UFO Sighting in Burleson, Texas on 2017-08-15 00:00:00 – Orb being chased by a helicopter.

I was in my bedroom, about 11:00. outside i heard a hum, since we live next to an international airport about 60 miles away, i was pretty used to it. but this was getting closer and closer like it was right over my house. so i go outside on my back porch facing north, i go outside and i see what almost looks like a big bird, but then i see a helicopter. so as i focus my eyes i see what looks like a black dome like craft being chased by a black helicopter. ( or maybe craft guiding the helicopter) this craft made noticeable directional changes, and traveling what seemed like 200 mph in the sky. i lost sight of the object as it disappeared over the horizen. i need to be sleeping, i just hope the mib don’t come to my house and ask me questions.

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UFO Sighting in Salem, Oregon on 2017-05-23 05:04:00 – Object i know was not helicopter or star it was oviousley an object with a bright light staying still .

I was sitting in a truck at a walmart near a helicopter base in salem near cascade gateway park when i noticed a bright light abouve walmart at first i thought was a lone star but then noticed it was an object i told the guy with me look wats that and he said i dont know but was looking for something in the car so he didnt pay much attention to it it looked more clear then but i didnt take pics intill we started to go home down state street.

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Alien Encounter in Douglas, Arizona on 2017-08-14 02:20:00 – Taken against my will

i dont know what the craft looks like all i know is when i try to looks and concentrats on their features imatge persuaded or inturrupted im taken to other places with other people they allow us to know its not earth we are allowed to wander no visible life just geological features but we can breathe as on earth last night talent before anys amber reddish lake with others i can see people across the lake i asked why no one swimming or boating im not told but i understand the waters is not fit.

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New Evidence for That Huge Dinosaur Family Tree Rewrite

Remember that paper that dropped a few months ago completely rewriting the dinosaur family tree? Well, the researchers are back, this time using one of the odder dinos out there as evidence for their explosive claim. Is it legit or just hype?

Back in March, researchers argued for a total takedown of the long-established dinosaur family tree.

Today, Matthew Baron and Paul Barrett, two of the three authors of that previous Nature paper, try to bolster their case with a new look at Chiles

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UFO Sighting in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania on 2017-08-15 20:40:00 – Definite ufo.

1) i was having a cigarette out on my deck.. i usually have one as the sun is setting, or just after.

2) i was checking out the stars on this beautiful, crisp , clear august night.

3) i thought it was a star. and looked away several times, and then looked back to make sure i saw what i was seeing.

4) straight line , no sound. but solid white or yellow color…Moving from due south to north.

5) i felt dizzy after, but probably just from nerves , from seeing what i saw.

6) it finally went out of sight.

my original txt that i sent other outlets –

i live out here in the mountains (2000 feet up) , so it’s perfect for night viewing and there’s always interesting stuff out here it seems. i’ve seen meteors burn up several times.. but this was no meteor.

it was a lighted object , just as faint as some of the stars out there. but it was moving. i couldn’t believe my eyes at first, because it literally looked that far away , like it was one of the stars that are hundreds of light years away, but was moving from due south to due north. and then out of view. i got my cell-phone but the light from it was faint, and wouldn’t even come into view on there. it was definitely not a meteor or asteroid because it moved in a straight line from south to north and never was there any fainting of the the solid light. it was of the same solid color (white or yellow) the whole time. no blinking or blinking lights of any kind either. planes fly through here all the time, and this was no plane from this planet. it honestly just looked like an orb of light moving from south to north….But it was very far away it seemed. the light on the object may of been from the sun setting as well, as the sun set like an hour (or more) ago , but up that high , i could see how the sun could reflect things from that angle. there was also no sound. this was amazing and my first official ufo sighting.

you can email me back if any questions, but otherwise i prefer to remain anon.

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UFO Sighting in San Angelo, Texas on 2010-09-20 03:33:00 – Lying down outside, when a white boomerang type craft flew silently overhead

I was just bored and lying down on my trampoline, i was just star gazing when a fat white boomerang (best description i can give) flew quietly overhead it had to be close because the orange glow of the street lights were reflecting off of it. i thought at first it was a huge bird or plastic bag floating in the air or maybe even a kite, but it was too late for anyone to be outside. (other than me of course) to be flying a kite plus i was in a residential area. it remained still like an aircraft, but flew with complete silence other than a slight hum it emitted. this was 7 years ago and i still wonder what it was i saw . due to occam’s razor it’s high probability that it was a government craft (i do live in a city with an air force base) but i still wonder what they were observing or what they were doing flying so low.

it was spectacular i love to think there was a pilot in there knowing i could see him..

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Scientists Cook Up Magic Mushrooms’ Psychedelic Recipe

Scientists have known about psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in “magic mushrooms,” ever since Albert Hofmann isolated it in 1958. It’s taken until now, however, for them to figure out how it’s produced.

Researchers at Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany sequenced the genomes of two psychedelic mushroom species and used the information to identify four key enzymes involved in the process of creating psilocybin. Knowing how the mushrooms make the compound opens the door to

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Why Thousands of Volcanologists are Meeting in Portland

So, this whole week I’ll be taking part in the IAVCEI meeting in Portland, Oregon. Of course, most people have never heard of IAVCEI, which is an abbreviation of the International Association of Volcanology and the Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (now you can see why we use the abbreviation.) This meeting is bringing together over 1,200 volcanologists and petrologists (who study magma, not petroleum) from all over world to talk about volcanoes.

We will even be visiting volcanoes during

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Why Are Oddly Satisfying Videos So…Satisfying?

If you’ve never seen a master lathe operator at work, I highly recommend it. Deft movements and practiced flourishes turn a block of spinning wood into a bedpost, top, bowl or some other circular object, each motion peeling away curls of wood to uncover the beauty hidden inside.

It’s hard to explain why the motions feel so right, but there is an undeniable allure to the work, as if it scratches an itch you didn’t know you had.

As it will, the internet discovered lathe turners — and pas

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UFO Follows Car – Circa 1930

Orb Following Car - Circa 1930


The UFO sighting account happened in the town of Waterloo, Ala., in Lauderdale County in late fall of 1930.

By Cheryl Costa


“Shortly after pulling up by the school, the occupants of the car saw a bright light that looked like a ball of fire,” Jesse said. “My grandmother was in the back driver’s side of the car, and she said that the light was approaching the car from the rear passenger’s side. They all assumed it was a flash light or car headlight of someone to come open up the door to the school. The light got brighter and it filled the car interior with light. It was so bright, my grandmother said it was as bright as daylight.”

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