Google Books: Focus On the Book, The UFO Cover-Up: What the Government Won’t Say

The book is written by Lawrence A. Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood.
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UFO Sighting in Wichita Falls, Texas on 2017-07-27 20:32:00 – Saw what looked like plane in cloud formation, but could not tell if going up or down

I was at work in se part of county. i and coworkef were escorting patients back to unit from an evening function when we saw a crescent shaped thing in a cloud formation to the nw, looked like the moon, but knew the moon in another direction. no one could agree if this thing was going up or down. my co-worker said he was going to take pictures, but kept walking. i took my phone and took a photo at normal lens and 2 more in zoom more. we walked back onto unit and an rn said it was an alien ship. i initially did not agree, but by definition it was something no one could identify (ufo). i kept looking at the photos and yesterday finally went to local tv station to rule out a meteorological event. the weatherman busy, so sent email with photos. i had to first bluetooth photos from phone to ipad, then sent them. i then looked at the photos again and saw 4 black objects above (3 close togegher and the other a little to left) the crescent shaped moon on the bigger screen of ipad. the weatherman responded with description of whole cloud formation, rather than commenting on specific details asked about. i did not see red/green lights like a net and the object seemed to have a shape/form around what could be called the crescent shaped light. it had black dots, less visible transluscent dots and maybe even some whit dots on other side. idk what it is, but look at pictures. again, the first picture taken with normal lens and contains: crescent shaped thing that is lit up with 4 kther objects above it; the other 2 taken with zoom lens and shows from withi, the light. i only took 3 pictures, all at 832pm, as we had to escort clients back to unit, but am very intrigued by what i did capture.

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UFO Sighting in Willits, California on 2017-08-09 21:00:00 – Randomly pulsating flashing object

1.) behind my apartment on an walking path, taking my dog for a night walk!
2.)we were on our way home and i always look up in the sky to observe the stars, when, in the corner of my eye, i saw a big flashing light.
3.) my first thought was, it was an airplane, after a closer look i thought it was an satellite.
4.) like stated before, i came to the conclusion it must have been an satellite, but then it did things, no airplane and no satellite are doing. now, i am familiar with airplanes and i also witnessed countless satellites, but this object did weird things.

5.) first i began to notice that it can’t be an satellite, it was way to slow, i mean, really slow. then there was one pulsating light that came up randomly, not like on airplanes. after the pulsating light turned dark it took 10-15 seconds and one bright flash appeared and this also not regularly.. i was observing this object for around 30 minutes, when i first saw it, it came from the north , heading north east but a plane or an satellite would have taken 1-2 minutes to be out of sight, not this thing. it was far up in the sky and the sky was/is clear.. no clouds.. the object was hardly to see and i could only spot it when the pulsating light came on or after a flash, it also moved in circles, meaning no straight path. it is so hard to explain what it did.

6.) my actions during the sighting ? i sat down on the ground, my dog next to me and i just looked up to the sky to see what this is all about, i have never witnessed anything like this before, my heart was pounding. trying to explain it and you simply can’t. conventional aircraft? i don’t think so, satellite? definitely not. we have airplanes / helicopters over this area every day, i know the flight path and like i said before, in nighttime i often look up to the sky and follow satellites.. i am 100% convinced that it was none of those and i hope somebody else in north california witnessed the same thing.

7.) it stopped… that’s how i lost sight.. there was no pulsating / flashing anymore.. after observing it for around 30 minutes it suddenly stopped. i changed my position to get a larger view of the night sky and i knew where the object must have been, but nothing happened anymore.. i waited another 5 minutes and decided to go home and fill out this report.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Manchester, Connecticut on 2017-08-09 23:00:00 – 2 bright lights and a 3rd faint light made it appear triangular. approached fast. slowed when i took pic!

I was walking my dog on the sidewalk next to my apartment building. i noticed 2 bright little lights moving in unison, steadily. it was prob moving faster than it appeared bc it was high in the sky. it was a clear night with a full moon so i was already looking up admiring the stars, so it caught my eye from afar. approaching from the south headed ne straight towards where i was. i grabbed my phone to take a pic. i accidentally turned on the flashlight and it started to slow down and appeared to descend bc the 2 light became brighter and bigger. that’s when i noticed the 3rd light that gave it it’s triangular form. i became frantic as it neared closer. i stopped looking at it, staring at the ground thinking if they don’t think i see them i’ll be safe. ive never felt such real fear in my life. when i looked back up, still in sight it had just passed over me continuing course. i never used the video camera on my new phone and was freaking out trying to figure out how to use it. realizing it was seconds from being out of sight, i took a pic to try and get anything. it was gone within seconds after over the tree line. i stayed outside for another 2 hours, now knowing how to use my video camera, but that was it. nothing after.

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UFO Sighting in Richland, Iowa on 2017-08-09 22:33:00 – It was there then gone

Seen lights thinking a plane but the light under the object was long then the second was off to the right just as i was telling my family to look at the weird lights. the lights just vanished! in the thin air i never believed in ufo’s only that it could be a possibility. but seeing wht i seen tonite i never seen this before i witness plenty of planes regular jets and the jets the arm forces fly but i never get excited like after this incident. i’m not crazy or a lunatic

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Oldest Gliding Mammals Shed Light on the History of Flight

The oldest gliding mammals ever discovered are strengthening the case for taking to the skies.

Well, they couldn’t exactly soar like the eagles, but the two new species, discovered in China, at least sampled the aerial life. Both date to around 160 million years ago during the Jurassic Period, when mammals as a lineage were first getting off the ground — both metaphorically and literally. They’re not directly related to the gliders of today, however. Gliding instead seems to be advantageo

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“Giant” Third Dynasty Pharaoh Study in the News

I’m referring to this recent two-page (!) study in a medical journal: “Oldest case of gigantism? Assessment of the alleged remains of Sa-Nakht, king of ancient Egypt,” Lancet: Diabetes and Endocrinology 5:8 (August 2017): 580-581. Several folks have emailed me about this.

My only questions about the article (and the news outlets reporting on it) are: (1) Did anyone read the article or the news summary? and (2) Will the more zealous nephilim theorists online read it?

I ask because the pharaoh in question was 6-feet-1-inches in height. I’m taller than that. As the article notes, this height is unusual — which has been exactly my point about nephilim on this site. There is no evidence in the Bible or archaeology for giants over ten feet tall. What’s being described is upper six-foot on into the seven-foot range. There’s also no evidence for “races” of giants in the sense that so many online want the ancient Near East densely populated by giants. What the OT describes with respect to nephilim / giant clans are pockets of people taller than average in scattered places / settlements.

Just in case the “giant skull” people come out of the woodwork on this one, here are some quotations (p. 581) from the journal article:

“Only his long bones show signs of exuberant growth (gigantism), while the dimensions of his face do not exceed more than 2 SD (with the exception of the bigonial breadth) compared with other royals . . . [1] This finding could indicate an enlargement of the mandible, although other dimensions of the face are not excessively enlarged. The alleged Sa-Nakht probably had gigantism, truly being the oldest known palaeopathological case in the world. Assessment of the facial structure faintly suggests acromegaly, which could indicate a regression of hyperpituitarism.”

So, this report is in line with my thinking, but not the hyper-nephilim diffusion / incredible height thesis propagated by many websites. It will be interesting in seeing how many times this study is breathlessly reported to defend the latter ideas.


[1] SD = “standard deviation”


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Were Modern Humans in Indonesia 73,000 Years Ago?

The conventional timeline of human evolution and migration continues to crumble in the face of new research. The latest finding puts anatomically modern humans deep in Indonesia up to 73,000 years ago — tens of thousands of years before once thought possible.

The old school timeline, still widely taught, went something like this: Homo sapiens evolved into a distinct species from earlier hominins about 200,000 years ago in Africa and became anatomically modern humans (AMHs) about 100,0

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