13 00:00:00 – I was taking pictures of the sunset and saw green lights.

I was taking pictures of the sunset and i saw green lights i pulled the phone away and saw green lights moving around i then looked at the pictures i took and saw that i had pictures of the object.
i then researched website of ufo sightings. i then decided to send it to your website.
at first i was frightened i haven’t seen anything like that. i wasn’t to sure if i should send it or not. but i am very curious to know what it could be. i hope you’ll be able to give me a piece of mind.

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UFO Sighting in Hampton, Virginia on 2017-08-17 20:45:00 – A red light hovered, flew left, turned blue, hovered, turned blinking white and disappeared behind my house.

I was getting in my suv to go to the store around 845 thursday night, aug. 17, 2017. a stationary red light in the dark sky caught my attention. at first i thought it might b mars but it was too bright. then i thought it might be an aircraft moving in my direction which just appeared to be stationary. langley air force base is not far away. i watched the object, puzzled. suddenly it changed color to blue and moved in front of a cloud and then hovered again. finally it turned white, switched on a strobe light and moved steadily toward my right. i got on my cell phone and called my wife to come outside and see a ufo. she was reluctant to do so but finally asserted and came outside. by that time its path took it behind my house. i ran through the house and looked at the sky behind my house, but it was obscured by tall trees. i lost sight of it. i reported the incident to a hampton police dispatcher, a reporter for the local nbc tv affiliate wavy and a reporter for the local abc affiliate, wvec. drone? you got me. living near lafb and newport news williamsburg airport, i am used to seeing and hearing aircraft regularly. i have never seen anything like this.

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U.S. Government UFO Document: “SUBJECT: Air Space Violation at Oak Ridge, Tennessee”

Date: 27 July 1953
(U.S.Army, Washington, D.C.)
Source: NICAP.org
The whole document:
“THRU: Commanding General
Third Army
Fort McPherson, Georgia
ATTN: AC of S. G2
TO: The Adjutant General
Washington25 D.C.
1. Reference: Section VIII, paragraph 73b, AR 380-5.
2. The following report of unidentified objects by Norman H. Brown, Acting Chief, Review and Analysis Section, AEC, has been received from the Senior Instructor, USAR Instructor Group, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and is transmitted herewith in accordance with directive cited in paragraph 1, above:
‘At approximately 3:00 P.M. on July 19, 1953, an F-86 aircraft was observed flying over the Oak Ridge residential area, making circles at what appeared to the writer to be approximately 2,500 or 3,500 feet. The F-86 flew over the area in this manner for approximately ten or fifteen minutes. The writer, together with his wife, observed the aircraft through a pair of six power field glasses. After the aircraft flew in what appeared to be the direction of Knoxville, Tennessee, a black object moved out of a high white cloud, directly over the area the F-86 had been flying. This object began to travel, at a tremendous speed, in a large circle. This action on the part of the unknown object continued for at least five minutes. During the circle of this object, it appeared at times to be in the shape of a cigar and at other times round.’
‘This object was extremely black in color, having an appearance of a deep black metal exterior with a fine gloss. It did not leave a vapor trail or were there any lights of shine noticed. No sound was heard. The object flew east at a tremendous speed for what appeared to be approximately three miles where it stopped. The object was then joined by two more of these same objects. A formation similar to a spread ‘V’ was formed and the objects, at a tremendous speed flew in an eastward direction.’
3. Further information will be reported as received.
Captain, ASC Asst. Adjutant”
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(wikimedia.org image)

Satellite photo of Oak Ridge, Tennessee (tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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UFO Sighting in Ludowici, Georgia on 2017-08-18 22:30:00 – I had just got home from working late i parked in my driveway walked around the truck to get my computer bag out looked up like i always do and i said what are you to the sky then the bright flashes of light started to appear

I was about to open my passenger door to get my computer out and go inside. i looked up as always and i saw the stars clustered together and i said what are you. at that point i saw a flash of light and i just thought it was a shooting star. i kept looking up and saw the flashed of light many more times it looked metallic but i argued with myself because the sky w dark and the object was so far away. i went inside to get my wife and kids to tell them to come and see. by the time they got outside it was not visible anymore.

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UFO Sighting in Boise, Idaho on 2017-08-18 21:45:00 – Ufo, was going west it stopped hovered and started going east.

Ufo came across the sky heading west, i noticed a very slight high pitched sound, it looked like an airplane trying to make a very sharp turn like the plane had one wing pointing straight up and one down, i could not make out the exact shape of the object because it was night but there were far too many lights for it to be an airplane they were sequential lights. as i watched it head west it was as if it turned so that it’s “wings” were horizontal, it stopped dead and started to slowly move slightly to the left and right and also up and down, after about thirty seconds it started to move eastward and began descending behind the tree line, which is when i lost sight of it.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Fort Collins, Colorado on 1991-12-05 18:30:00 – Driving home from loveland to fort collins, looked up and saw this huge triangle to the north moving very slowly

I was traveling north on shields between loveland and fort collins when i noticed something to my right. i slowed down and looked up, and saw a huge triangular craft heading north along with me. i opened all four windows and my sunroof to try to hear something, and heard no noise. came to a stop at the intersection of trilby and shields, and watched the craft slowly turn to the east. i couldn’t turn right to follow, as there were cars in the turn lane, and i couldn’t get over there. my best memory for the description was a large triangle with large white lights at each tip, multi-colored lights all over the bottom of the craft, with a dome-like circle in the middle of the undercarriage. 8 months later, while outside one evening, i noticed three triangular lights way up in the sky above me, moving to the north very slowly. there were no blinking lights on it, so i knew it wasn’t an airplane. i recognized it immediately as the craft i had seen initially.

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UFOs and Nukes Researcher, Robert Hastings to Appear on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp

UFOs and Nukes Researcher to Appear on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp

     Noted researcher Robert Hastings will discuss his investigations into UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp, on August 20, 2017 at 10 p.m. Pacific Time.
By The UFO Chronicles

UFOs & Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites
Since 1973, Hastings has interviewed more than 160 U.S. military veterans regarding their involvement in one nukes-related UFO incident or another. On September 27, 2010, CNN live-streamed his press conference in Washington D.C., during which former U.S. Air Force missileers described occasions when several ICBMs mysteriously malfunctioned moments after a disc-shaped craft was observed hovering near their underground launch silos. The full-length video of the press event is available at www.ufohastings.com.

The second edition of Hastings’ 600 page book, UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites is now available at Amazon and Amazon UK.

Hastings’ recently, released documentary, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, can be viewed here.

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Are aliens hidden in ancient religious artwork? Bizarre theory claims that signs of early visits from ET can be found in old paintings

Several centuries-old historical artworks contain ‘alien-like symbols’ UFO hunters say these symbols prove that ancient civilisations met aliens  But art experts say that the mysterious symbols are being misinterpreted Conspiracy theorists claim that ancient artwork could hide signs that aliens have visited the human race. Several centuries-old paintings, cave drawings and tapestries contain symbols and […]

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Darkness Will Reveal the Sun’s Mysterious Corona

When the moon slides in front of the sun Monday, millions of viewers will catch a glimpse of the sun’s corona, which will appear as a hazy glow outlining the solid shadow in front of our star.

Scientists will be watching closely as well, because eclipses are one of the few times they can easily gather data on a region of the sun that is still poorly understood. The corona is the atmosphere of our sun, a swirl of charged particles that extends millions of miles into space, swept into filam

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Israeli Military Veterans Built a Sniper Drone

In 2015, Israeli Special Forces likely made history by using a sniper rifle mounted on a commercial drone to take out a target. The robotic solution that achieved such pinpoint accuracy came from Duke Robotics, a startup founded by veterans of the Israel Defense Forces. That startup has since developed a multi-rotor sniper drone capable of accurately firing a wide array of weapons such as military assault rifles and grenade launchers.

This is not like the usual military drones flying abov

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