UFO Article: “NSA Fully Releases ‘UFOs and the IC Blind Spot’ Doc Following FOIA Request”

10 August 2017
(The UFO Trail (ufotrail.blogspot.com))
Quote from the article:
“We first explored the doc, composed at some point prior to 1979 by an unnamed author, here at The UFO Trail in the January blog post, NSA UFO Docs. Two redacted sections of the seven-page file were noted. The first section provided an example of how human response to perceived unusual phenomena can be detrimental, particularly from a military perspective. Images below show previously redacted pages on the left, with the now fully disclosed pages on the right.
Offering an example of detrimental responses, the author explained how a USAF technician ‘was engaged in first level traffic analysis and intercept processing against Soviet Bloc countries,’ when one of the countries began to report an unusual radar track. It was described as ‘a high flying fast moving object with an erratic flight pattern.’ Although identified as occasionally moving against the wind, the Bloc ‘began reporting the object as a balloon.’
‘The next Bloc nation picked up the object and continued the designation of balloon despite the erratic flight pattern, high speed, and against the wind maneuvers,’ the author continued.
It was further explained that the airman noted a variety of emotional reactions taking place among personnel within the American processing facility. Such reactions included ‘everyone was more edgy and silent than usual,’ as well as ‘aggressive and distracted responses’ to requests for clarification of some of the data.”

My comment:
The previously redacted part (the U.S. Air Force intelligence traffic intercept) of the NSA UFO document is interesting (and revealing) on four counts.

1. The U.S.Air Force intercepted two Soviet Bloc countries’ intelligence traffic and surveilled how the Soviet Bloc countries’ military or intelligence (or both) communities handled a UFO incident.
2. The psychological reaction of the U.S. Air Force personnel shows that the people in the room were fully aware that the incident was a bona fide UFO incident (not a balloon incident).
3. The NSA was previously unwilling to declassify the portion of the document that deals with the U.S. Air Force’s surveillance of the UFO incident.
4. This is without a doubt not the only UFO incident the U.S. military intelligence community has picked up while intercepting another country’s intelligence traffic.


(wikimedia.org image)

Aerial view of the National Security Agency, Fort Meade, Maryland (wikimedia.org) (wikimedia.org image)

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UFO Sighting in Santa Monica, California on 2017-08-10 19:06:00 – Orb like sighting of 50+ objects over santa monica ca on 8-10-17.

Disclaimer: i’m not drawing any conclusions as to what these were, i’m open to all possibilities.

here is an explanation of what we’re looking at because the video really doesn’t do justice to how these things were moving:

these are 7 videos put together that stretch between 7:06pm – 7:22pm on 8/10/17.

i first noticed these things in the sky while walking out to my car around 6:50pm. there were a dozen or so, high up, and looked to be moving like balloons or lanterns. living close to the beach and the pier, i see a lot of balloons and lanterns so i’m familiar with them. anyway, i ignored them at first because i was in a hurry to move my car. by the time i finished (around 7:00) and walked back down the path the numbers of them in the sky increased by another couple dozen – and there were a number of them quite low to the ground.

at this point i thought: advertising stunt of some kind (we get those a lot in la too). it wasn’t until i got back to my door that i saw a whole “fleet” of them coming in on what looked like a flight path (disclosure: we are close-ish to lax and the santa monica airport and i’m familiar with the flight paths – you’ll see a number of planes in the video). as if they were coming from the upper atmosphere (over the pacific) and down towards pico blvd essentially. at this point i thought “skydivers” or “flares”… and went inside and grabbed my binocs.

when i looked through the binocs (i have two pair, one with a stabilizer one with extra magnification) i expected to see lanterns, flares, balloons, or even drones or skydivers. instead what i saw were sparkling rings of smoke that had some shape and apparent structure, but they spun like tops in the sky as they moved. they almost had a jellyfish type body that seemed to pulse and was translucent. once i pulled out the binocs and saw this, four “zoomers” (what i called them) buzzed down from the sky (above the palm tree in the long shots for reference) and skimmed above the roof of the building directly in front of me (only a couple hundred feet in altitude). they were silent, and moved incredibly fast (way too fast, as you’ll see) to be a lantern or balloons – and then they climbed in elevation after buzzing the roof.

i was alone, though my neighbor saw it as well. i should have gotten more people outside to be honest. mistake on my part. but these clips in the video are broken up because i was going back and forth between filming and watching through the binocs. i stated this in the video, but will say it again, this video does not do justice to how many of them there were in the sky. it was a constant flow, on a “flight path” seemingly of these things for 30 minutes or longer. it lasted a long time, and had to be seen by more than me.

i slowed some of the clips down at the end, the one zoomer i got and another slow motion vid of how they move in the sky (you’ll see it tumbling @ the 1:51-1:57 mark).

time stamps:
first thirty seconds are kind of tough, showing the higher altitude ones that had just buzzed me
:40 second mark you see some new ones coming in, lower and closer.
:55-:57 mark you can kind of see the movement (like balloons) as well as the pulsing.
1:51 – 1:57 mark you will see one moving across the top, spinning, it gives you some of the shape
2:11-2:17 mark you can see more movement (these are new ones, not the same as the ones above)
3:15-3:26 mark good shot of one close, moments after it buzzed the path i was standing on, moves like balloons… but way faster and they’re glowing.
3:33-3:52 mark has another one dipping low, then a zoomer (the only one i got on film, but there were several others) that flew past real fast. this one is slowed down at the end and zoomed in as best i could.
*4:35-5:21 mark has three more coming in on the “flight path”. by that i mean, you see how they’re high in altitude and moving lower. that’s how most of them came in, in a straight line from that high altitude and then down where they spread out, then reformed into a line and moved on at a lower altitude. this also includes the description of these things.

thanks for your time.

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UFO Sighting in Halifax, Massachusetts on 2017-08-14 00:00:00 – Country siting

I was driving with a friend going back to the town of carver, she told me to take this odd side street which led us to a big open view of the night sky. my friend looked out the window and noticed a giant sphere like object in the sky sitting, not doing anything. we stopped for about five minutes and looked at this orb in the sky. it emitted a yellowish orange and gold light which made it look like the sun if we were up close to it. when we had first stopped we thought it was a star, but after sitting there for a while it just seemed odd as it was brighter than the northern star which is the brightest star in my hemisphere. it made us feel extremely eerie. after we left we were driving and we confronted another object in the sky. it had the similar look of a plane, but it was flying way to low to the ground and was completely silent. it had to green lights on it and one red one in the middle. it was going a speed of around 15-20 kilometers per hour.

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UFO Sighting in Seabrook, Massachusetts on 2017-08-08 00:00:00 – Several triangle orbs that change to a pulsating crystal. circle ufos that spin red,blue.Yellow colors. several v shape formations with saucers that seem ti move when pointed at.

While looking ne towards seabrook nh i noticed kaleidescope colors in the
east that seemed out of place.I grabbed binoculars and saw a spinning saucer object just above tree line.It moved erraticly,coming towards me turning into a orb shield around it. a triangle ship appeared over the tree line hovering. you could see red and blue lights blinking on its bottom side. it then shot up behind my condo at lightspeed.I hear humming and pounding noises and pulsing humming sounds.A celestrial star shape with green in the middle turns sideways and appears 100 yards away.Ive seen these objects for 3 years.Im a former army mp.What i saw is accurate.It has affected my dreams and daily life.I have had a meeting with a celestrial being while stationed at my duty station,i will take a lie detector test.I believe i was abducted after my encounter 1989 while on duty.There are over 25 visible ones that only i seem to notice. triangle formation with a ufo at each point.Objects can be seen going up to them and the other takes off and gets replaced.I had a triangle ship hover in daylight hovering over the trees across the river.Please help.I have video and pictures.I used a hd camera with tracking software.

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UFO Sighting in Alamo, Texas on 2017-08-13 21:50:00 – Looked like a star but then realized it was actually moving. then assumed it was a jet but after about 20 seconds or so ,i realized it just disappeared. thought it might have been cloud cover but clouds were minimal . light did not reappear

Looked like a star but then realized it was actually moving. then assumed it was a jet but after about 20 seconds or so ,i realized it just disappeared. thought it might have been cloud cover but clouds were minimal . light did not reappear . i find myself looking up at the sky frequently
in the evenings. looking for anything unusual. this is probably the first time in this area that i do …

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UFO Sighting in Yukon, Oklahoma on 2017-08-13 20:19:00 – Friends called 20 miles away, we witnessed orb move slowly forward(westward)simultaneously including disappearance

sunday evening and i just fed my dogs, when a friend called me from edmond about 20 miles away at 8:19pm. she asked me if i could see the bright light that she and her boyfriend were observing from their back yard as we spoke. i put my glasses on and stepped onto my north porch while still on the phone. i asked the direction to look and they said it was almost directly above them, which is to my ne. i then observed in the sky at about 70 degrees, a very bright light in the direction of their location, edmond.
at first, i thought it was venus, but it was in the wrong location. the sun had just gone down, but no stars were visible and the sky was blue. then i thought it may be a reflection of an airplane, as i have 3 small and 1 international airport within 25 miles. although the sky was clear on that half, the curvature of the earth was obstructed by an on coming storm front, and the sunlight could not pass through it.
at this point over a minute had passed as the object moved very slowly in a westward direction. the speed was too slow for conventional aircraft, it was nearly hovering, it had no flashing lights and was not on any of the regular aircraft flight paths. i continued to watch the object while talking to my 2 friends on the phone as we three witnessed the event from our dual locations.
after observing the object for approximately 5 minutes, the object started to fluctuate slightly in light intensity. the object, in all this time had not moved more than 3 degrees off origination point. a total time of over 5 minutes had passed by now, when the object started to blur slightly. over the next 20 seconds the bright object faded from view, as if it were pulling away at high speed.
the event was over at 8:25pm. i then observed the sky and discussed the object on the phone with co-witnesses for another 6 minutes.There were still no stars visible and no aircraft in the area at that time.
i live outside of town were it is relatively dark at night, and this not my first ufo sighting. on the contrary, i have seen many and i am an expert in light and photography. this one has at least 3 observers so i decided to report it.

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‘Alien orbs’ captured on camera hovering over Brit crop circle claims expert

A CROP circle expert believes he has captured strange UFOs flying over one in the UK. Pierre Beake is convinced the mysterious marks in the countryside are the result of paranormal activity and not hoaxers. He has dedicated years of his life investigating the circles in the south west of England. And he was stunned […]

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As a species, we have made magnificent strides in robotic space exploration in the past decade. From exploring Pluto close-up for the first time to discovering our solar system is rife with underground liquid oceans, we now understand our little neighborhood of planets and moons better than ever before. It’s time to start talking about how we are […]

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Strange UFOs Captured on Video in Brazil

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UFO Captured on Video in Brazil 8-6-17

     A witness in Poços de Caldas, Brazil captured a video of a strange looking object he cannot identify. The witness reported the object to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) along with still images and video.

The sighting took place on August 6, 2017. The witness claims to have noticed two bright star-like objects moving across the sky, even though it was during the day and still light out.

By Alejandro Rojas

Here is the witness report, verbatim:

It was still day, and I saw two bright and strong lights, looking like stars. But no other star appeared, and it was too soon for them to appear. They moved together in a constant trajectory, not fast, not slow… and in the same direction (SE to NE), and really far away. Constant brightness all the time. One of them was bigger and brighter, and other smaller, but still bright. This small one disappeared suddenly, but the bigger kept on moving. They passed over right above me. Strange because it was to UFOs, very bright all the time… (sun reflection not the case).

I took a picture of a plane passing by, with maximum close up from my camera. The same close with I took the pictures. I changed ISO, so some pictures were darkened. And at the end of the mp4, there is the video.

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Very Rare Discovery on Sun Orbiting Spacecraft

It appears that the sun orbiting spacecraft are seeing some bombardment of meteor debris.

Stereo-A Cor2 shows many examples of what appear to be parts of a meteor shower however some images are very perplexing and seems to show Unidentified Flying Objects orbiting the sun.

Especially two cubes and a massive spacecraft streaking through space, leaving an enormous long comet-like tail behind are very unique.


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