UFO Sighting in Westlake, Ohio on 2016-11-30 11:00:00 – Bean shaped mirrored ufo

This was the coolest thing i had ever seen. i was on my way to work and something high up in the sky caught my attention. it was tiny because of the distance it was from me but it had to have been the size of the average house and i could see it clearly. it was hovering directly above a large park. it was bean shaped. jelly bean shaped exactly. it was chrome, mirrored. there were no interruptions in the chrome. the thing was completely covered in chrome. it was truly exactly like seeing the chicago bean way up in the sky. it wasn’t curved as much as the chicago bean though. just curved a bit, like a typical jelly bean. but the resemblance to the chicago bean, almost the same shape, completely chrome, and reflective, possibly even very similar in size. the ufo i saw was very high up. it was just hovering there. then it turned just the slightest bit on its axis, catching the sun, admitting the brightest glow, then boom it was gone. it didn’t shoot off. it didn’t fade. it didn’t fall. it just disappeared. that was when i truly knew i had witnessed something spectacular.

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UFO Sighting in Pollock Pines, California on 2017-08-16 21:30:00 – We were looking for meteor showers when we saw a light bright but very far, flashing and changing directions. it moved very fast.

Pollock pines ca 08/16/2017 9:30 pm
my husband and i were looking at the stars. we have a very nice view from our back deck.
i saw it first. it was a bright white flash, the size of a bright star. it got very bright and faded slowly. then in 30 seconds – 60 seconds it would flash again in a different location. this went on for about 5 minutes total. it was not going in a straight line. it was going in reverse too. before it went out of view we saw it move very fast and far. my husband is very skeptical of these things but agreed what we saw was a ufo of some kind. it was amazing to see!!

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UFO Sighting in Glendale, Arizona on 2017-08-16 21:04:00 – Solid glowing object slowly fell, like a shooting star. seconds later, it bolted upward extremely fast, then suddenly and quickly flew to the east.

At 9:04 pm, i was sitting on my front porch facing north. suddenly, i saw what seemed to be a shooting star slowly falling many miles northeast. unlike a shooting star, it never faded or left a trail; it remained a solid, glowing, very bright object of the same size. when it disappeared behind a house across the street, i wondered what it was, and even got scared that it could have been some strange glowing weapon (like someone was attacking us) – but settled on it being a shooting star, and started thinking about a wish to make.

a few seconds later, jogging my mind for wishes, i was totally shocked when the same bright object immediately bolted upwards – and then, immediately jetted to the east. i have never seen anything like that before.

i pulled out my phone, opened the camera app, and started recording video. i have 34 seconds, timestamped 9:05 pm, aimed at the spot i saw it happen – but it was too late. it only captured an airplane and helicopter nearby.

this was absolutely, unmistakeably not any of the following:
– a plane
– a helicopter
– a bug
– something in my eye
– fireworks

i am sober, and not sleep-derived. and i’m completely stumped.

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UFO Sighting in Cleveland, Ohio on 2016-11-18 23:15:00 – Small (star sized) pulsating rainbow orb

I got home late and got out of my car and walked out of my garage. high up in the west (which was sraight ahead of me) i noticed a star sized orb colorfully pulsating. it was descending fast enough where i knew i needed to grab my good camera quickly in order to get a chance to get some good shots. however, it wasn’t fast enough at all to be any sort of meteor, airplane, helicopter, etc. i know of nothing of that size, pulsating very bright color, that would be that high up, but slowly come down in a straight line long enough for me to observe it over about five minutes as it lowered about 5-6 inches if i measured with a ruler right in front of me. once i got my camera, i zoomed into this orb pulsating every color of the rainbow very fast. it was so bright that i couldn’t see the shape of the object. it finally disappeared behind the house across the street from mine, then i couldn’t do anything. unfortunately, the video i got was horrible. yet, i did capture an awesome picture. i moved a bit when taking it, so there was a trail created of the object. yet, that trail allows anyone who sees it to observe the variety of color this object illuminated and just how bright it really was. this picture is a picture my phone took of the display screen of my camera and it still looks cool. i live right by a major airport, within a couple miles. i have airplanes roaring over my home constanly. this wasn’t a plane, plus it was a couple miles away, straight ahead (west), high up in the sky. you could argue it was coming in for a landing from miles away. but then it would not be descending straight down without coming closer to the airport which was a couple miles from me to my left (south). if it did land, it would have landed miles away from the airport with that behavior. also, last time i checked too, planes blink at night using two or three colors. they do not pulsate very rapidly (non-stop) between the colors of the rainbow.

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UFO Article (Blog): “Holland, MI Radar-Visual UFO Case, part two.”

By Dr. Michael D. Swords, 26 April 2012
(The Big Study)
Quote from the article:
“In part two of this legendary saga, I’m going to try to sketch out how CUFOS and I got involved with the case. That involvement ultimately led to the publication of our findings in the article in the International UFO Reporter above. Those findings encompassed only a small, albeit vital, portion of the case, as other investigators allegedly were getting the mass of the on-the-ground fieldwork data. As said in part one, it turns out that those ‘other’ researchers were either NOT getting the fieldwork data or that data was never utilized and promulgated to the rest of us. We didn’t know that at the time, of course.
CUFOS got word of this explosion of UFOs over Western Michigan at about the same time that everyone else did, but CUFOS was by that time in its history no longer an organization which did onsite fieldwork except in very special circumstances. Still, CUFOS Director, Mark Rodeghier, decided that this one sounded like we should at least we should dip our toe in the water. He knew that I was not a field researcher, but that I had a friend, an old NICAP member, who used to do that. So that’s who he called. My friend began looking into this.
It was instantly obvious that a chaotic circus had immediately commenced. Witnesses, other than the Gravesfamily, were being assaulted in paparazzi fashion and being turned off everywhere. The 911 operator told my friend that he knew of a few witnesses who had seen quite a bit, but who had told him that under no circumstances was he to let out their names. One guy was an ex-USAF colonel who lived south along the coast and who would have been a superior addition to the story. But no way.
The NOAA station manager had told everyone flat that there would be no interviewing any station personnel especially the night operator who took the 911 call. They wanted none of the grief. My friend made contact not only with them [briefly] but went on to talk with NOAA HQ in Washington DC. He made a good impression. Ultimately they called him back and said that he could have the only interview with the staff, BUT he would have to bring that WMU science professor with him when he came [he’d played my ‘PhD card’ to them over the phone]. So I was stuck with a field investigation if we wanted access.”

(2.bp.blogspot.com/thebiggeststudy.blogspot.com image)

Map of South West Michigan (michigan.org)
(michigan.org image)

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UFO Article (Blog): “Holland MI Radar-Visual UFO Case, March 8, 1994, part one:”

By Dr. Michael D. Swords, 24 April 2012
(The Big Study)
Quote from the article:
“This entry if it ever sees the light of e-space is supposed to be about the Holland, MI radar case. That case is the only true UFO case of which I ever participated in an investigation. It surprised me when I searched this blog and found that I apparently never told the story. So, here goes.
The newspaper article at the top is one of probably hundreds which reported these events, and as you veterans know, it made international news due to the involvement of the Muskegon MI NOAA radar station which watched odd things on their scope in real time, all the while being recorded by the 911 operator in Ottawa County.
The map at the left [at least I hope that it ends up somewhere in the vicinity] shows the approximate locations of the NOAA radar station [at ‘A’], the most famous of the observations [by the Graves family, at the pink dewdrop], and several of the other reported sightings, marked with yellow circles, all of which were reported as happening at or VERY near 9:30pm. Rather astonishing. And I believe a little known fact about this case. It was as if Western Michigan ‘lit up’ with UFOs at the same time.”
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(2.bp.blogspot.com/thebiggeststudy.blogspot.com image)

Aerial view of Holland, Michigan
(photography-plus.com photo)

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Ulcer-fighting Robots Swim Through Stomachs to Deliver a Cure

Tiny robots powered by bubbles have successfully treated an infection in mice.

The achievement is another step forward in a field that has long shown promise, and is only now beginning to deliver. The therapeutic robots in this case were tiny spheres of magnesium and titanium coated with an antibacterial agent and about the width of a human hair. They were released into the stomach, where they swam around and delivered a drug to the target before dissolving.
Robots In the Stomach

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Mount Marilyn: A Name That Will Stick…Finally

In 1968, Jim Lovell became the first human to pilot a spacecraft — Apollo 8 — around another world. And two years later, his Apollo 13 heroics earned him an eternal place in spaceflight history. But those feats also left Lovell as the only person to visit the moon twice but never walk its surface.

In July, Lovell got his chance to leave a lasting mark on our satellite. Explorers have always named newly discovered landmarks. But things didn’t work out that way for Apollo astronauts — at le

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