World Wide Weather Phenomenon – ‘Mothership’ Cloud – Massive Spout – Giant Hail – Wildfires Galore – Floods

Crazy weather is breaking out all around the globe.

Twisters and giant hail in Vienna, Austria, giant hail in BC Canada with dozens of wildfires on the loose.

A monster spout was spotted on the coast of North Carolina and a huge black shelf cloud was spotted over Iowa today with a very unusual tornado like feature extending from the top of the ‘Mothership’ looking cloud.

Due to heavy rains in Southern China, water levels in more than 60 different rivers have risen above warning levels which resulted in flooding towns, cutting off powers, at least 56 people have been killed, 22 are missing and more than 1.2 million people were forced to evacuate, 38,000 homes have collapsed and 880,000 hectares of crops have been damaged.

Incredible heat forecasted for Southern Spain and Portugal on July 12 and 13 with the mercury reaching possible as high as 50C (122F) which will come days after the popular tourist spot Alicante in Spain saw a record amount of rain on July 10, causing riverbeds to overflow and roads to flood as the region faced its worst floods in 20 years.

Just think about it… it just the top of the iceberg, there is much, much more!


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UFO Video Report: “Aeronáutica libera gravações de diálogos da ‘noite oficial dos óvnis’ ” (“Ministry of Aeronautics (Brazil) releases recordings of ‘official UFO night’ ”)

Source: Planeta Diario Noticia (YouTube channel)

Video text (translation by Google Translate):
“Listen to the audio of the dialogues between the command 
towers of São José dos Campos, São Paulo and Brasília and the 
Air Defense, about the UFO chase.”
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Map of Brazil (
( image)

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Chronotypes: Evolution Explains Night Owls and Early Birds

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight… catchy song, even if it misrepresents Panthera leo.

Lions, like many other predators, are opportunistic about when they hunt, and that includes plenty of nocturnal prowling. New research suggests variation in chronotypes, or sleep and wakefulness patterns, gave our ancestors an evolutionary advantage by helping them survive the dangerous hours of darkness. Remember that the next time you’re wide-eyed at 2 a.m. watching Law &

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UFO Sighting in Gosport, Indiana on 2017-07-02 22:02:00 – Large, bright, all red starlike object observed about 200 feet above tree tops crossing field then shot upwards.

I went outside at 10 pm to walk dog. a large red light became apparent maybe 200 foot over the distant trees in the field next to the yard about a minute afterward. at first i thought it was a very low flying plane, but its very, very bright red light was fairly large and didn’t change. if anything it got brighter the closer it got. it did not emit any noise/sound. it never blinked, faded, pulsated or changed color. the red light was so bright it cast a star like appearance floating across the field. my husband came out just about two minutes after i did and i asked him what that was and he was just as baffled at it as i was. we watched it for a few minutes. it moved very slowly, so slow it may have been hovering, but in a straight line sw to ne and looking like it was coming towards us we got a little frightened because it was just so abnormal and we could not figure out what it might be coming towards us. i asked my husband if he had his phone to take a picture and he didn’t. i turned and ran back into the house for my phone. i ran in and right back out (less than 10 seconds) and didn’t see it. he said it had turned slightly and abruptly ascended out of sight. we stayed outside for about 15 more minutes and didn’t see anything else.

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Remember the North Pole winter thaw? A new study finds a rising trend in Arctic warming spikes in winter

During each of the past three years, something quite bizarre has happened in the central Arctic.

No, global warming did not cause some Thing to rise up out of the ice and go on a rampage. It was temperatures that rose up. And not just by a little.

This occurred during extreme warming events near the North Pole that sent temperatures spiking close to, or above, the freezing mark for one to three days. Compare that to average winter temperatures in winter: typically lower than minus 30 d

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In a First, Photons are ‘Teleported’ from Earth to Space

Chinese researchers have successfully transmitted quantum entangled particles from a station on earth to a satellite orbiting far overhead.

The experiment is part of an ongoing effort by researchers using the Micius satellite to achieve long-distance quantum communication, a feat that would yield hacker-proof information networks. In this most recent work, researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China beamed photons to the satellite and transmitted the state of other

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UFO Sighting in Smithville/Hamilton, Ontario on 2017-07-11 15:12:00 – Driving on a rural route road an unidentified flying object passed me at low altitude and very fast speed, slowed at one point, hovered, and ascended with no noise

Driving a rural route road,during daylight hours, on the escarpment near hamilton and smithville ontario heading north towards the direction of lake ontario; farm fields on both sides of the road; approximate speed of car 80 kilometres per hour, i experienced on the west side of me an object passing by at unknown speeds.

the object was approximately 500, to 700 ‘ away at a very low attitude ( drivers side) flying at the height of what i would say to be as high of what large pine trees stand as trees are to the west of my encounter (i used the trees as my gauge for how far off the ground the object was)perhaps 60′ to 80’ off the ground. i don’t think it was a jet or a small aircraft as i heard no noise. the shape was also different. the physical characteristics were not the same.

the speed at which it went could not be determined, but it made me feel as though i had been driving backwards. it flew a straight northern flight path towards the direction of fifty road and then slowed down to eventually look as though it stood still and hovered for a second, then ascended upward with great speed (vertically after hovering).

keeping in mind i was of a distance from it after it passed me….The object appeared to be disc like with a shiny pewter like or lead like finish having reflective qualities; the top of the fuselage may have been a slightly different material as it seemed a bit lighter . as it slowed and prior to ascending (after what appeared a slight hover) i noticed a raised area with a flat surface centre of the top portion of the craft. the bottom portion of the craft was of similar design.

i wasn’t able to determine what it was. i have never encountered any such thing as this before….Flying by so quickly in a horizontal flight pattern, then slowing, very low, no noise heard, then almost appearing as though it stopped, then ascending upward and into a vertical flight path disappearing where i lost sight of it.

i’m very baffled.

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Black Triangle Sighting in Caldwell, Idaho on 2017-07-11 02:30:00 – Recording cloud-ships developed into its drones follow and approach me daily

I’ve been recording the cloud ships that you tubers are posting about for several months here in caldwell, idaho. what i’m providing pics of are worldwide and some on your site and mufon. the clouded drones, believed to be remotely controlled by small v like ships-often can be seen in the cloud sideways or backwards.
they have approached my surveillance position in the past, but now they follow me, cloak and uncloak (see pics) and approach my home upon exit. now they employed (4 occasions) a regular police looking drone, which flies lighted, lights off, stationary and mobile surveillance, dangerously low on freeway, perpendicular to freeway, parks on on-ramp ,flies near aircraft possibly in blind spot (7-10-17, nampa-not likely any gps on this drone).
the clouded drones fly over residential, industrial, commercial areas daily, and a school by me, often at an increased speed downward which is intimidating.
the last 2 nights have been horrifying, as they use numerous (6-10) small to large black a-12 or sr like ships, plus the real drone, and now lights or stars to intimidate me via proximity approach. there are indications of personal communications being monitored. i have many pics over the months, but poor ones form 7-11. i know i’m not the only one being targeted possibly due to our surveillance,corroborating of them.
imo they are getting bolder by the day!

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UFO Sighting in Reedville, Virginia on 2017-07-08 23:00:00 – Ufo was bright red was a saucer shape had a orange and yellow centeri

Was taking my dog outside it was11pm went and sat down in my chair and i was facing west i noticed a red glowing object in the dogwood tree stood up and reach for my phone and by time i had the camera on the ufo was in the treeline followed it it was going southeast as it got to the south of me it came out of the treeline reach for my phone it disappeared and the time was 11:10pm

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