Strange Glowing Light in the sky changes its colors before fading away over Floresville, Texas

A couple headed towards Floresville on Hwy 97 near 1784 on July 11, 2017. They were deep in conversation when the passenger glanced towards the sky and saw a strange glowing light between the cloud formations.

The passenger describes the light as follows: Raymond was driving and when I glanced towards the sky, which I have a habit of doing, that’s when I saw the light.

Raymond looked and he saw the light too. We watched it for about 5 miles.

It was a brilliant fluorescent green when we first noticed it. Then it started changing colors. First the light changed to a bluish color, yellow, then a red orange and then finally a deep orange red color.

It looked as if that part of the sky was on fire. The light slowly began to fade from the left side to the right. After the light faded, we continued looking towards the cloud to see if anything came out, but nothing did.

At first, I was nervous because I hadn’t seen anything like that before but then we became very interested in learning what it is. We are UFO enthusiasts and frequently stargaze looking for our universal neighbors. Mufon case 85035.

Editor’s note: As the couple noticed and saw the light phenomenon for about 5 miles before they took images of the object we can rule out that it is lens flare. Could it be the sun? To me, it seems unlikely; have you ever seen a green sun?

I don’t think it has anything to do with UFOs or paranormal activities it looks more like a so-called earthquake light, which is an unusual luminous aerial phenomenon that reportedly appears in the sky before or after earthquakes and could provide an early warning sign of a potential earthquake.

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Who created this crop circle near Battlesbury Hill in Wiltshire, UK discovered on July 5, 2017?

An impressive crop circle was discovered near Battlesbury Hill in Wiltshire, UK on July 5, 2017, the question is who created it?

The circle resembles an ancient universal symbol called a ‘Celtic Shield Knot’, see enlarged images of this crop circle at cropcircleconnector, and was first seen in the third and fourth centuries AD and used by the Celtics who placed this knot near ill people or on battle shields for warding off the evil spirits or any other danger.

Maybe the appearance of this universal symbol of protection is some sort of an early message to inform us about near-future-events which will have an impact in Earth’s history?

Moreover, what never has been mentioned is the fact that the location of this crop circle is just over twenty kilometers from the famous Stonehenge where during the solstice of June 21, 2017 strange UFO lights in the sky were seen at Stonehenge around 9pm.

Although the appearance of the strange lights at Stonehenge occurred two weeks earlier we may wonder whether these lights have something to do with the crop circle in Wiltshire since there are no traces in the field or around the circle which could be an indication that the circle is not human-made.


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Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Imaged Like Never Before

On Monday, a human-built object got closer than any other before it to the most iconic, raging storm in the solar system.

That is, of course, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, an anticyclone that’s been swirling for hundreds of years, stuck between two of the planets jet stream bands. It’s a storm twice the size of Earth, and wind speeds there top out at roughly 400 miles per hour. And earlier this week, NASA’s Juno spacecraft dipped 2,200 miles above the turbulence to get a closer look at what’s

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UFO Sighting in New Port Richey, Florida on 2017-07-10 00:00:00 – Headlight like stationary object, to the left a small starlike with rotating multiple lights, to the right another of the small starlike objects. the one on the left suddenly shot to the bright headlight and melded with it. then they went up fast disappe

My husband and i were outside in our front yard, i like a little walk before bed. at about 4-4:40 am. to the front right was a stationary extremely bright light. it looked like a headlight in the sky. it was pulsing. to the right was a much smaller star like object with rotating multi lights, red, blue, green and white. they would get bright then dim. to the left a bit higher was another exactly like the one on the right. then suddenly the one on the left flew up and joined with the headlight looking object. after about 15 minutes they shot straight up and disappeared. they have come 3 days and have not returned. 1st night was about 4-4:30, 2nd night it was about 3am and the 3rd it was 1:45-2:00am. duh, i never thought to have my camera with me but not sure a phone camera would catch it at such a distance.I first noticed it because it was unusually bright, while trying to decide if it was a satellite, plane or whatever, it just never moved, not a plane. so we were sure it was a ufo. we were very mesmerized so we came out the next night and it was back exact same place. same for the 3rd night but on 3rd night the one on the left was not there. we keep going out to see if it returns but nope, not so far. i told my husband ” if it had been a star it would be there each night but change location with earths rotation and the time we go out.

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UFO Sighting in Waco, Texas on 1954-03-16 15:00:00 – Saw thirty three 100 foot diameter flying saucers in three formations together

I was in advanced flying school at james connally afb,in waco texas in the last two weeks of my training to become a jet fighter pilot.It was a clear bright blue sky.And we had just come down from flying t-33 jet trainers with our instructors.It was about three o’clock in the afternoon and we had just landed, about twenty of us including our instructors,and as i was walking into the flight shack with my parachute over my back, i looked down the ramp to my left and saw many people out on the ramp looking up into the sky. i turned around and looked up into the northeast of the clear blue sky and saw three “v” formations of glowing white flying saucers. i told all of my fellow cadets and instructors to look up.There were 33 altogether.There were 15 in the middle “v” and 9 in each of the other “v’s on each side of the big “v”. they were moving slowly from the northeast to the southwest. when they got at a 50 degree angle above us, the second saucer in the little “v” on the left side fell out of formation and fell like a falling leaf to the left. at that point, the entire formations stopped in midair. the falling saucer stopped falling and got control of itself and flew horizontally over to a position right under it’s little “v” and then went straight up into its position in the little “v”.Then all three “v’s” made a left climbing turn to the southeast and climbed on out into space at about a 45 to 50 degree angle and were out of sight in about 3 to 4 minutes. my instructor and an other ran into the flight shack and called wing headquarters for permission to take a t-33 to fly up to them when we first saw them. our t-33’s had a limited ceiling of 39,000 feet with the wing fuel tanks. the tower told them that they were watching them and had done a triangulation with a theodolite and had determined that the saucers were at 100,000 feet and were 100 feet in diameter. we all just looked at each other and realized that there was a civilization far superior to ours and it was like we were in the dark ages compared to them. i had wanted to run back to my cadet housing to get my camera to take a picture of them,butwe cadets were not allowed to leave the flight line except in formation.I thought that there would be pictures in the paper the next day,but there were no pictures or any comments about them . the air force had really squelched any news about them. however the “tower” had to keep a detailed record of the saucers which was an air force regulation. i am sure that the record was deleted. there were thousands of people in waco that saw them so somewhere there has to be a record of the incident. i went on to become a jet fighter pilot with the 452nd fighter day squadron and 322nd fighter day group during the korean war, but never saw combat.

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UFO Sighting in AYDIN, Aydın on 2017-03-04 06:40:00 – All started to happen between 04.03.2017 – 21.03.2017 in this period ý have seen 5 times

First of all sorry about my english if there is gramatical false please try to understand me ok.
all story started 04.03.2017 6.38am

ý woke up for feed my cats that night they made lots of noise still ý have no idea ýt was weird ý was unusual. ý check time on tv’s receiver 06.38 am
ý just wanted to give them little bit food cause ý feel tried and ý just wanted to continue my sleep.And ý did. suddenly ý found my self looking out the window. still ý have no idea why ý woke up but that time ý saw something out of the window. how can ý explaine ýt was a light of ball plasma moved so fast and than it moved like feather in the air so smooth and my phone just next me ý took video and photos of it ý was lucky. 06.56 am

and than ý decide to write all story to piece of paper and ý did.
nezt day ý checked the videos and photos it was unbelievable.Ý share my story aroud me and olso ý send picture and videos to siriusufo.Com (turkish ufo institute ) ý coudn’t get answer.

after that next day 05.03.2017 ý decided to watch sky again but nothing happen.

but day after show started completely same minutes aprox. ý stared to record everything god bless my smart phone record all date and time there are exactly time and date

06.03.2017 my fiance decide to watch sky and she has been witness that nigh aswell

04.03.2017 06:56 am –
06.03.2017 06:47 am –
19.03.2017 06:46 am –
21.03.2017 06:36 am –
23.03.2017 06:28 am –

ý have got lots of video and photos if somebody interest please do not hesitate to contact me

ý wont give my cell phone number if needs ý can but ý dont know the situation bset regards from turkey


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UFO Sighting in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania on 2015-07-10 18:10:00 – Appeard out of nowhere hovered made sharp turn disappeared

My boyfriend and i was outside making dinner it was about 6 630 we were saying how pretty the sky looked. about 10 minutes later a light appeared out of nowhere it hovered under the clouds about 40-45 minutes madea sharp turn then disappeared. the same exact thing happened the next2 nights it happened 3 to 4 times a week for about3 weeks. we had 2 friends over one of the nights and i downloaded sky maps and it wasnt showing on it after they both left to go home they said they couldn’t see it in the sky like it was a star or planet and we were still looking at it as we were on the phone with them my times could be wrong because it was 2 years ago when we seen it. it appeared about dusk time into dark just a little bit watched it leave and disappear. my boyfriend at the time and his parents told me the story of when the ufo crashed on the farm it was his uncle. he never went back to the farm after that night. we seen it 3 to 4 nights for about 3 weeks. it was beginning to mid july. before the ufo kecksburg festival they have every year. i was watching a ufo show the other night and thought what if its still coming every year about this time and seen u have a team somewhere close to here. i lived right beside mammoth park. the ufo looked to be about 2 to 3 miles away. ive been thinking about going to that area to see if i can see it. i hope this helps. i did have pictures and videos of it and showed some friends it but i lost the phone since then which upsets me still. q

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New, Noninvasive Imaging Technique Finds Heart Disease Before It Hurts

A new, noninvasive imaging method lets researchers pick up on the warning signs of heart disease long before a heart attack or stroke can take place.

The noninvasive technique uses current computed tomography (CT) scanning technology to analyze images of fatty deposits lining blood vessels in order to flag potentially dangerous inflammation. Using the data from heart scans, researchers from the University of Oxford developed an index measuring changes in fat tissues around blood vessels t

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260. Free Show: Clas Svahn

Alejandro Rojas with the UFO Updates, Clas Svahn talks about Sweden’s UFOs, Ghost Rockets beginning in 1946 to present day, UFOs with related high strangeness, unsolved Sweden cases, and much more. To listen full shows and archived here, or on your media player, please support the show for $2 or more per month by clicking here.

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Satellite images reveal an iceberg with twice the volume of Lake Erie breaking off the Antarctic Peninsula

It has been predicted for a long time, and now it has finally happened: One of the largest icebergs ever recorded has broken free of the Larsen C Ice Shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Scientists monitoring a growing rift in the ice shelf confirmed today in a blog post that the trillion-ton iceberg had calved. It occurred at some point between Monday, July 10th and Wednesday, July 12th. The scientists, part of a research project called Project Midas, say the berg is about 2,230 square mile

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