UFO Sighting in University Place, Washington on 2017-08-17 23:44:00 – Saw regular strobing light. looked like a start/satellite. blinked 3 times at 2 second intervals, then disappeared.

Was looking at stars. saw a definite flash of white light, approximating a star or satellite. saw it again, then saw it a third time. then nothing. thought it may have been moving, but slowly (if at all). three flashes, then nothing.

kept looking for another 5 minutes, nothing. definitely was a flashing light. because it was a point light, it was impossible to determine altitude.

hope this helps.

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UFO Sighting in Barra do Garcas, Goiás on 2017-08-13 00:00:00 – Appeared out of nowhere over the city and disappeared in less than a second

A person it’s shooting film for our family on riverside at night when shes decided to point your cellphone to the city suddendly appears that ufo and come from the moutain on north and passed over the city directly to south, the ufo passed at an incredible speed for a comum airplane or terrestrial engine likes.

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UFO Sighting in West Virginia on 2017-08-04 00:00:00 – A bright yellowish-orange /white-orange “orb”, with a slow, ne to se trajectory; no faa beacon at all; disappeared after approx 45 seconds to 1 min; cloud cover not obstructive; slightly larger than a star and “noticeable” until dissipation; no noise

As this report is being filed a few weeks “after the fact”, the exact date of this reported “sighting” cannot be ascertained, at this moment, unforrtunately, although, to my best recollection, the event occurred sometime between the dates of 08/04/17 and 08/10/17, at approximately 2200 to 2300 hours (est).

the “unidentified object” first appeared to several of us, while we were standing on a back porch, socializing and occasionally observing the sky. suddenly, someone brought to out attention a large (i.E.,large star-sized), slow-moving, light-orangish “orb” in the ne sky, that seemed to have a somewhat-steady, ne to se trajectory or flight path.

the object,itself, was approximately the size of a very large star, and was positioned approximately 35 to 40 degrees above the horizon. the object displayed no faa beacon at all, nor did it have any noticeable or distinguishable structural features that we could distinguish, from our vantage point – it merely appeared to be a bright, glowing, light-orange “orb”), that did not appear to change in size, during it’s flight acorss the sky. the object did not produce any apparent noise during its flight acpath across the sky.

said object was definitely not a plane nor a flare, and continued to remain “visible” until suddenly disappearing after approx. 45 seconds to 1 min, while in the se sky. as i recall, cloud ceiling/cover was not enough of an issue to have been deleteriously obstructive to our view of this object, so it’s sudden dissapearance did surprise us all. in fact, we kept ouur eyes trained on the se skies for approximately one minute after the object’s sudden disappearance, but were never able to establish a subsequent visual on the object after that.

to reiterate, the object was a slow-moving, “light-orangish” “orb, that slightly larger than a typical star, in fact, it seemed to be somewhat close to the size of a “bolide”/large meteor, per se, although i highly doubt it was such, as there was no accompanying or simultaneous sonic boom or shock wave, heard during it’s flight, at all. nor did it appear to have been a meteor, as it did not have the typical size, shape or “flight” characteristics of one – and its flight’s duration was much longer (nearly a minute) than that of a meteor, as well.

in closing, although i, admittedly, have yet to do any extensive, online research to confirm if others around the world have reported similar sightings, “off the cuff”, i do seem to recall reading or seeing reports of at least one very similar report in the past. as to whether this object was “terrestrially-based” (e.G., military or ”black-ops”) or “extraterrestrially-based”, now appears to be “the salient question”, and that’s a question i have yet to come to any kind of firm opinion on, at this time. anyone?

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Mark Pilkington’s top 10 books about UFOs

Mark Pilkington is a writer with a fascination for the further shores of culture, science and belief. He also publishes books as Strange Attractor Press. In Mirage Men Pilkington travels across America looking to explain his own UFO sighting. After scouring the subject’s history and meeting former air force and intelligence insiders, Pilkington concludes that instead of covering […]

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UFO Sighting in Washington, District of Columbia on 2017-08-14 00:00:00 – Fox and friends object

Fox news, fox and friends morning of august 14 2017 44 to 45 minuites into broadcast. object appeared to fly across screen. i caught it . reveiwed it on dvr. and attempted a poor video that im submitting here and already to youtube. i attempted to post video here but its on my dvr and i attempted to download from my android and it failed to load. my video, ufo fox and friends ufo can be viewed on youtube, but it was recorded off the tv on to my phone, and is not clear like the object appears on telivision.

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UFO Sighting in Roanoke, Virginia on 2017-08-17 22:34:00 – one bright white light. pulsed white then stay dark

Around 10:34pm took my dog outside and to smoke a cigarette before i was going to go to bed. we just had a big thunderstorm move through a hour or so before so the sky was clear in all directions. as i was waiting on the dog i happened to be looking at the tail of the big dipper and noticed a very bright white light above the handle of the big dipper and noticed it flash. i was kinda taken back for a second and it flashed again this time in different spot not far from where it was at first. as the ufo continued to do this in a irregular pattern i was just stunned by what i saw. no sooner then i had seen this it moved, flashed very brightly, and then it was a huge orange slightly yellow almost like a ball/explosion very bright very pronounced. at this moment i had relized what i had just seen and tears almost came to my eyes in disbelief.I watched it morph back to a white bright light and what happened next was very unnerving. it seemed far away like a star the light faced me even though it seemed far away like when someone shines a flash light towards your direction at night ,and i felt watched as hair stood up on my neck. i called the dog down to the basement stairs and after getting us in the house ran back to the upstairs bedroom in a panic and told my wife what had happened. she could testify to me having tears in my eyes and being panicked asking her to come outside to see it for herself. we looked for about 5-7 minutes and saw nothing. we live near a airport and im very educated on almost every type of aircraft the world over.(son of a navy vet). i’m 34 years old i have always believed in life else where in the stars. ive watched all the shows t.V. and internet vids. i never thought i would ever have this type of experience and tonight was the night that as im typing this a hour later still cannot belive what ive seen with my own eyes. a part of me feels like they were watching me watch them. like the south carolina sighting.Thanks mufon i feel a little better now. i got to tell someone other than my wife who belives me.

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UFO Case Directory: “Black Objects Maneuver Over Area nr F-86 July 19, 1953 Oak Ridge, Tennessee”

The whole UFO case report:
Fran Ridge:
July 19, 1953; Oak Ridge, Tennessee
At approximately 3:00 P.M., an F-86 aircraft was observed flying over the Oak Ridgeresidential area, making circles at what appeared to be approximately 2,500 or 3,500 feet. The F-86 flew over the area in this manner for approximately ten or fifteen minutes. The witness, together with his wife, observed the aircraft through a pair of six power field glasses. After the aircraft flew in what appeared to be the direction of Knoxville, Tennessee, a black object moved out of a high white cloud, directly over the area the F-86 had been flying. This object began to travel, at a tremendous speed, in a large circle. This action on the part of the unknown object continued for at least five minutes. During the circle of this object, it appeared at times to be in the shape of a cigar and at other times round. (Not listed in neither the BB Unknowns nor the updated catalog by Brad Sparks, this incident was mentioned in the MUFON UFO Journal, Issue No. 205.  An Army document was located and is presented by the link below with a transcript.)”
NOTE: The directory contains a U.S. government (U.S. Army) UFO document.
Wikipedia article: “Oak Ridge, Tennessee”:
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“Y-12” Area at Oak Ridge, Tennessee
(nicap.org photo)

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Yes, Scotch Whiskey Is Better With a Splash of Water

A true Scotch drinker doesn’t pour an aged Macallan in order to, as less refined revelers might say, “get the party started.” Quite the contrary, the seasoned aficionado attends to certain norms and customs before imbibing, not unlike a traditional tea ceremony, in a nod to enlightenment, restraint and discernment—the finer things.

The experts recommend pouring Scotch into a tulip-shaped glass to swirl the matured flavors. Sip, but never gulp, as that would be heresy to the history that’s

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Roman Pipes Delivered Water — And Toxic Antimony

The elaborate system of pipes that carried water to Roman households was an engineering marvel—for its time. Unfortunately, their sophisticated water utility may have been poisoning everyone.

An analysis of a pipe fragment from Pompeii revealed the presence of high levels of antimony, an element that can cause vomiting, diarrhea and even organ damage at high enough concentrations. It was probably included to harden the soft lead pipes, which were a luxury for Roman citizens at the time, d

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The SECRETS Of AREA 51 – Alien Interview and UFOs

Watch the video at the bottom of this article for more details. Dreamland is the code name for Area 51. Area 51 is a “secret” military base located about 90 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is also known as Groom Lake, named for the dry lake bed the military base is sitting on. […]

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