Black Triangle Sighting in Gadsden, Alabama on 2017-08-04 00:00:00 – Small light resembling a star began to move in a zig zag pattern. later the object appeared to form a triangular pattern.

I was at home, sitting on the tailgate of my truck smoking a cigar. my wife joined me after her shower. as she sat down we laid back in the bed of the truck to look at the stars. we saw a few shooting stars and were quite amazed. as we sat and talked about constellations i noticed one of the stars appeared to get brighter. i pointed it out to my wife and as soon as she noticed it as well it began to move in irregular patterns. it would move up, down, side to side and then in a zig zag pattern. after a moment it would become stationary again. the longer we watched we noticed two other starlike lights were moving with it. the two new lights weren’t nearly as bright as the first, but seemed to be equidistant forming a perfect triangle. we continued to watch in amazement. as one light moved the other moved in unison, same speed and same direction, leading us to believe they were attached. but as they continued to dance and move they began to move independently of one another. at first i was having a hard time believing what we were seeing. we watched for approx 2 hours before going to bed. after the first hour the movements became less abrupt almost to the point it seemed to become stationary for long periods of time.

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Google Searches: Focus On the 1980s Hudson Valley UFO Incidents

(Search term: “UFO” “Hudson Valley” “1980s”)
(“UFOs” “Hudson Valley” “1980s”)
Wikipedia article: “Hudson Valley”:
Quote from the Wikipedia article:
“The Hudson Valley comprises the valley of the Hudson River and its adjacent communities in the U.S. state of New York, from the cities of Albany and Troy southward to Yonkers in Westchester County.[1] Depending upon the definition delineating its boundaries, the Hudson Valley encompasses a growing metropolis which is home to between 3 and 3.5 million residents centered along the north-south axis of the Hudson River.”
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Video freeze-frame: Large UFO filmed (by Bob Pozzuoli) 

over Brewster (New York) on 24 July 1984
( image)

Map of New York (
( image)

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UFO Sighting in Rockville, Maryland on 2017-08-06 00:00:00 – I saw a round basketball type round white light again, it pretty much stays stationary and moves sometimes a little bit only, then goes back to standing still outside my living room window while i’m watching tv., i reported this same situation other day

Saw and reported seeing this what looks like u.F.O. already the other night. i saw same thing in living room window while i’m watching t.V. again. i took more pictures and that’s why i am re-sending more pictures tonight. i noticed it at 12:12 a.M. (after midnight (it disappeared around 12:22 a.M.

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UFO Sighting in Chino Valley, Arizona on 2017-07-24 18:08:00 – Video surveillance, super sonic, flew above building and then behind clouds, the reappears briefly, straight line.

This was video from a security surveillance system in chino valley, az, usa. we were watching it for another reason, when we noticed a strange object fly across the sky at an amazing speed.

the view is to the north-northwest and the object appears to fly in a straight line from the southeast to the northwest. it appears above the eve of the building, travels into and behind the clouds, then reappears for a moment before going behind the trees.

we were in the building at the time and did not hear anything. one person i spoke with said that he heard a story about something he couldn’t explain in the sky, “the other day”, but i was unable to speak with the person personally. any thoughts are welcome.

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UFO Sighting in Over cantral farm (l12), on 2017-08-06 03:50:00 – 2nights on the run it wasn’t hovering bright light an for over time acended an door disappeared.

The past two nights on the run from 3am london times till just before sunrise the space craft hovers above the building but you can tell it’s quiet far out but seems so close. the ufo looks very bright in colour and looks to me like 2 bright orb-like circles separating then forming back together on top of one another with a mist od glitter surrounding it like a aura of diamond then on another picture taken it turns into a disc of bright like then snap another picture again and it in another shape,then i began to video and the camera kept loosing focus as if the ufo was interfering with my phone video camera but allowing me to take pictures. then over then next few hoursbits slowly moves higher and higher then you turn away and look back and it’s gone asif it knew i was watching but didn’t want to just take off. the first night i took the pictures and attempted the video it felt like my body from toes to head was being scanned but no light or anything was around me. it fel like you put two side of a magnet together met and it repels from another and crazy sensation like. well that all mai lu will keep you updated if i see it again. also another time me and my boyfriend at 6/7 am in the morning brought morning daylight me and him seen two bright light zooming across the sky in doffent direction at a very high speed and was so bright as if the sun was reflecting off it. then magically dossapeared in different directions.

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UFO Sighting in Flagstaff, Arizona on 2017-07-01 16:30:00 – Large, disc-like object, moving slowly east to west, gradually “pixelated” and disapeared

On the afternoon of friday, july 1st, 2017 at about 4:30pm. i was doing yard work in my backyard. i sat down in my lawnchair to take a short break and leaned my head against the back of my chair and looked up. almost straight above me, but more to the east of my home, i saw a disc-like object moving very slowly towards the west at a very high altitude (approx. 30k ft.?). it appeared at first to be stationary but as i staired at it i could tell it was moving in relation to the tree i was sitting near, in my backyard. i thought through all of the things it could be (plane, balloon, drone, etc…), but judging by behavior, shape, altitude and size, i came to the realization that it was a ufo.
it appeared to be flying at or above about 30k ft (in clear skies) and the size of about two passenger jets side by side, it was tan in color and shaped like a doughnut with edges that tapered to a point and in the center instead of a hole was a sort of dome at the bottom (i never saw the top of it).
i went inside my house to get my phone to take a picture of it. i took two photos, but after viewing them on the phones screen i felt that they were not good enough and unfortunatley i deleted them. i’m still mad at myself for doing that.
as i continued to stare at it clouds were beginning to form to the west of it and they cast a shadow up on to the craft. minutes before passing over the clouds it started to rotate (or bank to the north) then the most bizare thing happened and the best way i can describe it is it sort of “pixilated” like a wave moving over it from one side to the other it took about three or four seconds to just vanish. it didnt fly away, it just disapeared.
the entire event lasted approx. fifteen minutes from the time i first noticed it.
i’ve seen strange things in my life but nothing as definitive as this. i needed to tell someone about this.

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If They Aliens Discover Us Before We Discover Them (Redux)

Talking the walk …

     Don’t know about you, but I’m loving those mystery lights on Ceres as NASA’s surveillance probe, Dawn, bears down on the biggest chunk of real estate in the asteroid belt. And not because of the prospects for discovering alien activity – they’re remote, at best – but because of the opportunity to witness, again, the ritual disconnect that characterizes institutional science whenever The Great Taboo legitimately insinuates itself into a news cycle.

Let’s go back a few years when, after half a century of logging zilch in the Great ET Radio Signal Experiment, SETI pioneer Jill Tarter proposed

By Billy Cox
De Void

a new name for their endeavors, the Search for Extraterrestrial Technology (SETT). This was a tacit grudging concession that maybe radio astronomers had been working with a flawed model. In 2011, the International Journal of Astrobiology published a paper by astrophysicists Martin Elvis and Duncan Forgan proposing an even more specific tack, that maybe Earthlings ought to consider scanning the asteroid belt for evidence of ET “macro-engineering projects.” Translation: mining operations. Made sense. After all, they noted, asteroids are repositories for raw material like gold, platinum and silver, the kind of stuff you’d likely need to repair or refuel extended planetary missions.

And, as Forgan would hypothesize two years later in the IJA, ET wouldn’t even have to bend the known laws of physics to reach the rocky debris zone between Jupiter and Mars, no matter which part of the Milky Way he/she/it came from. Upon crunching the numbers, Forgan and a mathematician hypothesized that robotic technologies could have mapped this galaxy well below light speeds, in about 10 million years. On the cosmic scale of time, that’s no big deal.

So here’s what’s going on. In 2007, NASA hurls an unmanned vehicle toward the asteroid belt to look for clues to the formation of our solar system. Destination: “dwarf planets” Vesta and Ceres. Dawn enters a 14-month mapping orbit over Vesta in 2011, then moves on toward the bigger prize. In February, as it closes to within 29,000 miles of Ceres, Dawn’s cameras detect something totally off the charts – lights on the surface. Their luminosity doesn’t appear to be significantly affected by different sun angles. Two months and 25,000 miles closer, their intensity is still unblinking. Planetary scientists are stumped; at the Jet Propulsion Lab’s website, PR flacks do a very savvy thing by letting visitors vote on the most likely suspects: “volcano,” “geyser,” “salt deposit,” “ice,” “rock,” and “other.” Wonder what “other” could be. Hmm. Anyway, we’ll get an even better peek by summer’s end, when Dawn dips to within 900 miles of the surface.

No matter what those lights are all about, this sort of suspense is cool. Talk about a teaching opportunity for schools.

Now let’s review some of NASA’s recent headline-grabbing statements. In 2014, given our ongoing exoplanet transiting searches and the impending exploration of more local worlds like Europa, space agency scientists predicted Earthlings will discover ET life within 20 years. That forecast was reiterated just last week at the Astrobiology Science Conference in Chicago. In fact, NASA Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate (there’s a mouthful) and former astronaut John Grunsfeld suggested that ET civilizations might already have detected us, the same way we’re locating and confirming the existence of deep-space planets. Quote:

“We put atmospheric signatures that guarantee someone with a large telescope 20 light years away could detect us. If there is life out there, intelligent life, they’ll know we’re here.”

Left unsaid, what none in that sheltered crowd wants to contemplate: And if they discover us before we discover them, maybe they’re already a lot closer than we think. But of course, there was no room in Chicago for a discussion of UFOs. That would be a little too declasse, like farting in church. Oh, and just to make sure nobody got terribly excited, coverage of last week’s Windy City pow-wow also included a canned statement from NASA chief scientist Ellen Stefan. In April, during a discussion about Mars, she drew distinctions between the discovery of biological life and some other silly alternative like, well, the 2011 peer-reviewed paper’s “targeted asteroid mining” scenario. “We are not talking about little green men,” she insisted. “We are talking about little microbes.”

Stofan could’ve said “intelligent life.” But she went for the gag line instead. Knowing full well how much everybody loves microbes.

Hey, no one wants to look like an idiot as we approach the biggest discovery of all time, wherever that may be. The solution to the Ceres lights will likely fall far short of little green men. But the language we employ as we draw closer to the inevitability doesn’t inspire much confidence; it suggests we’re deeply conflicted in our enthusiasm for confirming The Other. Or at least the people at the top of NASA appear to be. Fortunately, we can console ourselves with the knowledge that science and politics never mix.

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The Never-Ending Search for UFOs and Extraterrestrial Intelligence

The Never-Ending Search for UFOs and Extraterrestrial Intelligence

     Back in 1950, during a lunch break at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, several scientists were trading wisecracks about a recent spate of UFO reports when Nobel Prize-winning physicist Enrico Fermi offered an observation that has echoed through the decades. Given the number of places where life could exist in the vast universe, and
By Sarah Kaplan
The Washington Post

the length of time it has had to evolve, the skies ought to be teeming with beings from advanced, space-faring civilizations — but nothing incontrovertible has shown up. You have to wonder, as Fermi did, “Where is everybody?”

His colleagues chuckled, but the “Fermi paradox” perfectly frames the profound absurdity of the search for life beyond Earth. Humans have beamed beacons into space, robotically visited every world in the solar system and discovered thousands of planets circling stars far from our own. Yet all we’ve encountered is a chilly void.

Still, the possibility that something is out there calls to us.

Three new books approach the mystery from distinctly different perspectives: the unlikely believer in UFOs, the visionary dedicated to rigorous investigation and the cadre of scientists who still plug away at the problem, probing the universe for an answer.

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‘ALIEN MYSTERY SIGNAL’ DETECTED Russian astronomers pick up radio waves from distant star

Alien hunters are intrigued by a mysterious radio signal that has been picked up from the direction of a star similar to the sun. The sudden spike appears to have come from the vicinity of a star 95 light-years away in the constellation of Hercules. The star, dubbed HD164595, is known to have at least […]

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Daily UFO Headlines 8/4/2017

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